Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dena and SFTS

Here is a place where the two of you can go at it!!!

Though I do not condone your negative bullshit towards each other, perhaps here you can air you differences and make peace with each other.

I am sure that some people wil check in on you two from time to time, but for the most part there is little interest in your battles~

Personally, I prefer to remain neutral!

Todays topic for the two of you is........each other!


SFTS said...

*yawn* *stretch* Okay JR, I moseyed on over to have a look-see. Since you worked sooo hard making this blog. Too hot to be outside doing anything other than hosing off horses, and I'm done with that for today. Now I've just got to convince everyone that they should be allowed to enjoy the air conditioning inside with me. ;P

Dena said...

4,096 characters allowed by blogger per post do I have the right of that?

Okay then. I remember some time back when SFTS presented posts of a reasonable tone.
I may have had my own issues with the run on and occasionally I am right you are wrong superior tone from time to time.
But for the most part she did present reasonable posts.

And then she discovered copy and paste. Fuck me! And everything became a dissertation.
A lecture. An education on why a posters presented opinion or method had no validity in the world of SFTS and became innundated in condescension.

I believe my opening first ever post addressing this was something to the effect of we all have something to offer.

Holy shit! I was attacking her. Defaming her. Libeling her. I hate her. Etc., etc., etc....

Yeah sure...Okay then.

The simple truth is, what became a polite attempt to derail or offset the unnecessary,
became a pissing match.

And who led out with trying to do all the things she has accused so many others of?

The reality is, sometimes threads on certain blogs do become chats or think tanks expressed through posting.
On certain blogs when this happens most of the posters have chosen to be there with what they believe to be a group of like minded individuals.
Individuals they have a good rapport with.

And what happens? SFTS comes in and does everything in her power with her twisted perceptions to stir shit and cause division.

I have not said it before but I will write it now if for no other reason that to not have to think about it further.

I do not hate you Stacy. But I do think you are one miserable, had your ass kicked by your own poor choices, can't get along with anyone, sorry ass excuse for a person.
And I find your manner of dealing with anything that does not suit your order despicable.

I am sorry your life has thus far not turned out as you may have planned, hoped, or dreamed.
But have you ever once considered the possibility that it may be you that is the problem?
You have certainly shown that you are often your own worst enemy.

You attack what you perceive to be more vulnerable.
Be very glad that I am not that childs mother because I would have you locked up quicker than you can say, "Squirrel without a nut!"

As far as, your professed training abilities?
Don't know...don't care...
But who the fuck are you to critique and educate anyone who has not asked for you to do so?

Everyone on the fhotd planet knows that it is a free for all there.
JRs blog was not intended as such that I am aware.
And I feel like you have pissed all over something that while not specifically made for you you were invited to share in.
I should know I was the one who requested you be invited.

Can you believe I actually thought if you got away from some of the negativity and were in a relatively safe environment you might actually settle down and become part of something that could prove rewarding for all involved?
Wow...Did you prove me wrong or what!?!

And you are very good at creating division. You had me to the point where I almost told someone I happen to respect and consider to be something of a voice of reason to "Fuck Off" over you and your bullshit.

So take your points and go away from me. Because I am to the point where I heartily dislike your presentations which I am fast coming to associate with being the real you.

And this will be a two part post because for the first time ever I have exceeded blogger character limit.

Dena said...

More importantly I no longer believe a word you post in reference to yourself.
Because you are a liar.

I would hope not to stoop to judging someone by their reduced circumstance. If, ever possible and meriting such, I would hope I would extend a helping hand.

But Princess Barbie Premier World Class Trainer and model of excellence and superiority in all things if I take your word on anything you do not need anyones help.
Because you already have far more than most of us according to your presentations.

So there you go and there you have it. You are not these days pleasant to communicate with.
And I have no real interest in trying to find a way to change that because apparently neither are you.

Dena said...

And JR? I do not condone the negativity either.
To tell the truth, I am disappointed in myself that I let anyone push my buttons and that I have reacted as I have.

I can only say that it infuriates me to see someone who was invited to share in the building of something really cool be so overwhelmed by their own identity crisis and insecurities that they would rather destroy it than figure out and implement what would be required to actually be welcomed.

I get that she is hurting. Who the fuck wouldn't be after everything she has been through which I doubt any one of us knows the half of?
But when does it STOP being everyone elses fault?

There is an old saying, "Get in where you fit in."

You have to be willing to be honest with yourself before that could ever happen.
We all want to be taken seriously. Now how is that going to happen when so many want to lie about their situations?
What in the fuck is so Godawful bad about the truth?

I think there needs to be a Horse Addiction Anonymous group.

Hi, my name is Dena. I have never been what most people would classify as rich.
I don't live in a fancy house. Or drive a fancy truck anymore.
Horses and my love for them have caused me to make some less than stellar financial choices over the years.
But they have always been my addiction/therapy of choice.
I think it is because I would almost sell my soul for that moment when you know you got it right.
Because it is moments like that when you feel special no matter what anyone else says.
And no one can ever take that moment away from you.
And no matter what else in life happens to make you feel helpless, powerless, and too small to have a voice in anything?
A horse can give you the wings to fly away from all the things that you can't change. And all the hurt that does not seem to go away.

And the one inescapable truth about horse people is that they all chose horses for the same reason.
A desire to feel special. A desire to be needed and feel loved. A desire to be empowered. And the very real need to feed a soul starving for flight.

Now I am done. Because if people cannot be honest enough to admit the truth of that I have nothing left to offer in the way of words.

JohnieRotten said...


I have no answers for this.

I do know the two of you have to find a way to be in the same room with each other without attacking each other. That gets you nowhere!

Dena said...

There is no answer for what I posted. It simply is.

And we don't "have" to find a way. It is an elective.
Just as is forgiveness.

I am tired of being in the same room filled to overflowing with the broken dreams of broken people masquerading as successes laying in wait to break the dreams of another.

I am beyond tired of the posing and posturing from the land of anonymity.

I will miss the camaraderie of those who try to make the best of less than ideal situations.
I will miss the good and funny sharing and caring that I have seen. And enjoyed immensely.

What I won't miss is the seething rage I feel every time abuse is tolerated.
And how I feel about myself when I take a bite out of someone else.

Reading these blogs sometimes reminds me of looking down a long aisle at a shit sale.
The same broken people and the same broken horses getting ready to put on the next act, in the show that is their life, that is mostly based in desperation, shit, some form of poverty(be it financial,spiritual, moral, or intelligence), and lies.

I have done my time. There will always be another person in need who is unwilling to admit that need.
There will always be another asshole. And there will always be another trying to bring change.

I am beginning to feel like a fucking parrot. Be nice. Stop hurting each other. Please try to get along.
When all I really want to say is, "Polly needs a fucking break! Polly has had enough!"
Polly wants to go cry in a corner for a little bit because she is sick of watching the same shit over and over. Repeating the same message over and over.
And finding something similar to the same shit everywhere she looks.

And Dena wants to go and enjoy life. Dena thinks she has more than paid her dues.

I offered everything that is me, both good and bad, on a plate to the masses.
Hoping for change.
I have offered forgiveness and understanding with both hands.
I have done my time in the room of mirrors. I have walked through the fire.
I have faced all of the accusers and the abusers.

There are many things in life I have to do.
But continuing to risk becoming bitter and polluted gambling my faith on people who have none is not one of those things.

And so there is no confusion if it applies to anyone reading this? Well then it applies.
If, it doesn't it? Well then it doesn't.

There is one unalterable truth that I will share.
Never deceive yourselves that when you name another and come together to publicly list their mistakes, and dissect them, and feed off of what you believe to be the hurt you intended to inflict?
You have targeted and identified your intended victim.
What may surprise some is that the target and intended victim has other plans.

The Tinfoil Hat Brigade already knows this. I reached for understanding, I strived for it, and I withheld nothing to get it.
I don't know how many times I have to say it but the truth really will set you free.

It would be my hope that everyone who seeks the truth and acceptance for who they really are finds it.
Because living a lie is not only lonely but a lot of hard work and wasted energy.

I wonder if WalMart would sponser my going on that Mongolian Adventure Ride?

SFTS said...

Are you REALLY finished yet, Ms Rodacker? Or are you once again lying about that, too? Okay, perhaps lying is too strong a word. But you've "given your word" far more than once already that you were not going to continue this bullshit smear campaign of yours any longer, while you pretend to be innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

A few things before I leave you once more to wallow in self pity.

