Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Day

Today I am sitting here reading the comments on the last post and listening to The Marriage of Figaro in my iPhone.

Does anyone here know the story of the Marriage of Figaro?

I love this opera. It totally takes me to a new plane and allows me to refocus. If you ever have the chance to hear or see it, I highly recommend it. Kathleen Battle can sure sing. Man o man!

No, I am not nuts, but I prefer to focus my life on what is really important, not SFTS's life nor Dena's or anyone else's life for that matter. What they do is really none of my business as I have said in the past. However, they chose to keep coming back and airing their differences on the internet for all to read. It is like a train wreck, you don' t want to look but you can't help it.

Well, we can not move on until those who chose to carry on continue to carry on.

As long as we contribute and that goes for all of us, they will always have an audience. There is so much more that we can vent about.

My point is this........ It is time to move on folks!

Time to find a new topic. If you have anything you want me to post about on the Gloves, that is fine. But I am tired of this same argument as I believe many of you are as well.

As far as me and Figaro, well, it is 100 and Fuck outside and I live in the desert. I need some sort of relief. I would rather listen to Figaro and stay inside when it is like this. I hate even going outside to check the mail. The twins are at daycare until it cools down enough to let them ride in the hot truck. I miss those little girls when they are not here.

I am not going to change the format for this blog as I still want you all to have somewhere to go share your frustrations.


CharlesCityCat said...

Well JR, I am really impressed, both with your love of opera, which I fully admit to not understand but wish I did and your comment on your twins. You are a big, squishy daddy. I sure wish my daughter's father cared about her the way you care about your girls. Sad part of mine and my daughter's life was that her dad/my husband didn't care. Makes me feel good to hear you talk about this, I am glad there are dads like you around. Thanks for that.

CharlesCityCat said...

OH, and First!!!


Yes, I am a mature adult, I swear!!!

DIllanDVillan said...

Holy Shit

JR likes oprera!

No Way!

NewHorseMommy said...

Hi JR,

I think it's 103 here right now. The horse got a very quick visit today!

So I had an idea, but it would require moderation! Set up a Pay-Pal account. Each mention of the following would trigger a $1 penalty to be paid into the Pay-Pal account: race; ethnicity; religion; other people's children; lawsuits; she who cannot be named; other people’s rabbits; personal information about others such as addresses, phone numbers, and sexual affairs (and I’m sure I’m missing quite a few of the most common themes here). Said offender will not be allowed to post again until the Pay-Pal payment has been received. People could even pay for other’s offenses if desired. Note that the penalty would not be assessed by post, but by offense. Thus, one post containing three of the above named offenses would generate $3. All proceeds would be donated to a reputable horse rescue (your choice, it’s your blog after all). That way, those participating could still send each other hateful e-mails, but the horses could benefit! I wonder how complicated this would be? I started the post with the intention of being bitchy, but the idea is beginning to sound feasible!

JohnieRotten said...


That may be an idea. I like the donations thing. After we raise so much,we can vote on the charity.

Today, it was 113 degrees here. At 9 am it was 101.

We really need to move~

BuckdOff said...

JR, You will want to move here. For the first time this summer, it is hot and humid, 80's. We're all rushing to put our A.C. units in..I can not imagine 103 degrees.

horspoor said...

I'll listen to Beethovens Ninth. Chills me right out, or Vivaldi if I'm feeling pastoral. OH, and Handel's Watermusic...and and and. lol

NewHorseMommy said...

Think how much would have been raised by now!

Wow! It was only 64 when I got up this morning. I'm in NorCal. We get a 30-40 degree temperature variation daily.

I told my husband it was 101 there at 9:00 and he is jealous (but he is a freak that loves the heat!).

horspoor said...

Guess I'm feeling pastoral. I put on Vivaldi, listening to Summer.

BuckdOff said...

I do think you could have raised a good chunk of change by now, JR. Hopefully, this will be a new beginning. I like to blog about horses. The other stuff is just tiresome.

PrairieFarmer said...

