Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boarding stable nightmares!

Here is the thing....I stated earlier in the last thread on this blog that I have toned it down some and I like it that way better. But here on this blog you may here/read a little more "Chicken verbiage"( foul language ) come back out. After all, this blog is titled the "Gloves are off".

How many of you have boarded your horses at some facility, that later on, after you have moved your horse you ask yourself " How the hell could I have let my horse stay there".

I dated a gal that owned the facility where I boarded my red mare 'Johnie', and she was a psycho nut job who started drinking Natural Light at 5 AM and then drank Franzia wine at night. I would let her turn Johnie out and also I would let her ride her when I was not there. What the hell was wrong with me?

Johnie is one hell of a mare and does pretty well in the cutting pens. How could I have let her ride her and ruin her?

No wonder that mare has an attitude!

While Johnie made it through all of that just fine, I realize now that there was a significant risk there.

So tell me, what is your worst boarding night mare?


littledog said...

Yay, finally another topic! (new catfight?)

My boarding stories aren't that bad, but since I am F (won't even say the word, since I work Swing Shift it's never happened and never will again), I will tell my boarding story.

I worked at a barn, and made a trade for cheap bedding (I had a line from the manufacturer)for 30 days boarding and helping me start my 3yo. So he had to live in outside in a tiny pen with no real turnout. I was on the "waiting list" for a real stall/turnout, but ended up having to rent a run-down barn from the next-door neighbor, and put my own money into renovating it to make it livable and attaching a safe outdoor paddock.

In the meantime, the local Princess boarder already had one stall for her current horse, and after she exacerbated his stifle injury by hours of jumping the same 4ft jump in the middle of the arena (the rest of us riders had to stay out of her way), her parents bought her another horse, and a stall was immediately cleared for the new horse (who she proceeded to ruin, too.)

I know, wahwahwah--not that bad and I found a more suitable place for my horse within a few months.


littledog said...

My horse's current barn is SO nice, huge turnout pasture with the gelding herd, big stall, top-quality hay, every comfort for horses and riders, and my horse is so happy there. Maybe a little too happy---there's a lot of turnover in barn help, and lately it's been like pulling teeth to get them to bring my horse in at night! They say, "he likes the pasture and doesn't want to come in." Sorry, that's not his signature on the board check, it's mine. A board check which would be a lot less if I was choosing pasture board--My choice, not my horse's. I have a purpose in paying for night stall/day turnout, it's because my horse needs his supplements to stay sound, and because he's an extremely easy keeper who gets PIG FAT on 24/7 pasture.

Fortunately, the turnover in barn workers has stabilized, the message has gotten through, and Mr. Fatty's diet is starting to work :)

JohnieRotten said...

The thing that I really hate in this business, is when a client says they are going to bring money out to pay their bill and they bring out $50 when their bill is $600. And they usually have a sob story to go with it.

CharlesCityCat said...


I won't comment on why you allowed that situation with the owner of that boarding facility. Very delicate situation with that one. LOL!

I boarded at a facility for about 8 years that was really nice when I was first there. Lots of financial shenanigans were going on with the owner who ended up shooting himself in the abdomen in his car one day. He was running a pyramid scheme. Anyway, one of the local rich builder guys bought the place and everything went haywire. Come to find out, he bought the place so that his father could run it and it would keep the old man out of his hair. The old man was clueless. He tried to grow hay to cut costs, ya don't just decide one day to grow hay and it turn out well. Most of the horses wouldn't eat it. He did finally stop doing that. He decided it would be a good idea to bring the horses in by chasing them in with his pickup, that stopped when one horse ended up with a vet bill of $750.00 from injuries sustained during on of his "roundups." My personal fav was the people they hired. Apparently, they looked for morons. One day Spunky was standing at the gate (never happens) with his hind leg pulled up. One of the barn workers checked his hoof out and there was a fence nail stuck in his hoof. Well, barn Brainiac leads him into the barn, across the concrete with nail still in hoof. Guess who was fucking lame for 2 months? The vet did x-rays of course and that nail missed the navicular bursa by millimeters. The barn worker was dismissed, mainly to protect her from me. At that time we did have a stellar barn manager/trainer. He only lasted two years because he couldn't deal with the bullshit. I miss him something terrible.

I stayed there so long because it was so close to my house and had really nice amenities. The back ring was huge, I mean about an acre or more and you could setup these huge courses
with all kinds of distances between jumps and big, sweeping turns. It was a bit like the old working hunter courses that were set up in a field, except on sand.

CharlesCityCat said...


I always paid my bills on time, I even had a 2nd part-time job to make sure I met my responsibilites.

JohnieRotten said...


I do not know why I let myself get into that either.

we have a few of those fatties here as well. The hay this summer is really good for some reaso and they are not working as hard over the summer because of the heat. That is going to have to change, a little sweat will not hurt them.