Okay then. I remember some time back when SFTS presented posts of a reasonable tone.
- - - - - - - -

I knew nothing of Dena Joy Rodacker until she began making a spectacle of herself on the FHOTD blog during the Dream Chasers Rescue fiasco. I even defended her, saying that yes, people who do have a history of severe drug and alcohol abuse as she did could indeed change. Of course, now I know she has not. *This* started because Ms Rodacker took offense to my support for Jill Curtis and Shiloh Horse Rescue over Diane Davis. She thus began an email campaign telling me how "opinionated and unprofessional" I was for my opinions and views. Yes, Dena, that does qualify me as opinionated. We all are. Get over it.

The simple truth is, what became a polite attempt to derail or offset the unnecessary, became a pissing match.
- - - - - - - -

Ms Rodacker allowed this to happen, and in fact encouraged it, escalated it and went in search of ways to create yet more drama. She seems to thrive on it.

Let's see, here she proceeds to call me "miserable", "despicable", a "sorry ass excuse for a person", I have singlehandedly ruined (not to mention wanted to "destroy") JR's training blog, I "created division" all on my own, blah blah blah...

And then I am "a liar".


Though Ms Rodacker can provide NO PROOF WHATSOEVER of such a wild, fantastical proclamation. NOTHING. It seems as though she just made that up out of thin air, just because she so loves drama.

Be very glad that I am not that childs mother because I would have you locked up quicker than you can say, "Squirrel without a nut!"
- - - - - - - -

Ms Rodacker also knows nothing about the situation with Buckinbo, what happens in MY community or what the masses HERE have to say. Other than what she has been spoon fed by a very few sick, twisted individuals with whom she found kinship in her desire to discredit me. She also desperately needs to look up California State Law if she feels the need to quote such, as doing so incorrectly makes her look like an idiot. Better yet, I can post WORD FOR WORD from the TRO issued by the Court here.

SFTS said...

Part two...

And the one inescapable truth about horse people is that they all chose horses for the same reason. A desire to feel special. A desire to be needed and feel loved. A desire to be empowered. And the very real need to feed a soul starving for flight.
- - - - - - - -

Now this is the biggest batch of bullshit I have seen yet. Perhaps the above is true for Ms Rodacker. In fact, knowing what I do about her, I wouldn't doubt it at all.

For some of us, however, we chose a life with horses because of a desire to help the troubled ones and help those who want to feel that special bond do so, even if less gifted. I freely share of my gift. Which is probably a major difference between Ms Rodacker and I...and very likely why I frequently am left feeling taken advantage of.

I am tired of being in the same room filled to overflowing with the broken dreams of broken people masquerading as successes laying in wait to break the dreams of another.

I am beyond tired of the posing and posturing from the land of anonymity.

- - - - - - - -

More drama. Woe is her. Cry me a fucking river.

And Dena wants to go and enjoy life. Dena thinks she has more than paid her dues.
- - - - - - - -

Oh, spare us the fucking drama, Dena. You brought EVERYTHING that happened to you, from your sordid past to the FHOTD features, on YOURSELF. Who in the Hell are you to talk about "paying dues". You fucked up your own life, and that of your children, you mentally scarred more than one individual and you have the unmitigated GALL to go after me because you took offense to how I post on a fucking BLOG?? You've got far more issues than I even imagined.

Go, Dena. Go do all those things you seem to want to do. Please. Go do them. But leave the rest of us out of it.

SFTS said...


I have no answers, either. If you have read Ms Rodacker's baiting posts, over and over and over, on FHOTD, on your blog (and she has the audacity to say *I* have tried to "destroy" it), as well as the ridiculous rantings on her own blogs, this appears to be a sick, twisted obsession that she cannot break away from. Call it her new drug of choice.

She repeatedly claims to be "done", that she's "moving on", yet keeps coming back to create still more drama. I find it really quite pathetic that her behavior (and yes, my need to refute her lies and bullshit) would prompt anyone to create a blog for the sole purpose of screaming at each other.

As I've said before, and told her directly, I've got NO problem co-existing with her. Hell, I'm even a mature and intelligent enough woman to discuss issues with her, as long as she lays off the attacks. I just don't think that is possible for her to do.

I'm tired of the merry-go-round. I'm tired of the masses of emails I have to field on a daily basis asking me what in the Hell Dena Rodacker's problem with me is, why someone who lives nearly 1800 miles away from me in Minnesota, which I have not been to in nearly 20 years, is so obsessed with my life and my business, and seeks to destroy me. I am tired of the needless drama.

We can both hope (along with all the good, innocent folks at FHOTD and your blog) that she will finally hold true to her word, and leave it alone. Go find another hobby. But I'm not holding my breath. I wouldn't suggest you do, either.

Dena said...

SFTS that was the one and only free pass you will receive with regard to mention of my children.
Be very clear on how you wish to proceed before you go down that path.
I have not given you leave to speak of my children.
In fact, I have specifically denied any such permission.
Referring to any child as fucked up is beyond inappropriate.
Please consider yourself warned.

Trash away on me. I can take it. The truth is, I can take anything you dish out and then some.

And you do not want to meet or talk to my children.
It can be quite humbling to have your ass handed to you by a young person who sees through you like clear glass. And humble you are not.
To be honest I do not think you would survive the experience.

SFTS said...

Ms Rodacker, if you cannot comprehend the written word, perhaps you should seek schooling to assist you with that endeavor. I did not call your children fucked up, I said you fucked up their lives because of your drama, your bullshit, your drug use, your mental illness...the list goes on. And NEVER threaten me. Ever. Consider yourself warned.

Dena said...

I didn't threaten you. I never make threats. Ever.
That was an absolute promise.
Silly bitch...

SFTS said...

The follow through on your "promise". I stand by the fact that you fucked up your life and that of your children. Those records are public. Trying to make yourself feel better, feel worthy, feel important by attacking me isn't doing what tiny shred of credibility you had left. Carry on.

Dena said...

I believe that makes 3. Now let me explain something to you one and only one time.
My children are not your concern.
They are however mine.

I would tell you to shut up and go ride a horse but that really wouldn't be fair to the horse.

So instead, I will simply say "God Bless You"...
And I mean that very sincerely.:)

SFTS said...

So for God's sakes, Ms Rodacker, how about you get off your computer for once and actually do something about it if you feel so threatened, or injured, by the truth.

I just came in from riding several horses, thank you. ;) A few more to ride this morning before the heat becomes unbearable, then it's off to ride more horses this evening. Not that you understand the concept of getting off the computer and actually throwing a leg over a horse........

You really need to let this obsession and anger go. It will eat you alive, if it hasn't already consumed you. However, I don't hold out much hope.

Dena said...

Just out of curiousity are you speaking from experience?

I have a rather large family, very real friends, jobs, and responsibilities, and far too many animals for me to ever be consumed by the internet.

The truth does not in any way cause me to feel threatened. Or injured.
I learned a long time ago that if the truth threatens or injures me than I need to take a look at why that is. And if at all possible seek change.

Say, I haven't been on a single message board for a little bit now.
How about yourself?

It is some very good advice you have offered here today.
Do you think you could provide me with (a) or several real life examples of how it is done?
I know...instead of...telling me. Why don't you show me?

Scorekeeper said...



referee said...

Tweet Tweet....Personal foul!

Illegal of uninvolved family members by the defense!

SFTS said...

Speaking from experience? LOL...

Did you not notice the time of my last post. I've been out all day, doing what I do for a living: Training horses, did a couple of horse evaluations and worked with a few young Halter horses. That and I was asked by a client to go feed the horses she has at home (along with her dogs and cats) while they attended her father's funeral in L.A. today. Busy day, as usual. Don't have the time for your bullshit, or your drama. You say you are "done". You've said so ad nauseum. For crying out loud, will you EVER really be done?!?!?!?!

Yes, we are all aware you have a large family, many children at least. Friends? Okay, that's nice. Job? Really? Okay...that is how people pay the bills, so they don't have to go begging on the internet for money so the utilities aren't shut off, etc. Good for you. However, you do indeed seem perhaps not to be "consumed by the internet" so much as consumed by my life. Were yours as full and fulfilling as you pontificate, one would think you would have far too much to do and would not be harassing me to the four corners of the internet.

LOL...I wasn't on a single message forum, or blog, or anywhere on the internet all day, from about 8 A.M. until 8:30 P.M. Not to mention that in the morning all I did online was answer a few client emails and post one comment, here. Advantage, SFTS. ;)

I'm glad you noticed the good advice I generally give. Maybe you should consider taking it?

Good's another long day with the horses tomorrow.

Dena said...

But you do not always give good advice. Granted, you have a history of giving it here, there, everywhere, without it ever being requested.

And you always lead out with your claims of being attacked by me. While, throwing around what you believe to be my personal shit most every step of the way.
Why is that?