JR - You rock...
I admit to not being a big opera fan, but my husband is an opera freak and since, well, I love him you sure can't be all that bad!
I missed the Friday Night Block Party last week (although I realize it was not the time for it, a little too somber perhaps with the pony passing...), I hope it can come back. I enjoy the witty repartee and my occasional ability to add a comment of substance to the fray.
I'm glad for this new topic (although, actually, you are looking for a new topic, right?), I hope we can stick to it, I was kinda thinking this blog was like when I get tired of my two girls arguing and generally trying to kill each in the house, so I tell them to "if you are going to act like that, well then take it outside..." and then they do, and I realize, hmm...they REALLY ARE trying to kill each other! Which means then I have to get in the middle of it...Which really pisses me off, BUT since they are my flesh and blood and responsibility I can't really get out of it, can I?
Your blog on the other hand - well, you've been a virtue of patience I would say!
So now I'm going to try and think of some new "pisses me off and somehow related to horses" topic ideas...

PrairieFarmer said...

Okay, perhaps way too done...but how about - parents who buy their kids insanely expensive horses? WTF????

PrairieFarmer said...

I think it was like 85 DEGREES HERE TODAY! Makes me wish we had AC! I'm going to go out and stand in my walk-in cooler. Nice 42 degrees. Ahh...

Kaede said...

I hope you introduce your twins to opera. My dad did when I was a very little girl, maybe 3ish and we have been each others' opera buddy since.
My favorite opera is "Dialogues of the Carmelites" Daddy's favorite opera is "Carmen"

horspoor said...

Or buy insanely expensive, totally unsuitable horse, and then blame the horse. ARGH that pisses me off. Then the horse gets a bad rep after it dumps the kid a couple times, or becomes snarky. Do to poor handling and bad riding.

Yes, the TB mare is a lovely horse. Yes she's very well trained...goes Intermediate level in 3Day. Yes she's beautiful, yes she's winning. However I do not think she's a suitable horse for your ten year old. Yes, your ten year old rides well....for a ten year old.

Actual situation I dealt with. Slammed my head into that wall over and over. They bought the horse anyway. Oh...then declared her loco, and dumped her in less than a year.

JohnieRotten said...


I can run with that topic of expensive horses.


They are being introduced to opera and they already love to watch baseball with me. They are daddies girls. They are mesmerized by baseball when it is TV

CharlesCityCat said...

Love the donation idea. It reminds me of the jar many of us had that if your parents said four letter words, they owed a quarter. My folks paid for a lot of my education, LOL!!!

I would love a topic on how much money parents spend on spoiled brat kid's pony. What I have seen in the hunter world here makes me sick.

JohnieRotten said...

Ryan Howard just drove in a two run homer. Damn it.

Sorry had to vent.

JohnieRotten said...

Ya know. I had an idea. We can call this the Rotten Apples Philanthropical Society. And donate the cursed fees like you all have already said. I still want to finish the story on te hood for childrens charities.

PrairieFarmer said...

JR -
Good luck with the sports thing...My husband had the same idea - actually sat and watched some big sporting even (the super bowl?) with first born in the hospital right after she was born (and mommy passed out...). Then spent much time sitting holding them watching baseball, football, etc...
Now, they are 3 and 5, and the minute he turns out sports - "Daddy, turn the channel - that's BORING!" (And I swear, I've never said that - in their presence at least).

JohnieRotten said...


We are going to let them follow their own dreams be it horses, sports etc. But we spare nothing when it comes to academics. We hope they will do well in that area.

When it comes to everything else, hey what can I say, I am wrapped around their fingers.

fernvalley01 said...

WOW! A horse lovin opera listening big softy ! Those are some lucky little girls! I bet they adore their daddy!
A new topic would be great , I know this was a place to vent , but at some point...
I also now officially feel guilty for whining about the hot spell we are having in Alberta , top temp was 96 . nowhere near 100and f**k!

rosesr4evr said...

Why is it that EVERY time I'm on the computer, one of the kittens thinks they need to be up on the desk, front and center or clawing their way up my leg to sit in my lap?? BTW, when they sit in lap, makes it hard to type!!

Loki! Dammit@@@ you flipping cat, stop messing with the puter mouws ;

rosesr4evr said...

On the parents buying their children insanely expensive horses, I don't really have anything to say about that one. Some kids have it all handed to them, some kids have to practically die trying to get a nag. It's just what is. At one barn I boarded at, there was a horse purported to have been bought for the princely sum of $75,000. He's a QH and does the english classes-and that's it. His owner comes out to see him maybe once a week (sometimes less) unless it's show season.

One of the other girls had a really nice horse (paid $40,000) and her bad riding almost ruined him. They were trying to buy a different one last time I heard.

ZooKeeper said...


But pleaaaaase don't encourage those two to come back and start their mud fight again by letting them play if they pay.

i swear you could go away for months, and just like a good daytime drama, come back and not have missed anything cause it never changes.

