Thursday, July 16, 2009

Will there ever be peace?

For all of you that are chewing leather and spitting fire on the Horses on the Hill thread.

Here is the place for you.

When will you realize that all of this bickering on the FHOTD blog makes it more difficult for any good to come from any of this?


fernvalley01 said...

OOP's JR , I had a moment ,when coeurdefer took a swipe at AMM. She is a good kids and while I know she can handle herself I had a misplaced mommy moment. But in the next post from coeurdefer it became way too nasty. Said my peice then stepped out of that trainwreck.

SFTS said...

I just stayed out of that trainwreck, because I've got nothing to add. Well, I have no trouble getting into the slaughter discussion with facts and figures, but the rest? No thanks. Don't have any desire to go rounds with anyone on stuff that does not concern my life.

GoLightly said...

You know I've been saying that for a while, JR.
Sure doesn't help the horses much, does it?

The place needs a darned shop-vac, suck up all that spewage..

Cut-N-Jump said...

I haven't bothered to look at the Horses on the Hill thread. Plenty of venom flying in various directions on several blogs...

If anyone cares to copy paste for me, here's my stand on the whole slaughter clusterfuck.

They closed the plants. The horses are being shipped over the border. Now they are trying to stop that. Some of these people aren't even 'horse people', but they are making the rules for the rest of us?

The rescues were full before, many still are now. Closing the borders means the horses are trapped here. What good does that do? For the horses? The rescues? For any of us?

I could give a shit less if someone wants to call me pro-slaughter. Actually its quite the contrary. I dislike slaughter. I dislike suffering and abuse even more. I hate the fact the plants even exist or the KB's have a damn job!

The starved, abused, neglected and unmanageable horses we all see at the auctions ---> NEWSFLASH! They sure as fuck did NOT get there on their own and they did not ARRIVE in the KB truck they certainly WILL leave in. Yet somehow, that is all the KB's fault? I'm sure they appreciate the blame.

If the lawmakers close the borders they damn well better open the plants. This time they have the opportunity to strictly regulate them.

Make the laws to ensure things are done humanely and kept that way. Create some punishments with teeth when the regulations are not followed.

Hell, open several plants, but under strict regulation, for what its worth. That will shorten the trailer ride from the auction lots and holding pens. That will cut the cost of transporting the horses so more trips are possible. That may mean fewer horses crammed into a trailer, seemingly on top of each other.

It may not stop the overbreeding of horses, but it will sure make a big difference in the way things are and the direction its all going.

Nevermind the copy and paste. I will do so myself.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Nevermind, I read through some of the posts...

Copy and paste away for me if anyone sees fit and feels one thread applies more than another.

Dena said...

If anybody is wondering if I would dance on her coffin too?

I am thinking the answer is probably yes. In a red dress and tap shoes.
Just so there would be no confusion that it was an impulse that I later regretted.

Dena said...

As I said I was done there for today I will put this here.

Buckdoff I could give a f&*@ less what you have to say.
About anything.
I am one of the least prejudicial people on the planet.
But I will tell you this. And have no apology for the saying of it.
I am tired of your superior jewess crap. You call people yentas. A religious based insult against christian females.
I am so fucking sick of some jewish people screaming anti-semeticism every time their mouths are open when you have a language devoted to racial prejudice.
You can't take it? Don't dish it!
Be a decent person first and last and the rest just won't matter.
Somehow, I think your sense of privilege and superiority will prohibit you from ever achieving that classification.
Would you prefer if I simply called you a low class little girl with a very great deal of growing to do?
Consider it done...

Dena said...

JR are you seriously shitting me? Why don't you put it on your own blog?
You have 2.
Why wouldn't you put it on your own blog?
Instead of seeing fugly make revenues off of what is important to you?
I am just asking. Exactly where you asked me to.

JohnieRotten said...

Why did I not put on my own blog?

I did not know about it until a little while ago!

Dena said...