I could fight nasty like that. And I think from your posts daring me to do so you know what I might come up with if I ever did.
But, I don't.
And if, it gives you any peace of mind, you can rest assured that I won't.

What would be the point? You already know what has comprised your life.
It doesn't affect me. So, that pretty much blows your presentation that I am trying to destroy you.

I have absolutely no motivation to make you an object of ridicule. Even in the land of anonymity.
Crazy huh. Definitely unsettling. And probably a source of ongoing confusion.

Your personal information to my way of thinking is your own. If, you choose to share it that is your call. If, someone else chose to blow you out of the water with it I might think that was a shitty thing to do.

On the days you are being a pretentious ass I would probably tell myself you deserved it.
And feel a little remorse later.

Are you even remotely getting the only point I have really been trying to deliver?
We all have our histories.
But for someone with a history of your own you do not fight fair or in your own best interest. It is still something of a mystery to me why you choose the battles that you do.

That other womans child is exactly that. My children are exactly that.
Your child is exactly that.

Boundaries you know? Everybody has them. But the internet seems to discourage respect for them.
And that just isn't cool.

Treat others as you would wish to be treated. It doesn't always work out that way.
In this case, you are lucky it is me you have been poking with a sharp stick.
I don't fight dirty.
It just isn't my style.

Running with a pack isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Unless, it is the right pack.
And even then, it is nice to have some alone time.
You know...reach a point where you are comfortable with yourself.

The OTTB tore off her front shoes today. So, I spent a fair amount of time with my ass in the air today trying to restore some balance.

Good Night to you too.

CharlesCityCat said...


This was a good idea, hopefully the venom will stay here.

Who Said That? said...

Just for informational value and to keep everyone on the same page-

Page 3 is pretty interesting...

To explain what we have all just seen- USEF Rulebook Chapter 7

As well as the current USEF Suspension List listing the previously sanctioned and obviously ignored suspension mentioned, currently still in effect since 2006. Notice it includes not only the individual, but the farm name and two of the farm horses.

Did anyone think this would NEVER come out?

After all, it’s all public record.

I can’t wait to hear the backpedaling!!!!

Who Said That? said...

One other tidbit of information I forgot to add...

The AHA listing of trainers and farms for California

Look all you want to- it's not there. If someone was as successful within the breed, as they proclaim themselves to be...

WildCaballo said...

Just because you aren't listed as a trainer for your breed doesn't mean you aren't one. My mother trained AQHA's for years, she was never listed on the trainers page. I believe you have to pay a fee to be listed and it has nothing to do with the quality of training. I have seen people listed as "trainers" who I would never personally let touch any horse I OWNED.



Dena said...

I don't know how to post links. Have not taken the time to learn.

I presume it is considered relevant based on expressed opinions and professionalism.

I do not know the particulars so I would not have commented on it.

SFTS said...

Wild Caballo...that "suspended trainer" would be me. It's old news, was posted ENDLESSLY about on the FHOTD/Free Speech Horse forum and addressed last year at ~ nothing new there.

Financial issue, yadda yadda, Had NOTHING to do with anything illegal, unethical, etc. There is an outstanding fine due, that has not been fully paid, to USEF.

Funny thing is, when I explained the entire situation, I was trashed by a select few for "putting to much of my life saga on the internet". Hell, I was just trying to be OPEN and HONEST about the facts and what happened.

And it's funny that "Who Said That" has to attempt to stir shit by making a ludicrous proclamation that I am not named in AHA's database. Currently in good standing with AHA, the President of my local Arabian Association and both an AHA Discovery Farm and a member in good standing of the AHA Mentor Program.

Shit Stirring FAIL.

SFTS said...

ETA: Btw, in looking up AHA's "farm and trainer database", a majority of the biggest and most influential farms and trainers in the industry who reside and do business in California are not listed. Not to mention the fact that information there is input by each individual trainer or farm owner and not AHA.

Since "Who Said That" brought this up, and since in their *opinion* anyone who is not listed in the database mentioned above is not successful in the Arabian industry, that leaves out a LOT of rather successful individuals and farms.

Hell, try telling Greg Gallun, Joel Kiesner, Jim Lowe and countless others they aren't successful in the Arabian breed because they don't appear in the AHA trainer and farm directory.

Once again, "Who Said That", you FAIL. Miserably.

Dena said...

SFTS, as long as, it is already out there and in the open, can I ask why you were originally suspended?

I don't know that it really matters. What is done is done and all that.
I guess I would just like to hear from you why you were suspended.

I had already guessed that you were for whatever reason unable to pay the fine and that was why the suspension has been in effect for so long.

And why did you violate your suspension further by showing in a manner you were prohibited from?

I am simply asking not trying to antagonize.

Dena said...

>>>Wild Caballo...that "suspended trainer" would be me. It's old news, was posted ENDLESSLY about on the FHOTD/Free Speech Horse forum and addressed last year at ~ nothing new there.

Financial issue, yadda yadda, Had NOTHING to do with anything illegal, unethical, etc. There is an outstanding fine due, that has not been fully paid, to USEF.<<<<

If you had not done anything illegal, unethical, etc., why would you have been suspended?
Or fined?

SFTS said...

The original suspension was due to an insufficient funds check for a horse show in April of 2006. Wires crossed/funds missed in a transfer/deposit, and the check did not clear my account. I was notified of this as of June, and told I would be suspended by BOTH the AHA and USEF in August if I did not make payment by a specific date, which I unfortunately missed due to unforseen circumstances. As a result, a suspension was issued, for both organizations. Payment was made in September of 2006, both to AHA and USEF, and we competed with six horses and several students at an AHA/USEF sanctioned "A" Rated Arabian show in late September, in good standing.

Shortly thereafter, I received the following letter in my email:

"Via E-Mail

September 29, 2006

Mrs. Stacy S. Nichols
(home address removed)

RE: Non-Negotiable Funds
Suspension Period: August 17, 2006 – September 22, 2006

Dear Mrs. Nichols:

This letter will confirm that you have settled your indebtedness in relation to the above mentioned matter and therefore, are hereby relieved of suspension as of the termination date listed above.


Sara Davenport
Rules Compliance Department

However, come to find out, they (USEF) never attempted to collect on my payment until well over a month after it was originally paid by me, and long after they had sent their letter titled "Good_Standing_Letter-UPDATED" (copied above) in September. By the time they did finally get around to sending the payment through, an automatic debit to my account from my phone company deducted enough from that account, and payment from my bank to USEF was denied.

They did not notify me of this until the middle of 2007, after we had already entered and competed in another AHA/USEF sanctioned, "A" Rated Arabian show during April of 2007. I verified, not once but TWICE, with the show secretary of that event that I was in good standing and no longer suspended, they told me they had received word of such from USEF as well as from AHA. It was not until late 2007 that I was notified by USEF of a charge involving "competing while suspended" being made, which left us dumbfounded because of the above.

Now, there was a hearing held in Kentucky, in January of 2008, relating to my case where I could have hired an attorney, flown to Lexington, presented the letter from Ms Davenport along with statements from the Show Secretary, Show Manager and Show Committee of the show in question and likely avoided further suspension/sanctions. However, having gone through what has been chronicled on several other sites over the past year, I was in no way financially able to do so. I was given an additional one month suspension for the above charge ("showing while suspended") and the fine had another amount added. As I was in the middle of trying to rebuild my business, along with dealing with having to move once more last Summer, funds were short. USEF agreed to a payment plan, and once that transaction is completed, I will again be in good standing with them.

As this was purely a result of financial distress, as well as miscues on the part of USEF itself, indeed there was nothing illegal or unethical about any of it, no matter how sinister a few folks attempt to make it seem.

I have NO problem addressing the situation, much to "Who Said That"'s chagrin. The truth is the truth, and it's something I don't have an issue talking about. What was that ~ "the truth will set you free"? There you have it. The truth in it's entirety.

GoLightly said...

Not interested in the above, more interested in Sandy Skafgard (sp), how was "Jill Brown riding a horse in a manner prejudicial to her sport?"
What the fcik? What was she doing?

Tx posted a video, apparently of Sandy. It's been taken down. Why?

Wow, the stomach is turning on the left coast..
So glad I'm right in the middle..
of nowhere.

Other than that, I think we were at deuce, with one challenge in hand on both sides.

Carry on;)

Dena to serve, one all, fifth set.

GoLightly said...

Word verf was

I swear!!!!

Dena said...

I appreciate the candor of your response. I can understand how something like that could happen.
It happens all the time with horse people.

Now can you perhaps understand that I asked for help for a specific reason with regard to utilities vs. OMG the horses will die without your donations?