Now on the topic of horses...

I have an old mare (25ish) who was given to me last year. She's never been round, but now she is skinny. Here is what I've tried and I'm hoping someone can give me some new ideas...

Beet Pulp
Alfalfa pellets/cubes
Red Cell
Calf Manna
24/7 hay access
30 day wormings

She is getting 4 big red scoops of TC Senior and 2 of alfalfa pellets morning and night with one TC and one alfalfa pellets for lunch. Thats about 16 lbs of feed a day. Plus has GOOD orchard grass hay in front of her all the time. She's just been separated from my other horse as he was ballooning on the 24/7 hay.

Blood work is normal.
Teeth are fine.
She is bright eyed and has a great, glossy coat.
She is a QH type...not TB.
I just did back to back Quests on her at 30 days.
Stools are normal.

I'm about at my witts end...I'm buying close to 500 lbs of feed a month for 2 horses...not to mention all the extra hay. My gelding is one who stays fat on air and a blade of grass. He was going through a bag of feed a month to give you an idea...

I'm open to ideas before I pull my hair out or make a very final decision for this mare.



ZTIG said...

JR, Great idea! The voice of reason you are. I'm a fan of Vivaldi, Rachminhoff, and Beethovan. Especially when cleaning a house. I lived in an apartment for a VERY short time, and found it was a wonderful way to battle the loud music/sex/fighting/parties. :)

NHM, that sounds like a wonderful idea! And if you don't donate your dollar you get hauled out on the carpet for it. Or, you get your commenting privilages suspended for awhile? Voting on the charity is a great idea, also.

Topic potentials:
How 'bout a topic on gidgets and gadgets of the horse world. Why you use them or why you wouldn't be caught dead using them. Sans the Parrelli carrot sticks (been done to death, I think we all know it is an over priced wanna be lunge whip/rope) I know this could spark tempers but it is 'the gloves are off' after all. I just find it interesting why people use things or don't. And, I have met people who swear they would never use gadgets and two years later you see them on the horse that person is working.

And I still like the funniest thing anyone ever asked you about a horse. Along with the silliest thing you ever asked as a horse owner. We all know we've done it. You can claim you haven't, but you know you have :).

fernvalley01 said...

have you tried corn oil?

ZTIG said...

Dear lord, spell check is your friend on a hot day and with little sleep. That was sad, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff.

JohnieRotten said...


Try Probiotic to get her gut working normally and a lttle bit of work a few times a week if she can handle it. This common in older horses.

flying fig said...

Ah JR... you must be my Dad reincarnated. He loved opera... and every Saturday afternoon would blast Live From the Met on his big console stereo. I would retreat to my room and play my LPs on my crappy little record player to try and drown it out. Yes - I am old enough to have used vinyl as a little kid.

Fortunately, the operas seeped into me via osmosis... and I often heard Leontyne Price singing Aida in my head. And mumblety years later - the Seattle Opera had an amazing production of Aida last fall that I took my mom to... I have come full circle.

Opera is always a good thing to have in one's back pocket.

PF - it was 97 in this part of Puget Sound this afternoon... when it hits 100 I will turn into a raisin.

Confession time - I have a carrot stick! (don't hate me!) I got it about 15 years ago - maybe more - long before all the hyped up Savvy weekends and all that crap. Then he just did small clinics that were actually very good. Seriously - I saw you rolling your eyes! - they were. The only things for sale were carrot sticks, lead shanks and rope halters.. So I spent the princely sum of $20 or less on my stick ( I would not have paid more) ... mainly for a souvenir of a fun weekend away in Alberta with my farrier (female and a friend - no romance involved). But it has been a useful tool on and off over the years - especially for teaching horses how to load themselves in the trailer. Better than using a lunge whip for that lesson... but yes, just a glorified arm extension. At least mine is an "antique." *snort*

And a few years later I came across a 20 ft. fancy-ass Parelli lead shank at a 4H tack sale - for $5. It has also been useful. And it was the perfect price. But those are my only two gimmicky things.

ZooKeeper - Senior Feed works wonders on the older horses at the Therapeutic Riding Center I volunteer at.... maybe that instead of the alfalfa cubes? JR's ProBios idea is a good one as well.