JR I really don't mean to be rude but now that you do know about it you can google it just like fugs did and put it on your blog.
And you have my solemn promise not to thrash your comments section.

And someone tell Drsgjunky my horses are all on my fricking blog so HE can see what they look like for himself.
Pretty simple.

Say did you all know that figs is living with another breeder?
Credibilty I can see where so many want to challenge me for challenging her.
Uh huh...makes perfect sense. She is her own worst "feature".

And Mel please do quit. You pithy shots will accomplish nothing with me at this time.
I am sorry if this disappoints you. But don't throw that card out when everyone has one to draw along those lines.
Because as much as I have come to like some of you I am also deeply disappointed that you participated in something like fhotd.

Dena said...

fugs not figs

SFTS said...

I am really glad this place is available for these sorts of fights, though eventually it will probably have more hits and more traffic than any of the other blogs. Sigh. People simply love conflict too much. Just as you were saying, JR, there is not much interest in a blog unless people are fighting.

CharlesCityCat said...

I like JR's training blog and enjoy it immensely even without the fighting. What I enjoy in any blog is the info but also how funny and witty people can be. It is a nice way to make friends and communicate as well.

Maybe Fugly should take a page from JR's book and have 2 blogs. One for good info on all sorts of things and one like this. If posters start getting into it, take it to FHOTD II.


As far as buckdoff is concerned, she isn't Jewish, but she does know of what she speaks.

littledog said...

CCC, for what it's worth, Fugly did try to do that by creating the "Free Speech Message" board. Unfortunately, though there's plenty of knowledgeable horse people and valuable informative discussions on that board, there's also a wide variety of "Iwannapony" and clueless "trainer' posters, as well as catfights.
I guess you get what you pay for. The net is what it is.

SFTS said...

As most of us know, I tried my hand at the "Free Speech" board, but there's so much vitriol there any good info gets lost in the mix.

BuckdOff said...

Since the gloves are off, Dena..You are Queen of Low Class...Bad Language, spewing hatred, getting off on other people's misery. Gerry Springer material, for sure... Gosh, it doesn't get any lower..Do everyone a favor, crawl back into your hole and stay there.. And Dena, I did not convert...sorry.. Your Uenduphere alter is offensive to me, but personally..Uh No..nice try though..Get yourself into treatment. No one likes you, we are tired of you...stop stalking me, Shoo, SCRAM....

CharlesCityCat said...

That should be Jerry Springer, and sorry, I do like Dena.

I happen to have inside info on who Uenduphere's real identity is, I can assure you that it isn't Dena.

Dena said...

Why Thank You CCC. Neither am I fuglyhorseoftheday the ll.
You see Buckdoff that is what I have no tolerance for when it comes to you.
You do exactly what you accuse others of
to get attention.
I have not posted as anyone but myself since way way way back.
You on the other hand? Are a liar. And a
poor me bitch. Mostly you just bore me.
The rest of the time you just irritate.
You do know why I have not outed you?
It is easier to just let you run free making
an ass of yourself.
Clue #1 you have at least 3 SNs that I know of.
Clue #2 I wouldn't take a check from you if my life depended on it.

BuckdOff said...

You are insane X 100! Dena, get back on your broom, this is hysterically funny! You have no idea who I am. I do not have to lie about what I do, unlike you, I've never even had a speeding ticket, also unlike you.. I think it's time for you to be pink slipped..

BuckdOff said...

Thanks CCC, Obviously, I'm not an avid watcher of t.v. Your correction is definitely appreciated. I have no alters, and I see no reason to scream WHORE all over the internet, so I guess that makes me a BAD person. I don't care about Cathy's personal life, so that makes me a Bad person. I am still willing to read and participate on the FHOTD blog, so that makes me, right..a bad person. I don't know who this moron Dena thinks I am, but she's incorrect. Dena is unwell, probably paranoid, and a stalker. She is the only person who left comments on Uendup here's blog..So you tell me, CCC, who is evil here? ain't me.

BuckdOff said...