If you will read back there was even one poster talking shit about me that had bounced checks to me somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000.
And failed to pay several hundred dollars of commercial service owed as well.

We are not unaccustomed to sacrifice. We have a wood burning stove, a fireplace, a generator, and a 200+ gallon enclosed water tank, for the just in case factor, and I know how to make candles and have kerosene lamps.
Had it not been for the fact that I had electrical fencing everywhere we would have been fine.
It really was about the horses as we live in the corner of a triangle with 2 major highways.

And to be completely honest, I knew that some of the check bouncing offenders were regulars on the ABR forum.

She was not the only one who bounced checks or did not pay at that time.
All while claiming to be a multi-millionaire.

I believe that was hashed and rehashed ad nauseum as well.

I wish you luck in your rebuilding. I have found that in an uncertain economy such as this, where sales of all things are down, it is good to have a secondary skill/job with a guaranteed paycheck.
It allows one to plan for the future without all of the uncertainty.

SFTS said...

Thank you, Dena. Actually, the rebuilding of my business, while struggling along last year, is going incredibly well. Last year was one of transition and picking up the pieces shattered by things far beyond my control. This year is one of tremendous strides forward, action as opposed to reaction and great accomplishment. Even in this uncertain economy, both my husband and I have been increasing our incomes and boosting our respective businesses more than at any time within the last five years.

Bounced checks...shit happens. To most all of us at one time or another. I know of no one who hasn't, at least once or twice, had that sort of "shit happen". Honest mistakes for which we don't necessarily deserve to be crucified. I've never purposefully bounced a check to someone without the intention of making it good. I have known folks who have...and that sickens me. Cheating people and businesses out of their money. Cheating the system. It's just not right.

Perhaps you have now been given a sense of how I felt when you began poking at me (for lack of a better term) in regard to the Arabian Community Show rules, as well as our (I thought) mild disagreement related to Dream Chasers. Bringing up your past was only meant to show you how it feels to have things thrown in your face, by those who refuse to back down, no matter the circumstances.

We know precious little of each other. It might be better that way, though I suspect we might have more in common (a concern for the welfare of horses, at the very least) than one might think.

Now I am off to ride a few more horses, and get ready for evening feeding/stall cleaning. Then my darling husband of 18 years has told me he's taking me somewhere special to celebrate our Anniversary tonight.

GoLightly said...

Hey, it's my 9th anniversary!

You must be really old, SFTS;)

I mean, congratulations!

I think the Federer/Roddick Match was a draw, with one mistake. Federer himself said it could have gone on for hours.
What a match!
Tennis, people.
Never mind.

Betcha I never hear an answer to my question...

To Horses
and ditzes.

JohnieRotten said...

So SFTS and Dena

Seems things are starting to work themselves out with you two~

Can I post another thread on here, and do the two of you have anything in mind for a topic!

SFTS said...

LOL GL...I tell the kids that practically every day of my life. I AM old. :P However thanks for the congratulations and I wish the same back to you.

JR, I don't have any idea. Isn't this blog supposed to be a knock down, drag out fight fest between the two of us? If there's no fight left, how could there be another topic? ;)

JohnieRotten said...

Well SFTS....

It does not have to always be about you ya know!:)

I figure if you all have something that you all want to bitch about, this could be the place.

I can't think of a thing so I am taking suggestions, since I am back online!

SFTS said...

LOL...then maybe the name of the blog (title, not url) can be changed? Added to? It does mention both Dena and I by name. Therefore, it is kinda all about *us*. ;) (not me...I'm not that special!)

I am remembering what Cathy said when my "imposter" popped up on the FHOTD blog, about having a blog dedicated to hating you. I don't think I am there quite yet, never know :P

Maybe some of the 400+/some folks who have peeked in here will have a suggestion. Or, maybe a topic could be how to deal with personal attacks on the internet? How to maintain credibility? How to prove your integrity? How to "fight fair"? Just throwing things out there...

Gotta jump in the shower. Woohoo, party tonight. :)

Dena said...

Anyone want to listen to me whine about my migraines caused by vertebrae displacement and tension?

Naw...I didn't think so.

The blog title is "The Gloves Are Off". The url is

The thread is Dena and SFTS. Threads are like chapters in a book.
We were just the first. Knowing people, horses, and horse people, I highly doubt we will be the last.

Didn't you write a book Stacy? If blueheron were here she would know who said, "It doesn't matter what they are saying about you as long as they are talking about you."
Maybe now would be a good time to reintroduce your book and gain some interest and possibly some revenue.
Just a thought. And no, I am not being facetious.

SFTS said...

I realized that after I'd already posted ~ that the actual blog title did not contain "Dena and SFTS". I was looking at this post. And I'm not stupid, my fingers are just sometimes too fast. Meant to go back and delete that comment, re-writing it. You beat me to the need for that.

Something tells me this blog won't be read far and wide. In fact something else tells me this blog will fade into oblivion as soon as the "Dena & SFTS Show" is over. Unless some anonymous individuals with an axe to grind keep it going.

My book...yes. Not yet published, I have had several offers though yet to find the right one, with the right terms to my liking. "Laying The Foundation: A Common Sense Guide To Horse Training". Keep an eye out for it, it will be published eventually. ;)

blueheron said...

How about getting GoLightly and Sarcastabitch on here. That ought to be good for a few rounds. Actually, I know of several people who could go a few rounds with SB....

Dena said...

School Teacher Stop It! Shame on you for being deliberately provocative.

You know I do not approve the deliberate baiting of people.
Besides, SB and GL would need to be stranded on an island for a very long time(together)I think before progress was noted.
Or a body buried.

HP stop laughing. I am being berry serious here.

WildCaballo said...

You know, that is a good idea. When two people start gooing at it in comments on fugly send them here to slug it out. The name of the blog is "THE GLOVES ARE OFF" so that would suit any two people battling it out in comments.

GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SFTS said...

WildCaballo, I like that idea. Maybe JR and Cathy can get together and form a "policy" of sorts for that kind of thing. ;)

Hey Dena, it seems we were guinea pigs and it worked out fairly well. At least so far........

GoLightly said...

Wild Caballo, that is funny.
But what about people that want to slug it out with Fugs?
Where do they go? Fugly Wench?

Fugs is so sure of her perfection, it nauseates me. Try to explain counter-canter to her, I dare ya.

Fugs challenged me to a ride-off. Because I asked her for proof of her own credibility.
That got me labeled a drug-addict.

Yup, the net is a very strange place.
Full of cowards. Kind people, crazy people. Really truly nasty people, like our dear SB. She's a real piece of work, that one.

I've never had a problem with "outing" neglectful abusers. Throw your venom, throw your bile. People like that deserve whatever they get. That is where Fugs blog shines.
Her nasty-grams to younger, prettier, more talented riders is just plain sick.

Since the planning fail debacle, I've had even less desire to be out there again in horse-land.
If that's your horse-land normal, I'm staying the fcuk away.

Like that stupid Fugs post yesterday.

Why didn't anyone say anything about the red mare's truly awful front legs?
Right, she's perfect.
Fugs has SUCH a good eye for conformation.
Better get her under saddle, someone will be stupid (sorry) enough to adopt her.

I deleted my previous comment, but it's baaaack.

BH, that's funny.
Funny, ha, ha, even.

SB is very happy staying away from me. She wouldn't dare say anything in a public forum. I have WaY too much ammo...
Plus, I'm part of the "other" crowd now, don't ya know.

A birdie told me there's even a totally separate private forum for people as dumb as her on horseDopeHead. The Alberta Board, reserved exclusively for BYB's and redneck dressage riders.

Did you know that, SFTS?
Both the perfect FHOTD and the perfect SB are on this forum Dedicated to bitching about Horsetopia?
It's adorable!
And you wonder why I think hypocrisy is their middle name?

I think the universe balanced nicely once the FWOTD blog came into being.

Whoever the hell "Who Said That" is, she'd get that. Looks like she enjoys stirring crap up too.

p.s. JR, since the great implosion, you've sure toned down your own venom. Your profanity levels have disappeared almost entirely.
I think that's a good thing. You have a lot of good things to say about horse training.
Wasted energy, bitching about morons.
Oh, but that IS how the horse world turns isn't it? And it explains why newbie-beginners have to hide their heads in shame.

pps. "Credibility" on the net = accountability. Proof. Real-Time.

Thanks for thinking of me.

I never, ever deliberately baited the Bitch. She called me stupid enough times, that I finally had enough, and clawed back. I did a post on my blog about riding, just happened to use SB's video, entitled "Bad Riding".

SB is a dressage Master, didn't you know??
Riding all of five years, and she knows EVERYTHING. Just like Fugs.
I hope the two are berry happy together.