Speaking of which... it was far too hot to ride at the TRC tonight... so the riders, 2 of us volunteers and the instructor hosed down 5 of the horses in the outdoor washrack. The horses loved it - it felt sooo good to get all that sticky sweat off them... the riders loved it - splashing was allowed and encouraged... and the 3 adults loved it as well. We all got very wet... laughed ourselves silly... the kids enjoyed squeegeeing the horses off at the end of the soaking... and it was a marvelous way to spend a hot summer evening. I have half a mind to stand in the washrack here with the hose over my head after I do lights out in the barn and check water pails...

Too hot in here to sit and type tonight... it is still 83 at 11:00 p.m. and this barn apartment has no AC... :-(

That washrack idea has some merit..... hmmmmm...

endure_2_the_end said...

For Zookeeper:
About the corn oil: I seem to remember reading something along the lines of corn oil does not have a good ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids...I forget where or why this was. A LOT of endurance riders feed corn oil or another oil (cocasoya, flaxseed)- fats are easier on the digestive system than high protein feeds, plus you get more "bang for your buck" as it were. Susan Garlinghouse (DVM) is the expert on this; she has a post on ridecamp here:
as well as her website which has many very informative articles on horsie nutrition generally.

nccatnip said...

Zookeeper- nice to see ya!!!!
RE mare diet- call Purina Mills and get a consult with an equine nutrition specialist. They will review all the labs, her current diet and state of health and even will make barn calls to formulate a custom diet for her. They will follow up with you regularly and work with your vet to monitor the outcome. FWIW and it is a free service they offer.

ZooKeeper said...

Thanks to all!

Yes..Corn oil was the first thing I tried, but forgot to list it.

Pro Biotics has been on my maybe list and I'll line that up later this week. Has anyone used this who can give me a lowdown on brands and results?

nccatnip...I'll give Purina a call and see what they suggest and keep folks informed of progress or not.

I had a nice long thank you for the welcome back post written the other night, but it went to Oz and I was too beat to redo it.

Thanks for the heys! I've missed the group.

I lost my heart in go-everywhere-with-me light of my life dog passed very suddenly with a liver mass. He showed his first symptoms that morning and after a day of testing, i brought him home with plans of surgery the next morning. He passed away in my arms as I was settling him on my bed after coming he had been waiting to get where he was most comfortable. He was only 11 and my heart was broken in pieces. I miss him every day.

There is a new puppy here now learning the ropes and getting settled into being my shadow. I see glimpses of my perfect boy in things he though his steps and actions are being guided. He has helped begin the long road of healing and is firmly planted in the fragile pieces of my heart...his roots bringing the tatters together and sealing them with puppy breath and kisses. He has mighty big shoes to fill, but he is walking in very special footsteps and has the best of canine guardian angels.


SFTS said...

CharlesCityCat wrote:
Love the donation idea. It reminds me of the jar many of us had that if your parents said four letter words, they owed a quarter. My folks paid for a lot of my education, LOL!!!
- - - - - - - -

LMAO!! My daughter fashioned herself the "language police" and would actually write "tickets" whenever her daddy or I, any of our friends, clients, whoever would use swear words. She had quite the collection of "fines" amassed at one time! This was back when she was 8, 9, 10...we tried pretty hard when she was little to not use profane language in front of her, slapping each other on the leg and giving dirty look when we'd slip up. Your comment just cracked me up bringing back memories!

I am not an opera fan by any means. Not a fan of classical music, either. I'm a rock 'n' roll girl through and through. My wonderful daughter has followed in my footsteps with her musical tastes, it's so incredibly much fun to be able to share music with her! :)

JohnieRotten said...


For the most part all of the Probio profits are the same. We have even used yogurt when the horse won't eat the pro bio as it has all of the same stuff as the probiotics. But try the regular probio from the feed store first.

Quick stupid question for you all. Is that word verification annoying or should I keep it? To tell you the truth I don't even what it's purpose is

SFTS said...

It does get a bit annoying JR, but it's come up with some great new words! LOL

I think it has to do with preventing spambots from attacking the blog. Don't think there's going to be a problem with that. :)

Ginger said...

The soap opera on that other thread has been a nice diversion from surfing horse ads. Horse prices seem to be stablizing, but are still low. $2K will by some nice horses, at least in the midwest. There are some good laughs, I suppose ala fugly ... my psycho horse rears and is too lame to canter, so I am selling her as a broodmare that does tricks ... and the $15K baby Gypsy Vanners are still out in force. You guys that are fans, more power to ya but they are not my cup of tea.