CharlesCityCat said...

JR, are you sure? I mean really.

Most of us have done some really stupid stuff we have regretted in the name of romance or the pursuit thereof.

JohnieRotten said...


I used to walk around that facility singing 'What's love got to do with it' all of the time.

I had some clients there for a while ands she kicked th all out.

She would also follw me all over town. And she thought I did not know that.

Dena said...

JR as I believe that the lovely CNJ has you well in hand and you loving every minute of it I will not point out the obvious.
As Johnie is also female let's just say we girls know how to make a point to an obstinate

I have also added music to a particular mental picture.
You and he who shall remain nameless.
"Pop goes the weasel". You are the Pop and he is the weasel.
Cracks me up everytime I think of it.
Thank you Cut for sharing that.
And thank you JR for doing it.
Long time coming that.ROLMAO

SFTS said...

Wow. I've had more than my share of "boarding stable nightmares", however lest I be accused of "slandering" them, I'm just going to keep my mouth shut. ;)

JohnieRotten wrote:
She would also follw me all over town. And she thought I did not know that.
- - - - - - - -

It is definitely not just women who do this...LOL. I have had several "ex's" who have followed me all over town, beginning from when I first got married all those years ago. A few of them seem to keep trying to track me down to this day. Ugh.

ZTIG said...

"As Johnie is also female let's just say we girls know how to make a point to an obstinate"

WTF? Did I miss something or is Dena mental again?

JohnieRotten said...


The Johine in my screen name is my sorrel mare.
Also she is affectionately called 'Johnimo' or 'Miss Mayhem'

She is by Lenas Playboy and out of an own daughter of Dry Doc.

Johnie can be a royal bitch, but when I cut on her, I have to be ready because she can go to the ground and cut better than any hores I have ever ridden. I first cut on her after having her under saddle for 90 days and on cattle for 60. Her first show she scored a 73 and won her class.

Johnie has also taught a lot of people how to ride. She is one hell of a mare, and a red head like CNJ and the twins!

I am doomed!

Dena said...

ZTIG I just actually pay attention to what I read.
Comprehend some.
And try not to make a practice of talking out of my ass.

Sorry JR I am just not in a mood to put up with the ignorant expressions of others.

GoLightly said...

Can I ask a controversial question?
That MIGHT make things more interesting.
No, not that question..
Or that one.

Boarding your horse IS a nightmare. 24/7 on premises (with the person on premises being me) is all I would ever be able to stomach again. Oh, with great neighbours, and a safe neighbourhood.
Not gonna happen anytime soon.

JohnieRotten said...

Ask away GL


GoLightly said...

Who rides better?
To begin with.
Men, or women?
Boys or girls?


Or, how about this one.
Why are there SO many women, outnumbering the men?
Is that true in western too?
In English, a guy haz his pick of women, for the rest of his life. True in western?

Thanks, JR.
Just silly questions that have always bugged me.
In SO many ways;)

GoLightly said...

Sorry, MAY I ask...

Grammar fail..

SFTS said...

GL, good questions though I'm not really sure there is an answer to the "who rides better" one. I've seen plenty of naturals in both sexes, and plenty who just had no talent at all.

I have always wondered why there were so few boys taking lessons and showing as youth riders, because that's where all the girls are. ;) Seems to be across disciplines.

Then it was odd to me that there were proportionately more male trainers than female, when the vast majority of amateur owner exhibitors were women.


JohnieRotten said...


There is no doubt in my mind that women ride better than men as far as equitation is concerned. I have always said that. Woman have a more natural posture that makes the horse look better over all, however, that being said, as far as abilities are concerend that is an individual thing. Women and men are equal on that end.

When it comes to girls vs. boys, girls tend to pick it up a lot quicker than boys and tend to be more coordinated.

It is absolutely true that there are more women than men in the horse business. The majority of my clients over the years have been women, especially in the western pleasure industry as well as the hunters.

If you look at he attire for those disciplines, they tend to gear the clothing towards women. Infact there is a whole industry geared towards women and horse shows.

As far as why, I am not sure. I have had several female clients whose husband bought them horses to give them something to do. But those clients had a lot of money, and those women were stay at home moms that had time on their hands.

Hope this helps!

GoLightly said...

Nope, still doesn't explain the why;)

So why are you so weird, JR?

Just kiddin', sorta. The numbers are certainly skewed to the female population.

The boys/men I started were actually very capable, natural riders themselves. I always wondered where/when to mention the careful of your dangles part, but they seemed to figure it out themselves, young and old. Natural selection;)

I do think a regular guy's pelvis just isn't set up quite right.
I mean..
Never mind.
Old and nutso<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
I knew that.