Oh, and Dena..please do, out me..and when you do name a name, I hope the person sues your sorry ass.

Dena said...

Buckdoff are you okay? You don't read like you are okay.
Whatever happened in your life I did not do it to you.
As I posted, you are a liar.
And yes Buckdoff when you accuse others of things you know they have not done?
When you do it to cause problems?
That is misguided at best. Evil at worst.
I just think you are really fucked up in the head myself.
But that is just my opinion.

You also come across as paranoid. Really really paranoid.
I am now done here as well so feel free to do whatever it is you are trying to do without any further participation from me.

BuckdOff said...

Dena, just go the FRIG away, stop following me from blog to blog, making libelous accusations about my multiple alters? bad check writing" Whut? wrong person..I'm sure you've picked up plenty of enemies, thus far... Someone else here said it best, "SCRAM, Before someone drops a house on you."

Dena said...

Read back to original ABR comments. Mine to P.
Hop on your broom and fly away before a house falls on you.(10-2008)
Can you be original in your bullshit? I am.
And as for stalking YOU!?!
WTF twit I was HERE first.
You are simply a last minute addition.

God Buckdoff get a life. I knew you suffered from identity confusion but this is ridiculous.

BuckdOff said...

You are ill, time to get some help..No one here respects you anymore, apparently you are a dullard also. We are tired of listening to all of your crap, right here, you accused me of all sorts of weird stuff, that, sunshine, is called LIBEL...I don't know you, with the exception of this horse blog....Just go seek medical attention, you are unwell. Don't comment on my posts, don't talk trash about me on every forum, Dena, just STFU.

GoLightly said...

BuckdOff, please keep in mind that you can only speak for yourself.

Using "we" is kind of presumptious.

Wow, I spelled that right.

Simmer down.
Maybe press "ignore".

Happens all the time to me. No big deal.

There are far more important issues out there, you know?

Like horses? Animal abuse? People abuse?

CharlesCityCat said...

No Buckd, you are not a bad person and if I gave you the idea that I think you are because of the things you listed above, I apologize.

I was trying to voice my opinion of things, and they were just that, my opinions.

fernvalley01 said...

Buckdoff and CCC come on back , we miss you!

Dena said...

ummm...I kind of think buckdoff might not be a good person.
As she has done everything that she has accused me of.
She has run from board to board saying that I and all of my supposed by her alters are responsible for all of fuglys current difficulties.
Mostly I think she is just unbalanced. And has the mentality of a 12 year old.
But combined with the vehemence of her knowingly false presentations I don't at this time consider her to be a good person.

BuckdOff said...

Dena, Get Bent...Fern V, miss you, but I'm done, and paint beckon..

Dena said...

I am afraid if I did get bent I might begin to see things like you buckdoff.
Perhaps, I will wish for you to become unbent.
That there may be some quality to your contributions.
I will say again, whatever happened in your life, I did not do it to you.
For anyone, who has ever felt, or ever been abused, the truest definition of their current character is, whether, or not, they choose to make a victim of another.
Or, choose instead to put their efforts towards ending abuse.
It is possible. Everyone has power in that.
It is as simple as the words we choose to use.

BuckdOff said...

DENA, last time, STFU...No One cares..NO ONE...Nothing happened to me in my life, with the exception of running into YOU at every turn..SCRAM, SHOOO.....Like you are really doing anything to help the plight of horses, that's funny! Just keep expounding on why, as you run around screaming WHORE all over the 'net, you are a victim.. Because as we all know, "It's all about you." There are people who will buy your victim persona, I'm not one of them. Talk about a waste of taxpayer dollars!

Dena said...

Yo Bitch you could start by quitting your shitfest with me. I haven't run all OVER the internet. That has actually been you.
And I take zero responsibility for whatever demons you seem to suffer or be possessed by.

I would however be willing to see some of my tax payer dollars go towards assisting you resolve your internal issues.

You do realise how incredibly crazy your posts come across as don't you?

fernvalley01 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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