I don't need another horse, but could buy one if the opportunity presented itself, so it's fun to browse atm.

I have one to look at this week but he's blue eyed with pink skin and can't be out during the day in the sun. Why are there always these "he's great, but ...." conversations?

SFTS said...

Unfortunately, that "soap opera" to which you refer, Ginger, is in fact regarding the lives of real human beings. I am not merely referring to myself and my family.

Apparently JR was right, though I have known it for many years now ~ people on the internet often only pay attention and participate where mud is being slung. Look at the number of comments on this thread as opposed to the number during the shitfest of a "soap opera" thread. Speaks volumes about many of the participants here, doesn't it?

DIllanDVillan said...


JR is probably going to get mad at me for saying this on this thread. But you brought it over here from the last thread.

Here it goes

Perhaps if you spent more time outside training horses which is what you say you do, then this would never have been an issue. Like JR said, you put your life on line and this is where it goes. That was what was meant about being professional

Ginger said...

Well sorry if it seemed flippant ... I suppose that was callous of me. It is, indeed, a lot of drama though. Frankly, I think it all should be taken privately at this point.

I posted my last comment there. I wish all involved a speedy conclusion.

I feel bad for older people selling horses that aren't into the online world. I just responded to an ad with just a phone number, that's a ways from me. These folks are 77 and getting out of horses. It's pretty obvious they don't do the internet. I am spoiled, I want a website and video on youtube. I don't want to drive five hours to be disappointed because I can't evaluate first online. They said they could email me a flyer ... ok.

I am old enough to remember when you did just call and then drive somewhere, or get interminable videos in the mail after making a deposit. Things moved slower.

SFTS said...

DDV, with all due respect, it's about gotten to the point where I cannot even go to the other thread without wanting to vomit. That is actually what a few folks have turned it into ~ a puddle of vomit. I was simply responding to Ginger's "soap opera" comment.

Why am I not outside training horses right now? Because I am not about to compromise the health of my horses or my students by making them work in triple digit temperatures. I have also already been blasted for commenting that I was working horses and giving lessons when the temps were in the mid-high 90's.

I would love for my life not to be dragged online in the manner others have done so. However I refuse to hide from attacks and I will not allow lies about my life to stand.

By the way, thank you to all those who have emailed me your support. It means the world to me.

Ginger, no worries. We all should probably be more careful before making offhanded comments about things, because Heaven knows someone will take what we say either too literally, out of context or somehow seek to damage us with our own words. Here is the funny tack room sign says "Drama Free Zone". That's the way I like it.

Btw, on the "vomit thread" (sorry...the name is sticking, for me) I extended an invite to participate in a drama and attack free blog, if you are so inclined. Come on over, if you can handle the nice-ness. :)

SFTS said...

I remember horse shopping the "old fashioned way", too. :)

Personally, I prefer things as they are now, though I urge folks who are considering a purchase to go look at the horse in person, and have a pre-purchase exam done by either your own veterinarian or a vet not involved with the seller before turning over funds!

I've seen too many people taken with regard to buying horses sight unseen over the internet.

Ginger said...

At this point, I have owned many, many horses, and had my share of disappointments. I have actually gotten some exceptional horses sight unseen over the net, in some crazy-assed deals. But at this stage of the game I believe I will buy from someone I know, within a short driving distance (well, that's not true, one horse is like 3 hours away, but I know the person pretty well that is selling her, it would be worth the drive).

Unless you are looking for something really special, like a Gypsy Vanner (heaven forbid) or a horse that can go the Arabian nationals or something, usually what you are looking for can be found very close at hand.

Such as the horse that can't go out in the sun. And is really ugly, imo. But he's a great performance horse, so I am told. Twenty minutes away, why not take a look?

SFTS said...

I know a few folks who have bought horses sight unseen over the internet and it has worked out well, but since the bad experiences that I know of outweigh the good, it still makes me nervous, you know?

Actually, it's funny you mention Arabian Nationals contenders...because my newest horse acquired last January, whom I got sight unseen off the internet, is one of the most talented Hunter Pleasure horses I have ever ridden, and a definite Nationals contender next year. :)

I say go for it in reference to the "horse that can't go outside". I have a client with a mare like that, she's got one blue eye and she's a mostly white/pink skinned Pinto. Their Paint gelding has two blue eyes, but his are the most gorgeous, deep shade of blue. Some folks have told me the blue eyes creep them out. I think it's kind of cool!

Ginger said...