(waving to CCC & Dena)

GoLightly said...

See, SFTS?

I am very long-winded. I was so glad when you came along. I've never maxed out my characters in a post comment.
So there:)

SFTS said...

What I learned a very long time ago (well, okay, ten years...but it seems like forever........) on the internet is that some folks just love a fight, some fight extremely dirty and others just enjoy stirring shit up for the sake of stirring shit.

GoLightly wrote:
A birdie told me there's even a totally separate private forum for people as dumb as her on horseDopeHead. The Alberta Board, reserved exclusively for BYB's and redneck dressage riders.
- - - - - - - -

Nope, I wasn't aware of that even though someone once mentioned a board called "HorseDopia" in an email. Whatever. Don't know, don't care. Life's too short and all that.

I honestly don't think there is anything that can truly show to *some* people on the internet that an individual is "credible" unless they spend some time, either at an event, at home, or both, with the person whom they deem "not credible", watching them work with their horses, exhibit their horses and see the condition of said horses. Wow. Talk about a run-on sentence with too many commas. LOL!

You're also quite welcome about taking over that coveted (not, lol) long-winded-post crown. :P

JohnieRotten said...

I agree with what everyone is saying here.

Perhaps a policy could be adopted so people can come over here and air their differences.

And yes GL, I have toned it down quite a bit, I am liking it more myself.

CharlesCityCat said...


Throws kiss to GL.

Dena said...

Now GL I said that red mare was cute. I also said she looked like Scarlett O'Hara bent the wrong way.

JR is just accepting his in moderation self.
I think we all are.

Stacy I think we are fine.

CCC is your email funky again?

I said it before and I will say it again. Horse people are all crazy. I think it is like being Gay.
Some are so far in the closet that you are never really sure. And some are so flaming and flamboyantly in your face that there could never be any confusion.

There are I am sure many levels in between the extremes.

horspoor said...

Am I a redneck dressage rider? lol

fernvalley01 said...

Well , gang this has been interesting , in that left alone to duke it out ,withut interuption or intervention by "helpful others" Dena and SFTS, seem to have found a middle ground. Well done JR!
As to GL and SB , there is no middle ground to be found , little miss SB is not going to give and inch ,and will randomly challenge any and everyone who she feels threatened by , she took a run at me a ways back , completely unprovoked , I responded in effect "bring it " and she tucked tail and ran, coward. I would leave this up as a place to settle disputes in place of the "take it to e-mail "

GoLightly said...

Yer dern tootin', HP;)

You and your strangler reins..

SFTS said...

Dena wrote:
Stacy I think we are fine.
- - - - - - - -

You know, Dena, I never did have a problem with you until you started baiting me and then coming after me. For me it was a simple matter of defending myself. It just snowballed and got way out of hand.

But you're right, a lot of horse people ARE crazy. We have at least three of those in my little tiny desert town...LOL

Dena said...

And they probably have days where they think there is one of those in their little desert town.

Let's not either of us go left when we should continue to go right.

I don't want to rehash old shit. Sometimes I think it is best to put out the old fire completely. And build a new one.
And if you can't see for all of the smoke it might be time to clean the chimney too.

I think we all need to learn how to "play" for fun.
Otherwise there is so much misinterpretation and posturing and stressful drama that there is nothing fun about any of it.
Life is too short to not to have some fun.

SFTS said...

Fun is fine...playing is all good...rehashing old shit is indeed worthless ~ however, commenting repeatedly on things one knows nothing about tends to lessen credibility. Capiche? ;)

WildCaballo said...

I guess we all learn something new everyday. I had NO idea there were so many boards for people to bitch at/on.

GL- I don't have any idea how to handle the FHOTD/Cathy issue.

I wonder if some people in the horse world live on a different planet.. One where they are the end all know all when it comes to horses. IMHO, I think you are a fool if you believe you know it all.

blueheron said...

HP, you're a redneck, barrel-racing, QH and Arab loving, beach riding, do-it-yourself dressage rider. :)

Sorry GL/Dena. Couldn't help it. I've been working too late on papers. Won't happen again. Was just trying to help. (Hanging head sheepishly). I do know better...

Dena said...

You presented it to me. I prefer not to comment on them or you in a negative manner.

Comprendes Muchacha?

Cry Pax already and let's move on. To something fun.:)

Dena said...

BH you are forgiven. HP a redneck? She's Greek and lives in Cali.
That is

JohnieRotten said...


I am leaving this blog up for those who need it. If people want to co
e over here andbitch at each other then it is here for them.

If you know of someone that needs it let me know so we can set up a knew thread.

Have to run we are at the babie's cardiology appt.

horspoor said...

whew...couldn't resist taking the shot could you. lol

fernvalley01 said...

JR, hope the girls are OK , please let us know when you have the time

horspoor said...

I'm mostly Scottish and Greek. lol Man, how you retain stuff is beyond me Dena.

This is just a check right JR?

JohnieRotten said...

Yep just acheck and all is well. Thank you!

blueheron said...

JR- PHew. Momentary moment of suspension over. Good deal.

HP, we could say you were a dressage queen, complete with sequined ball cap and full suede but your cat might start getting icky with you. You know how he gets with DQ's. Personally, I thought the redneck dressage rider was a compliment. lol. But then I'm from Humboldt County, so I'm kind of eternally out of the loop.

CharlesCityCat said...


Yes, I have messed up again, although this time I don't know why. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

CharlesCityCat said...

I agree with Fern about SB, her head is so far up her ass that she can do her own colonoscopy, no scope needed.

She attacked me on several occasions even after we "took it to e-mail."

Oh well, makes no never mind to me. Someone like that is no more than the Alpaca pee I scoop up everyday.

GoLightly said...

Oh, my, yes.

Glad the girls were just a check up.
Heart stoppages happen in us old farts, ya know, young lad..

My redneck is so pale....
NO SUN in toronto.

Hey, Blue. How's Ber?
Scritches, schmeeple.


SFTS said...

Dena, do you always just take something and run with it when it's "presented" to you, without a full investigation into real, true facts? ;) See my point?

Definitely having fun. :) Off to do some more lessons in after evening feeding and stall cleaning here. :)

CharlesCityCat said...

Is it me or is there still sniping going on here. The way I see it, if you have called truce, then that is it, let the past go.

Just because, I will review what is really important in life:

#1 My Father has 3 different cancers going on even as we speak.

#2 My Brother has just come out of massive chemo and radiation for stage 4 cancer of his tongue, they had to remove 95% of his tongue and build him a new one out of abdominal muscle. He is 50 yo and only weighs 120 lbs.

#3 My Father-In-Law just died from metastatic Colon Ca.

#4 As for myself, I am two and a half years out from Breast CA and treatment.

There are some who need to get a fucking life, put on your big girl pants baby, see what it is like to have to DEAL with the really worst part of living, and by that, I mean dying.

horspoor said...

Point taken CCC. I was finding it rather humorous that somebody thought their sneaky snipe attacks were too sly to be recognized as such. lmao.

JohnieRotten said...

Call me absolutely stupid, but is it SFTS that is sniping?

I get so damn lost all of the time;].

JohnieRotten said...

I think I need to stick to training horses. They are so much easier

Dena said...

JR horses have 2 brains. The size of a walnut.
Now you can theoretically weigh a human brain by the pound and for some reason only about 10% of it is ever in use.

My oldest daughter as a teenager smashed my SUV.
Asked for the keys to my truck that afternoon.
I said something to the effect of "Dream on Sister". And she said, "But Mom that is in The Past."
Always cracks me up to think about that. She got the keys from the very next day.

CCC I will send you more

HP retaining all that information may go a long way towards explaining my more and more frequent

Mr. Roger's was a sniper a very excellent sniper. Did I mention I love Mr' Roger's?..

fernvalley01 said...

CCC, well put. Hugs to you

SFTS said...

JohnieRotten wrote:
Call me absolutely stupid, but is it SFTS that is sniping?
- - - - - - - -

Nope, no sniping here at all. :) Simply clarification. But I agree with you, horses are far better to deal with than their people!

Back from the barn now and ready to fall into bed.

Btw, CCC, my FIL passed from cancer in 2005, my husband's grandfather as well as my own grandmother a year father was murdered when I was just 11 years old. I feel that sort of pain as well, contrary to popular belief.

Dena said...

Stacy I rarely ever just take anything and run with it.

I think you are asking me to validate that you were correct in how you attacked me while defending yourself.
All while, trying to teach me a lesson.

I can validate that based on what you have presented that is apparently how it made you feel.
And I can apologize for that.