Hugs to the red-heads!

JohnieRotten said...

Why am I weird?

GoLightly said...

You're a GUY.
Pay attention.

You are unusual. In the scheme of things, you chose horses.
Most guys don't.

JohnieRotten said...


I get along with horses better than I do most people.

cattypex said...

Hmmm... For some reason boys tend to flap their elbows more.

Also, it's so weird that it took DECADES for more narrow-twist saddles to get invented for women!!

Baggier breeches need to come back in style. That might help more boys get into English. ; )

More male trainers? Maybe because more men like to LORD IT over animals, and so see themselves as Trainers, whether they really can train a horse or not.

I think women who are good at handling horses don't tend as much toward the hard ass dominance thing, and so don't see themselves as "trainers."

Just some very general tendencies....

GoLightly said...

ooooh, I love broad generalizations!

They often piss people right off...

I hear ya, JR.

Animals love me, people, not so much.
The feeling is totally mutual.

CharlesCityCat said...

I have wondered these same things myself.

My brother told me that had I been showing when I was a teen, he would have come to all of the shows just to meet girls.

GoLightly said...

Is it because horse women are kinda....


I STILL think Viagara was invented for men in the horse show world...
Not YOU, JR.
Obviously, that ain't a problem.
Correct me if I'm wrong, CNJ.

Kallista said...

Hi, all, just found you all from Fugly.

Hey, couple of comments:
In the dog show world, the women far out number the men, too. Many of the men are gay and show all breeds, not just the stereotypical poodle guys. Lots of gay men in my breed, too.

I think way back when, when men ruled the world and before cars, horses WERE the cars, so men looked for the high stepping, beautiful or fast horses that attracted some women just as a little red expensive sports car can now. So men gravitated that way. In the 1950s, there were rarely any women handlers in dog shows, a few, and a few women owners showing their own. It was a male dominated sport. So I think the same things play into this, times change, there are now more "boy toys" (fast bikes, basketball, computer geek game stuff, four wheelers, jet skis, etc) than there were now, so the interest has changed. Just an observation. Also could be that with women's lib, we started to kick some butt, at least in dog shows and many guys can't handle that at all.

On the horrible boarding, not terrible but when I got my boy, he needed to be kept temporarily in field boarding for a couple of months. He was just a year old and there was a big gelding that beat the crap out of him. Good because then my boy learned to give way to another more dominant horse, bad because every time I came over there were bite marks on him.
Then we had the drought, it wasn't terrible but the field was a little over grazed anyhow. My boy lost weight. I saw that she was feeding the other horses but not mine. I went over every day, put him in the round pen, gave him enough hay to last 3-4 hours (he'd eat every scrap) and then put him back in the field while she was at work. Got him home as fast as I could get a barn and fence up, my husband had been dragging his feet about this.

ZTIG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ZTIG said...

Boys VS Girls

Biomechanically, women are built for riding better than men.

Women are naturally strong in our lower bodies, whereas men are naturally strong in their upper bodies.

A women's center of gravity is at the top of her hips or slightly higher. Which is where we separate our upper body from the lower. Whereas a man's is above his belly button or his sternum (depending on the source). I was taught a couple inches above his belly button but some say sternum (not being a man I couldn't tell you... although if it were I would hate to be a man)

As a side note I have found that my riding students who studied ballet or jazz for a number of years, excelled much faster at riding. That training seemed to translate well to riding. I assume it was because they had to be so aware of their bodies in dance.

I always told my students..."Riding is the art of moving every part of your body separately, at the same time."

As far as when to tell a man he should wear briefs or the tight boxer short undies while riding... RIGHT away. Never shy away from that. It is unfair to the man/boy. If it is a child tell the mother in your first conversation, that good fitting briefs are a must. If we, as instructors, are shying away from this... well, that maybe where we loose are male clientele. Who would want to ride again after being given the wrong type of blue balls.

ZTIG said...

Dear Lord, I'm tired... our not are male clientele. Please forgive typos. The old dog is keeping me up at odd hours with his arthritis. It's not bad in the x-rays but he protects it and then causes his other muscles to be so sore he is in pain all over. I know TMI...:)

ZTIG said...

GL you bring a good point up with regards to the pelvis and Catty the narrow twist also plays a part in this. Our pelvis is shaped differently and angled differently. This also helps our (damn, I almost did the are thing again) balance on the horse. However, it is a detriment also as most saddles are made for a mans pelvis not a woman's. Which are quite different creations and effect how we are able to sit in a saddle.

I am not sure of but I have only heard of one saddle company actually taking that into account. I could be very wrong on that though, there maybe more and I am just not aware.

ZTIG said...

I don't have a personal boarding horror since I have always worked/managed where my horses were. But I know of a place...