The problem with buying sight unseen is that while pictures and the owner's description may be completely accurate, it's the little stuff that makes it problematic. Things that would bug you may not even occur to the owner to tell you. Or you think something won't be a problem, off the horse steps from the trailer and oh boy, that's not so good.

Or, you can be completely lied to and ripped off. That certainly happens more often than it should.

This would be my advice: if you are in a position to resell or rehome an unsuitable horse if it doesn't work out, go for buying sight unseen. If you are looking for a forever horse, be very leery. Could be the most perfect horse ever... but for someone else.

On the other hand, I never take first rides into account. That sounds weird, but many of my best horses didn't give me the best try-out rides. Yeah, if the thing bucks you off, or scares you, run away. On the other hand, if you can't quite get the signals together, that can be easily fixed. I try to look beyond a less than perfect first ride to what I think I could do with the horse. If the horse is basically honest and you click, then a few glitches don't matter.

Dothehappydance said...


I love your training blog and now that the arguing is over I am already starting to like this blog. About 6 months ago I emailed you to ask you a question about a training issue that I was having, primarily when I was doing my 20m circles. I told you my horse was drifting out of the circles and you told me to make small corrections with my legs and on the direct rein. You also told me that when I change rein do the same thing. I hope you remember this. Make everything small and subtle for the horse. You told me that training is an art form and likened the subtle corrections to a concert pianist, the softer the key stroke, the more beautiful the note. You were so right!

You also helped understand the mechanics of what was going on with my horse underneath me.

It seemed appropriate to me to bring it up on this blog because you had mentioned your love for classical music and opera. You had at the time I emailed you completely suprised me as you do now. This may be a bit much to say, but I wonder what you see when you look at a horse.

I really would like to see you talk about mechanics a little more on your training blog if you would.

Ginger said...

Ugh, now I sound like I am pontificating. Sorry. No one asked my advice, or particularly needs it. Thx drivethru.

SFTS said...

Please continue, Ginger! You are giving excellent advice for horse shoppers. :)

Happydance, very cool topic for JR's next training blog. I hope he ventures into that one!

LizBeth said...

well, I don't post often, but I do have to say this.

While sitting in an ER exam room with my SO for over 4 hours last night, the 'vomit thread' as SFTS so eloquently named it, made for some great entertainment in what would have been a very boring wait. I was lucky enough to have just set up the net services on my new BlackBerry Curve, and It was the first time I was playing on it on the net outside of home.

I'm not gonna comment on who's right/wrong, as that was not my intent, but I will say that as we got into the hosp room, I started reading, and finished just as we left.

I do have a question or two, but Im not sure they are worth bringing up anymore.

JohnieRotten said...

What the hell LizBeth ask away!

Ginger said...

JR, you have only yourself to blame.

flying fig said...

LizBeth - I hope your SO was okay...

Dothehappydance - I love that SN... it makes me smile.

I loved JR comparing our aids to music... it makes for a better cadenza if we can get the message across pianissimo as opposed to forte.... ;-)

Ginger said...

"As the Hotwalker Turns" ...

Dothehappydance said...


That analogy helped me out a lot.

My trainer uses it now. It's funny who you find in this Internet and the way they can help you.

flying fig said...

I forgot to add this hilarious film/video.... I have always loved it...

All the Great Operas in Ten Minutes

Murders! Prostitution! Premarital sex! Suicides! Executions! People on fire! Wild parties! Walking, talking statues from hell ... and a lot of other stuff!

JohnieRotten said...


I like your screen name.

I used to tell people to have the soft hands of the concert pianist and play softly. I have to admit, I never thought anyone ever listned to that. I am glad to hear that it helped you.

As far as what I see when I look at a horse, well, I see a head, body, legs and a tail all covered in hair. I do know that I love to look at the fluid motion of a horse when there is no rider on their backs, and when there is a good rider on the horse they still have that fluid motion. I guess when we talk about the mechanics, that is the way that I see it. All parts working to achieve the same goal.


Yes I did do it to myself!

And it is more like As the BArn Burns, not as the Hot Walker Turns.

Will it ever end?

Ginger said...

I don't hear a fat lady singing yet ...

GoLightly said...

FeegarOOO, figaro, figaro, figoarrrrooooow...

Seriously, JR. Classical music/Operas? Wow.
I thought you were groovier than that;)


Blue Rodeo, forever!!
That's a Canadian band, ....
never mind.

I ain't fat.
But I can sing..