I can excuse your behavior towards me. But I do not have the power to tell you that how you went about defending yourself was right or okay.

Can we leave it at that? Please? Because I do not wish by my silence to give the impression that I am in agreeance with you taking shots at the others involved.
No matter how seemingly mild.
Fair enough?

Good Night All...

blueheron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
horspoor said...

Funny, I didn't take CCC post a challenge to see who had the best poor me story. I thought it was more of a, 'Hello we all have shit going on, we've all had bad things happen to us. Be human first, think before you type.' Rather than playing a game of one-ups-manship, or sniping if we see an opening...oh pardon me 'clarifying'.

CCC, I am so sorry you have so much to deal with right now. One foot in front of the other. Just keep doing what's in front of you. That's the only way I can get through.

blueheron said...

SFTS, my condolences on your losses. Phew, you've seen a lot. Kudos to you for continuoing to move forward. That said.... Hard to beat having a father murdered, I know, but it is good form to acknowledge another's pain before showing them how bad you've had it. Hopefully that's not how you intended it. I just know that CCC's family's stuff is raw, recent, and overwhelming. I appreciated her reminder of what's important.

Dena said...

JR? Maybe the next thread could be about the dreaded "c" word.

It is a faceless enemy that has had a piece of most everyone.

I don't imagine it is something that we will necessarily find a cure for here.
But maybe that is something we could all vent about without having to fight for understanding from each other.

CCC you know my thoughts on it.

HP and BH way cool way to get to the heart of the matter.

Just a thought...

SFTS said...

Dena, this has never been about "taking shots", it's about real life, my life, my family and how it's affected us. But I agree, lets leave it be.

horspoor, you can really be obnoxious. I used to actually like you, think you were someone worthy of reading ~ lately you strike me as a cynical bitch. That's not a good thing. But whatever floats your boat. Challenge? Poor me? One-upmanship? Get your head out of your ass. I mean that sincerely.

blueheron, thank you. And indeed it was NEVER meant to demean or minimize what CCC has been through and is going through at present. Simply to offer that I, too, am still human and I also suffer and feel pain. Some (see above comment) apparently don't think that I do.

Good night, all.

GoLightly said...


back to deuce..

As in leave it the deuce alone..

blueheron said...

SFTS, If it wasn't your intention (glad to hear it!), and with many people taking it that way, perhaps you need to direct a comment towards CCC directly, communicating your intention. Like HP said, be human first.

From a superintendent I talked with recently: "You can be right, or you can be in a relationship, but you can't be both." I think about that every day.

CCC, I send love and good thoughts to you and your family. Hang tough.

Rodney King said...


I guess I am more like you than I thought. You see I just can't let things go, especially about your USEF suspension.

You said that you had check bounce and you were not that there was a problem. But doesn't the bank send you out a notice when these things happen?

Dena you are definitely one unique individual, in a good way that is!

If there was a problem with that I would have been on the phone with USEF immediately to clear that up. Apparently that was the fault of USEF.

As far as HP goes, I don't get what your problem is, she said nothing durogatory.

JR, I think you are a hell of a horseman and a very tolerant individual. Maybe you should write a book about training. I would buy it.

horspoor said...

Rodney, it didn't bother me. Lately SFTS has been off her game, and pretty unpleasant. I think it is more than the blogs. I didn't take it personal. And she can think whatever she wants, it doesn't really effect my life, ya know?

I apparently hit a nerve. I kind of like being described as cynical. It's a new one for me. lol Cynical and clueless. Gotta love it.

SFTS said...

Unless you're hiding in my closet, or were hanging out in my office where my computer was, you have no idea what the situation is/was, now do you..."Rodney" (funny ~ guess you don't follow your 'namesake' in wanting folks to get along, big surprise)? The letter from USEF was posted. It was TAKEN CARE OF on my end, at least as far as I knew. I've got that letter to prove it.

I was 100% open and honest about it. I have never, ever tried to hide the situation. Nor have I ever tried to run from it. It's out there, if asked I address it. Why is that a problem for some random anonymous person on the internet?

On hp's comments...if these personal digs:

>>> "I was finding it rather humorous that somebody thought their sneaky snipe attacks were too sly to be recognized as such. lmao." <<<
- - - - - - - -
>>> "Funny, I didn't take CCC post a challenge to see who had the best poor me story. I thought it was more of a, 'Hello we all have shit going on, we've all had bad things happen to us. Be human first, think before you type.' Rather than playing a game of one-ups-manship, or sniping if we see an opening...oh pardon me 'clarifying'." <<<
- - - - - - - -

...were not derogatory, I don't know what is.

Why people feel the need to chime in and add their "snipe-attack" two cents worth in something that doesn't affect or involved them in the least had never ceased to amaze me about the internet.

Of course, nor has the incessant need some people have to be anonymous, untraceable and then let the vitriol fly. Folks who are afraid to say something to another, face to face, are cowards. At least a few who don't like me or have a problem with me for whatever reason have the guts to confront what they don't like about me using their own identity.

What's the matter, "Rodney"? Afraid if you identify yourself you may be in for a shell shock?

SFTS said...

...and blueheron, thank you. I agree.

Actually, I was searching for an email address to send my thoughts and condolences directly to CCC in a private way so as to not cause anyone to make proclamations that I was only posting publicly about it to "grandstand".

Damned if I do, damned if I don't...

However, since I cannot do so: CCC ~ you have my heartfelt sympathy. I know you have the strength to get through this.

Scorekeeper said...

Oh Rodney, unless you sink low into the bowels of the interwebs, fear not, you are not much like SFTS.
Of Course, banks send statements to let you know there is a problem with your funding. That is unless you are SFTS.
You see, if you replay the STFS drama, there is a recurrant theme-
It is always someone else's fault. They did not tell me, they did this, they did that, they planted the drugs. Not my fault. Jeez....
Part two of recurrant theme is "I gotta better story than you". As evident above by her response to CCC's post. Ad nauseum.
Oh, and just ignore me as I have no published profile as she will decree-

And Dena? Kudos for being straight forward, accepting responsibilty and maintaining sanity in this flustercluck. Peace to you and yours. You have earned it.

SFTS said...

Drugs??? What in the fucking Hell are you talking about?

I would suggest that anyone making such allegations have PROOF to back up what they say. Even anonymous individuals on the internet can be traced once a court order is issued.

On that note, I have a few more horses to ride before it heats up outside.

horspoor said...

SFTS, why do you immediately assume my sniping comment was directed toward you? Interesting don't, unless you were of course sniping.

And no I don't want to continue this. But I am fully aware there is no way you can stop from commenting on it.

SFTS said...

Okay, to be fair to you horspoor ~ who were you directing your comments at, if not me? I humbly apologize if they were not directed at me personally.

(yep, getting ready to ride, had to grab a water bottle and curiosity got the better of me, so I had to refresh ;) )

CharlesCityCat said...

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and yes, that does include SFTS. I really don't think her comment to me about her family was meant to be the way it was perceived.

I brought up my family situation to show just how petty all of this snipping is. Obviously, SFTS can understand where I am coming from.

BUT, SFTS, no matter what your intentions, you were coming across as snipping after a truce was called:

7/7/09 @ 3:40 PM - Truce called

7/8/09 @ 1:25 PM - Comment from you to Dena that ended in Capiche? Come on now, you don't think that sounds like snipping?

7/8/09 @ 1:44 PM - Dena responds and ends with let's move on to something fun

7/8/09 @ 4:28 PM - Another jab at Dena

Sorry, you can call it clarification all you want, but to me, that was snipping.

You know having the last word isn't all that it is cracked up to be.

Sorry to hear about your loved ones!

JohnieRotten said...

First of all....


I am sorry to hear of all the bad things that are going on with you. You are definitely right, that are more important things in life!

By 'C' word, I have a feeling you do not mean communication. Yes I can do a thread about that I suppose.


I do not think that the Scorekeeper was implying that you had a drug issue. But then again I am not sure of a anything at this point. I think it best be ignored. I also did not find anything negative in what HP said.

I look at it this way, people can say what they want, if what they are saying is true, then I need to look in the mirror and answer a few questions. If if is not true, then who the fuck cares.

Being cynical is a good thing, I diefintely have my more cynical moments.


Thank you for the compliment. Actually I am writing a book, just going a little slow though as I have issues with the computer. Of course I did start a blog on training and everyone is over here. LOL :]

CharlesCityCat said...



Good points made.

SFTS said...

I know I'm going to be crucified for this, told that I an "trying to get the last word in", and so forth, however in the interest of (yeah here's that word again) clarification, this is the time line I was going by, CCC:

Indeed it did seem like there was a truce of sorts in the making.