The manager buys (for too much money) on this terrible grass hay. It comes in and there are always at least 20 bales out of a stack that have mold on the outside. Instead of returning it, they pull the mold off and feed it. Swear... seen it done. In fact we no longer speak because of it. It's so bad horses loose condition, none have healthy coats even with mass supplements (beat pulp/flax/grain, etc). They all have dull, dingy, dry coats.

My horses get grass hay and specialized free choice mins, that is it. They all are still shiney and dappled...I noticed today my red head is more dappley now than when she first shed out. Oh, and I paid less for my hay, delivered to the boonies.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoLightly said...

Well, that's no fun, ZTIG.
Where's the controversy there??
Ask a dumb question, go ahead. I'm great at that.
Usually get the stony silence.

I'd post what SB said elsewhere, but it's on my blog anyway. Tooo funny, really.
Whoops, too late, I did it.

Oh, here's the one that AlwayS killed the thread.

Why are horse people so snarky? Why is it so natural a behaviour, for some?
Why is it funny when non-horse people ask questions?


Just tryin' to keep the converation lively.
and profane.

ZTIG said...

Sorry GL...

Horse people are always snarky cause no one else will tolerate us, so we have to be horse people...

Oh! That would be a great topic! What is the funniest thing a non horse person has asked you?

GoLightly said...

AhA, finally, an answer that makes sense.

Put up y'er dukes, ZTIG.

I taught beginners/intermediates for many years. I never laughed at/sneered/belittled their lack of knowledge. I always answered them to the best of my ability. And tested them on their knowledge:)

Why is it funny that non-horse people don't know shit about horses?
Sorta like laughing at someone who asks "What's a touchdown?" to John Madden.
Hey, I don't know much about football, but people don't laugh at you if you don't know, in those sports.
Call me an idiot.

(you're an idiot)

I Know. SB says so.

GoLightly said...


Hey, shouldn't Flying Fig and Dena be here soon?
Serendipity doesn't have a hall-pass from her Amish Grandma.

FF & Dena are dukin' it OUT.

JohnieRotten said...


where are Dena and FF getting into it so we can invite them over!

GoLightly said...

Where else, JR?
Where else?
Actually, they're both doing great on the topic du jour.

They're trying to stay reasonable and rational.
The Slaughter Debate rages.
If it doesn't simmer down, nothing will change.

JohnieRotten said...

Just let me know GL and I will give them a room with a view and an ivite! ;)

Dena said...

Not necessary JR. I actually admire FFs passion for what she believes.

Unfortunately, I cannot keep up with her unwillingness to retain what has already been presented repeatedly.
Ask SFTS too much copy and pasting makes me really bitchy.

No. FF will never agree with what I present. And I can not agree with what she presents.
I think this only pertains on both our parts with regard to the whole DCRR/SHR fiasco.

Dena said...

GL no hall pass? Amish grandmother? Oh my...way too funny...

GoLightly said...

Yeah, I like Fig. She knows what she's talkin' about. Smart, caring, kind cookie.
Too bad the "gasp" crowd can't hear her.
Or you, for that matter, Dena.

I guess their Mommies aren't home right now.
Hey, if ya want, yes, please, JR?
Double-dog dare DrsgJunky? Too?
Nah, too chiken, those derned dressidge queens...

Plus, they really don't listen very well.
Loopy horse people...
More money than brains, some of them.
Not all of them!
Jeeez, I know that now, thanks to the buddies I found...

Ground control to Major Tom..
Take your protein pills...

Middle ground, I've been wondering how the pros- and antis are going to get there, for some time now.
It's needed. Badly.
Starts with respect & compassion for other people.
Not so common in the horse world. Is it? I'm asking.
Why is that??

Dena said...

No GL it isn't so common in the horse world. Too much narsissism running wild.

Don't take me wrong there are great, compassionate, and decent people who happen to enjoy and love horses.

And then, there is that other group who use horses as their means to feel important.
Or, better than.

So what are you sayin? It be okay if I refer to drsgjunky as one of those elitist dressidge queens?
She hasn't proven herself worth the fight in my book. And I know you know what I mean by that.

littledog said...

About the male vs. female riders thing: In Europe and Australia (used to live both places), men to women in horse sports is closer to 50/50 than it is here. I agree with Kallista, it has something to do with American boys being more into cars, motorcycles, etc. Not that Europe and Australia don't have their fair share of motorheads, but cars in America are more part of our culture, instead of a hoppby or just a way to get from point A to point B.
I think when it comes to beginners, girls have more natural talent than boys (lower center-of-gravity so more balanced, also more intuitive about 2-way-communication with a living being), but when rising through the levels many boys are trained to be more competitive and more willing to ignore fears and push the speed, height (if jumping), etc. So at the highest levels of horse sports you see men and women equally represented.

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