Ginger said...

Some get strong, some get strange
But sooner or later, it all gets real
walk on!

Another great Canadian sang that.

Dena said...

JR yep. it is true. I growl in real life and use bad words sometimes.
I still can't believe the majestic Gangster Rap sat down today while tied.
I am stunned...
My baby has issues.*sigh*
If this continues I shall have to raise his price and market him as a trick horse.

JohnieRotten said...


I still listen to rock n roll

But when I need a break it is opera and classical

Dena said...

Ummm...EXXCCUUUUUSSSSE MEEEEEEE!!! JR I specifically addressed you and I have not received a response!!!

I said..................

I am totally just kidding. I couldn't resist.
Terribly sorry.
And yes, I am wearing a straight face.
I swear.

Serendipity said...

JR likes Opera? Who'd have thought?

There is an unspoken war going on in my barn. I come in, someone has put country music (Ick!) on the radio. I change it to the classic/modern rock station.

Next day I'm back in the barn. Someone (I know who she is, dammit) has changed it to the urban station. I put it back to rock.

Next day. The co-op treasurer has put on classical. I like classical. I listen while I'm doing my chores. Before I leave, it goes back to rock.

Fourth day in the sequence, some other smartass has put it back to country. I unplug the radio and hide it. Damn country fans have me outnumbered.

horspoor said...

Okay, I'm fat but I can't sing. I'll stand there in all my squatty body glory and GL can sing. Will that suffice to end it?

JohnieRotten said...

Sorry Dena

I did not realize you were asking for my opinion on that. I am going to have to email you with it later because the Internet is Dow and it tkaes too long on the iPhone.

horspoor said...

I've used Probios in the powder form. I've also used Fat Cat. Both seemed to work well. Others may have more info for you on what one is actually the best brand out there. These were available in my area.

SFTS said...

Back in from working horses and giving lessons, about to start dinner. (yes, it's 9 PM PDT :)

JR ~ did you stop the internet? :P

Serendipity, I am LMAO about your radio station issues. Been there, done that. Don't you hate it when you have the radio tuned to the station you want to listen to and someone changes it?

horspoor said...

OH GL...there are 13 posts on your blog. RUN!

Dena said...

JR I did not need a response to that. I just needed to be acknowledged.
You know I am sensitive.*sniff*snivel*

HP I love Fat Cat. Expensive stuff though.
But it almost always works.
I use my probios in the tube. Fast Track is inexpensive and has given me good results.
On babies and oldsters.

horspoor said...

Isn't Fast Track a knock off of Fat Cat? Pretty much the same thing?

Dena said...

I do not know. I know that Fast Track is a hell of a lot cheaper than Fat Cat.

charlienchico said...

I'm all about the classics! Love 'em! Beatles, Queen, Steve Miller, Moody Blues, The Who, Guess Who, America, Elton, Tom Petty, Skynard, Fleetwood Mac...
It's so sad to hear songs from high school called Oldies.

BuckdOff said...

One word..Heart..Love them..Steve Miller is around here in a couple of weeks, I believe.

SFTS said...

charlienchico wrote:
It's so sad to hear songs from high school called Oldies.
- - - - - - - -

LOL I hear you!! Some of those "oldies" are still so fabulous.

How about when you go into an Antique store and they have collections of all the toys you played with as a kid? :-/

BudckOff ~ Heart, those ladies (and gents) are still terrific when they decide to get together, albeit with a different lineup than the original usually. Ann still has an incredible voice! It was often said that Heart could do Led Zeppelin songs better than Zep themselves. ;) Probably my favorite Heart song of all time is City's Burning.

joanna said...

I prefer my rock pre-1990. I was an '80's child. I also like country, classical, opera, big band, some jazz. Eclectic, I know. My husband is worse. Add punk and techno to the list for him. I cannot stand rap. *Blah*

My mom would take me into New York City when I was a kid to see the opera and ballet. We'd visit the museums, zoo and botanical gardens. Then we'd lunch on Arthur Ave. Wonderful memories.

JR, I wish my dad had been a lot more like you. Let's just say he was more of a hands off kind of dad. Your little girls are blessed (and awfully adorable- they make me want one more!).

SouperScar said...

I've got a topic idea... How about all the divorcee women that buy expensive overly trained warmbloods? They can't handle them, they are scared to death of them and they scream at you when you trot by them on the GALLOP track! Good god they are taking over! They seem to buy these horses to compensate for their newly failed marriage. They drive me nuts. No clue in the world, but they have money to buy a $100k+ dressage horse.