I then made a comment, lightheartedly, based on something Dena said about "horse people being crazy".

To wit:

"But you're right, a lot of horse people ARE crazy. We have at least three of those in my little tiny desert town...LOL

It was MEANT to be a JOKE. A joke about MY town, and MY life. No one was mentioned by name, it wasn't directed AT Dena, it was supposed to come across as FUNNY, after all we've been through.

Dena came back with:

"And they probably have days where they think there is one of those in their little desert town."

I took that as another cheap shot at me personally.

That comment I made ending with Capiche? Solely meant to gain an understanding that Dena has NO idea what's going on out here, in MY "backyard", other than what a couple of angry, disgruntled people (for whatever reason) have told her anonymously across the internet. Why is that so hard to understand??

She then told me I had "presented" my comment TO her. Which I further clarified, in yet another attempt at lightheartedness (please note cute smiley), that she shouldn't necessarily "take a comment and run with it" just because she views said comment as being "presented" to her. Again, I was trying to be light and funny! Guess I failed miserably...because Dena then came back at me that I was "trying to teach her a lesson". Whatever that's supposed to mean.

My parting comment was:

>>> "Dena, this has never been about "taking shots", it's about real life, my life, my family and how it's affected us. But I agree, lets leave it be." <<<

It IS my life. MY life. All this has affected us more deeply than ANY of you can ever know.

For me there's no issue with having a truce. I'd like nothing more. But if I have to be on my "best behavior", maybe holding others to the same standards wouldn't be such a bad thing...

SFTS said...

JR...since none of us know who "Scorekeeper" is, and they've got some apparent bias here, none of us can truly say what they were referring to. My comment back at them was in reference to the fact that another individual has indeed attempted to falsely accuse my husband of drug use in the past. I don't appreciate it. to jump on the pony who's a-waiting. :)

CharlesCityCat said...


I took Dena's return comment about crazy horse people in your town as a joke, you know, she was trying to be funny in response to your joke.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

Hey thar JR.

This has been an interesting read.

JohnieRotten said...


Marshmellow, you have been missed!

Dena said...

OH FUCK ME!!! I had a pretty cool post and the computer ate it.

Okay brief summary.

Rodney I have a dilemma. When I directed my energies towards making the abuse of others on the equine message boards passe` I did not provide an alternative form of fun.
I have even noticed the lack.

It is similar to a bunch of kids with far too much sugar in their systems and no clue what to do with themselves.

I will have to think on this.

Stacy I have no problem with you posting what you really feel. Whatever that may be.
I say "Go Ahead." Say it and see what happens.
Who knows what could happen.

My only advice in that is, if you allow yourself that freedom, you must also allow others the same.
And if you do not, it will always feel like an attack.
For all parties.

Pain can be a bitch to master. I think that part of the reason mine was tolerated as long as it was, is that I was on occasion funny.
Humor goes a long way.

I am often inappropriate in mine. Think back to uenduphere offering fhotd gear "only available in white."

GL was not happy with me that I found that funny.

I was not happy with anyone who presented that I might be uenduphere.

I have enough material to last a lifetime. I take grave offense to be given credit for something that I did not have the wit to come up with.

I never found humor in the persecution perpetrated and perpetuated by the KKK. NEVER!..

I found humor in the allusion by uenduphere to the attacks, under the guise of anonymity, involving horses, that fhotd was famous for.

JR I think you should have passed out those big poofy batons when the gloves came off.
We could have all just smashed the shit out of each other until we wore ourselves out with no real harm done.

Dena said...

P.S.S. I am going to look at a black running bred horse later today.
I told my husband that if I ever had a black running horse I would name him KKK CAN'T CATCH ME.
I won't in the interest of protecting the horse
and people who may not understand the humor and yet have suffered the prejudice and pain of.

Hey Mel.

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

Good to know, JR, I should start coming around again.

Hey Dena.

CharlesCityCat said...

Now Dena:

Quit trying to steal my claim to fame. Serendipity accused me of being Uenduphere first.

Dena said...

No CCC. She didn't accuse you. She called you a sock puppet and said she questioned.
And then said, "No Way was it you!"

She misses us. She said so. Said she had no heart left for troll bashing.
Called me "normal".

I almost peed over her remark about "Amazon and microwave brand of crazy."

SFTS said...

Back in from riding, man it's getting HOT already. Supposed to cool down, but who ever saw a weatherman (okay, in this instance a cute "weathergirl" reading from a teleprompter, lol) that was correct in making a forecast?? My new helper is out there hosing of horses and using up a lot of the fly spray on 'em. Well Hell, I do have to go to the feed store today anyhow........

On topic:

I do admit to being more than a wee bit sensitive about all this, CCC. Guilty. Just as there are things Dena is sensitive to, and all of us.

My sensitivity comes from the fact that this all is new, ongoing and a daily nightmare for me. Fresh blood, you know? I'm living it. Every single day.

Maybe we should all try in the future to not push each others' buttons?

Dena, I honestly don't attack others for the sake of attacking them. It really isn't in my nature. However I always post what I feel. I say what I mean, I mean what I say and I stand behind my words. You betcha it's gotten me in trouble from time to time on the internet. This really IS a strange place. ;) A good friend of mine once told me, I make myself a target because I do say what I mean and I mean what I say. That people often don't appreciate honestly and candor. That it threatens some folks, especially those who like to hide behind anonymous handles online. My take on it is, why be fake? Why be artificial? I don't view communicating on the internet as a "popularity contest". It's just communication. I'm also not concerned with being a "favorite" on the web. Even so, the volume of folks I have loading up my email inbox with kudos, well wishes, "thank you!"s and so forth can really make my day when I've just had enough.

CharlesCityCat said...

Well, you are right, but the way she worded that comment made it sound that way.

GoLightly said...


Nobody misses MEeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Nothing new there..

I think Serendipity just likes cursing on the net. maybe she's Amish and sick of being so proper..

JohnieRotten said...

Whoever thought that this blog would go so far!

I would like to keep it going, but I need a new topic!

CharlesCityCat said...


I had always liked Serendipity before, I was astonished that she threw that out there like that and why she would even remember me, oh yea, I was the one who tattled about the Manure Pile comments.

And you are always missed darlin!

CharlesCityCat said...


You could have a topic on stuff that pisses us off at boarding barns we have been at or worked at.

That would bring up some good stories.

Dena said...

Stacy I am not disputing your claim to not be in search of popularity.
But here is what I question.
Or maybe, I should say this is what I feel.

I feel that you are seeking understanding and acceptance.
I get the impression that you absolutely are willing to fight for these things.

I don't question that what you post of IS your life.
I don't question HOW it has affected your life.

What I do question is, would you even want to know or interact with any of us if we simply and blindly accepted any one version of what has taken place?

Because whatever affect anyone has ever had on any one of us. It is an absolute given that we have most likely had some affect on them as well.

And Stacy? You did choose. Just as I chose by requesting you be invited specifically by name.
Or, neither of us would be here now.

And to be very clear I did not choose you with any intent of making you a victim.
To be very honest, you were brash and demanding enough to be bumped to the top of the list of people who required help in being understood.

And that is not meant to be in any way demeaning.
Ask yourself how else did a few folks from some sleepy barely on the map little town become the center of attention for a bunch of other people who are completely unrelated?

Because you all were asking for help in resolving what had become an intolerable situation.

So let's get to it shall we? I apologize if I have caused you to feel offended or slighted.

And GL Serendipity issued you a personal invitation to rejoin the dark side.
And she specifically stated, "we miss you."
Glad to see you

Dena said...

I am going to see a woman about a horse. Did I mention he still has his balls?

Check with you all later.

horspoor said...

Is he fast?

AlmightyMarshmellow said...

"Is he fast?"

... now why did I find that so incredibly hilarious? x_x

Dena said...

Fucking better be with a name like that!!!
Now I really do have to go

SFTS said...

Dena, I hear where you are coming from, however I'm here to tell you that you couldn't be more wrong. :) Understanding and acceptance...why on Earth should I care about being understood or accepted by a bunch of people from across the nation and the globe who mean nothing to me, have no effect on my life and who I will likely never actually meet face to face, nor have any business dealings with? My posting for "clarification" and so forth has always been about telling the truth, so that I could not be accused of running from it, hiding from it or any of a host of things I might have been accused of over the years online.