JohnieRotten said...


I can do that! Email me a story of one if you have one.


I will do a thread on the mechanics of whatever you want me to on the Neighborhood Blog!

horspoor said...

OMG...Souper you are so right. If you can't ride it don't buy it. I feel the same about big pick-up trucks...if you can't park it don't drive it. sheesh.

JohnieRotten said...



But to be honest with you, I am the one that is blessed by those little girls and our teenager as well. I am also belssed to have CnJ she is incredibly patient to put up with me.

SFTS said...

horspoor wrote:
I feel the same about big pick-up trucks...if you can't park it don't drive it. sheesh.
- - - - - - - -

No kidding! That one always gets me...or the fools flying down the freeway doing 75+ in the fast lane pulling a trailer. My husband's big peeve is the guys who buy these jacked up 4x4's but won't take them off road for fear they'll get the truck dirty (WTF?) and a major peeve of mine, the kids who buy an older dually then cut the suspension and drop them almost to the ground, so they're ruined for hauling anything. What a waste!

Hoof Kisser said...

My biggest peeve is people driving 100 MPH. You should not be going that fast!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Since JR has been missing me posting-

Music- Gregorian Monk Chanting. Totally soothing and relaxing. Most beautiful opera pieces ever- the one featured in the movie Shawshank Redemption and "Ebban" from La Wally. The Windows media player version though. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

HP- I have to take offense to the 'big truck' thing. When I first got the Dodge, shortbed, 4X4, the steering was so tight and responsive, I couldn't park it. Had to just aim at something in the north 40 and walk across the lot. Yet some dumbfuck always found it in themselves to still park right on top of me...

The other side of that is the jackasses in small cars. Oh, big truck, can't let them in front of me or they feel the need to try to push into line ahead of you. Tempting to put a sticker on it "Yes I have a big truck, and No, I'm not afraid to use it!"

Anything pulling a trailer is an automatic 'Jackass Magnet'.

SFTS said...

>>> "Anything pulling a trailer is an automatic 'Jackass Magnet'." <<<

You can say that again! It never fails.

Hauling horses down to Del Mar for the Region 1 Championships one year I actually had a lady cut me off so bad I almost jackknifed my rig. Damn it was a handful!! There was one of those "exit only" lanes off Interstate 5 in South Orange County. She used that as a passing lane, and jumped back in front of me at the last second, nearly hitting the front of my truck, then I had to swerve over to avoid hitting her.

I say it all the time, nothing to bring the idiots out on the road than hitching up the horse trailer........

CharlesCityCat said...


I don't know anything about opera, but I loved that scene in Shawshank and the music was like it said in the movie, Soaring. I get the chills everytime I see it.

I have to agree on the big truck parking thing. We have a GMC Sierra 3500 crew cab longbed 1 ton. It is one long SOB. In a regular parking lot, if their are other vehicles around, it takes 2 maneuvers to get it in.

rosesr4evr said...

Hoof Kisser said...
My biggest peeve is people driving 100 MPH. You should not be going that fast!

July 29, 2009 12:06 PM

Surely not!?!


Case LU31350SN Defendant 809569

(BTW-word verification was: repod) HEE HEE

horspoor said...

I'm not referring to those that park their big truck out in the lower 40. I mean the a-hole that thinks he can park it in the compact parking space because it's closer to the store, and ends up taking two spaces. Or the ones that park sideways so nobody dings up their truck. Well asswipe...go park it out where there aren't other vehicles close, rather than using two spots. Makes me entertain the idea of keying the vehicle. hey, I know they're making payments on their chromed and lifted monstrosity...they've got comp coverages. lol

Beth said...

I'm a couple days behind, but I've had a nightmare of the last 2 days.

As for the questions, I just wanted to know how that website mentioned a few blogs ago was linked to fugly and her supposed ownership of it all... but honestly now I no longer care. Bigger things to deal with.


Thank you for your concern. He found a lump under the skin on his left side just below his rib cage that 'hurt like hell'. He's got 6 herniated disks in his back, so he knows pain. The lump started out small, and within 24 hours had doubled in size, so we went to the er to have it checked out. 4 hours, an xray and CT scan later, docs say its 'nothing'. Can't find anything at all. A few days later, there's 3 more in addition to the 1st lump, and no idea what they are.

(*thats not my nightmare though....thats something else.)