What I do question is, would you even want to know or interact with any of us if we simply and blindly accepted any one version of what has taken place?
- - - - - - - -

This I understand as well, because I can see an unrelated third party wanting to know both sides of a story. But the way you came off, if you go back and read your own comments, was that you would welcome any and all "dirt" or persons who for whatever reason had an axe to grind with me for the sake of perpetuating your being angry (or whatever term you choose to use) with me, to Hell with whatever I may say to counteract that. From the look of your posts and your comments over a certain period of time, it appears that you would take nearly ANYone's opinion, ANYone's words, over those coming from me. Please correct me if I am wrong, though I may request proof of such. ;)

My question back to you would be, do you really think you have the while story about my life and these few unfortunate situations? If your answer is yes, I don't know what to tell you. Because I can ASSURE you that you do not have the full story by any stretch of the imagination.

Only if the individuals feeding you information were to come forward and identify themselves, or be identified, would it be a fair situation, and only then if I were able to engage them on equal footing, instead of these few disgruntled folks coming around taking anonymous potshots at me. What can anyone do with that? Does that seem like "fighting fair" to you? You have been the target of such yourself ~ how did it make YOU feel?

fernvalley01 said...

How long has that horse been waiting for you to ride???

SFTS said...

Ask yourself how else did a few folks from some sleepy barely on the map little town become the center of attention for a bunch of other people who are completely unrelated?

Because you all were asking for help in resolving what had become an intolerable situation.

- - - - - - - -

Actually, that's incorrect. I believe that timeline would be like this:

My offering to help "buckinbo" on the FHS forum with her colt, turned into a shitfest against me, because I was first labeled a stalker (and far worse) for offering to help someone with a problem they were having with a horse and which they obviously had no idea how to handle...that was the first of it. That happened in late January of this year. Anyone who has been following the blog and that forum for about 14 months now knew all about "buckinbo", though at the time I did NOT. I spent a number of evenings in February going back to read up on all those masses of threads to give myself some background of who I was dealing with. But to think I even felt it was some huge conspiracy against me is fallacy. I became the "target" for no other reason than I lived close by and stupidly offered to help a girl with her horse. Nothing more, nothing less.

There is also one specific individual who has followed me to numerous forums and blogs (well, at least one Arabian forum and the FSH FHOTD, your blogs and this one) for no other reason than to find people who I've had disagreements with and contact them privately. There have actually been a number of people who have been contacted by this person (utilizing a number of identities and screen names) and from whom I have received information that has been passed on, which could ONLY have come from this one specific individual.

I don't know about you, but I call that "internet stalking".

Then of course there's the facility owner who actually did ultimately identify herself on FHOTD. I felt I had no choice but to refute what was being said, as there was no truth whatsoever to her words. But I'm thankful that she had the courage to come clean about who she was, even if her facts were skewed.

Oddly enough, none of these three persons/situations were related in the least, until they found common ground with each other in wanting to destroy my life and my business in my community. And by the way, for those who "see" all these multitudes of people coming out of the woodwork to band against me, remember how easy it is to adopt multiple persona's and screennames across the internet.

I accept your apology, Dena. I also sincerely offer you mine, as I know I was at times harsh and mean to you, which really is not in my true demeanor. I was angry, defensive and felt justifiably so. Though I am truly sorry if I caused you any pain. That really is not like me to do so.

For a little bit of levity, I took one of my young students out on a moonlit trail ride last night. This is a girl who has had an incredible amount of trauma in her life, and it makes my heart warm to not only see her smile and enjoy herself, but to see her (adopted) mother beam with pride that this child, who when she started taking lessons with me back in 2005 would stop her horse in the middle of the arena and burst into tears, would be so confident and have so much fun out on a trail ride on her wonderful, beautiful gelding.

Then there was the call I just received moments ago from the client who was calling to discuss her mare, who's being bred via AI/TS next week to multiple National Champion Arabian Dressage horse OKW Entrigue+++//. Her parting words to me were, "Thank you so much for being there for me every time I need you, Stacy. You're always the first 'go-to' person I call if I ever have anything concerning my horses!!"

Makes all the drama and bullshit of the internet seem weak and pale in comparison...but it also makes my life seem so worthwhile. :)

GoLightly said...

I reallY thought the internet was all about me.

I'm still askin' about the SS video.
No, not that SS.
The KKK upsets me, a LOT.
So does the Nazi thing.
It Always freaks me out, sorry.
just me.

Sorta kinda why I had to stop reading Stephen King after Mom passed, and I couldn't "gossip" about the terrible (spits several times), serial murders that were happening around that time. PB/KH. Will not type their names. (spits again)
May they rot in hell.

The SS/JB rider thingy. In that selfsame PDF, where all I saw of SFTS was, a cheque didn't make it.

Good luck to you both. You're in horses.
Be ready.
Aye, ready.

Yes, please, cool your horse down well.
Best of Luck with your horses.

Relax. You haz horses.
lucky bitches.
witchy ditz out.

CharlesCityCat said...

GL has the right of it, we are all lucky to have horses in our lives. I wish she could, at least on whatever level she is comfortable with.

She has so many scritches to give.

Dena said...

Stacy I want to respond to what you wrote and I will but I have to get a thread up about some horses that need a home.

I appreciate your apology as well. I never solicited information about you.
I just wanted you to know that. I do not know what I might have posted that could have made you feel that I was doing that.

We will talk more I'm sure. And figure it all out. I also do not know anything remotely resembling the whole story about any of it and certainly not your life.
I hope I have not given the impression that I think I do.

Anybody shopping a horse I will be putting up 3 in need of homes. At ridiculously low prices.
1 yearling colt, a 2 yr old colt with a lot of size and a very nice disposition, and a 4 yr old gelding who is under saddle and wants to be someones new partner.
They are all sound. Obviously I would prefer the colts were to be gelded.
Dial up is fighting with me so give me a bit to get it all up.

Rodney King said...

SFTS said:
Oddly enough, none of these three persons/situations were related in the least, until they found common ground with each other in wanting to destroy my life and my business in my community. And by the way, for those who "see" all these multitudes of people coming out of the woodwork to band against me, remember how easy it is to adopt multiple persona's and screennames across the internet.

I must say SFTS you do have a rather large ego.
Why would someone want to destroy your business or your life. Are you really that good?

SFTS said...

Dena, thanks. I guess it wasn't so much that I meant you were seeking information as information found it's way to you, because of our very public disagreement.

Anyhow, it's over now and we move on from here.

Rodney King wrote:
I must say SFTS you do have a rather large ego.

Why would someone want to destroy your business or your life. Are you really that good?

- - - - - - - -

That's a good question. I have been asking myself that same question for about a year now. Why?? And it has NOTHING to do with ego. It has to do with facts and circumstances.

Dena said...

>>>Oddly enough, none of these three persons/situations were related in the least, until they found common ground with each other<<<

You know Stacy I have often wondered if there should be a support group for people who have experienced me at a bad time or on a bad day.

I definitely think there should be a support group for anyone I ever dated.

On a bad day I can be incredibly unkind in my verbiage.
One of the vaunted psychiatric reports had me listed as, "Supremely Sarcastic."
Personal experience has proven to me that when people do not actually listen to what I am saying, which I believe to be crystal in it's clarity, I can be a real bitch.

I should point out that the evaluator in question raced stock cars. I had a rather successful reputation for outrunning the police from time to time.
I was a bit sought after in the local redneck races as a driver.

I had the audacity to tell the man, that if he wasn't drunk all of the time, his car would not spend so much time in the body shop, and subsequently he would not have to spend so much time drumming up business with his bullshit evals, to pay for repairs.

Yeah...I made a friend that day. Commitment number 1 to a locked chemical dependency treatment unit.

Took me a few more runs at it before I figured out bucking that particular system wasn't the best use of my

SFTS said...

LOL Dena...that cracked me up! Support group for who dated you...Ha! I have a friend who resembles that remark!!

Here is what's funny. Some people think a certain way of me online, because I tend to be blunt, maybe somewhat brash, to the point and I don't often sugarcoat things when trying to be serious. If they only REALLY knew me, as my family, friends and clients do, they would more likely than not be shocked at how different a perception they have of me. :)

horspoor said...

Dena...dang. My son is like that. Sometimes he just needs to shut his mouth and nod. But no...the truth just comes rolling out.

Dena said...

Stacy I am of the belief that a good man should be like a good horse.

Don't invade my space unless you have been invited to do so.

No unpleasant surprises.

Come when I call.

And if I have already trained you I expect a credible performance in all things every time.

And some people think I am

horspoor said...

Dena? And your point is? Makes perfect sense to me.

Dena said...

HP I have always thought so too.

CharlesCityCat said...

I am still trying to convince Kevin of these things. He is a hard-headed Irish guy, so it isn't as easy as I had hoped. I have successfully managed to instill major fear in him when I get pissed, so that is something!

SFTS said...

I agree with you, Dena. My husband however would probably vehemently disagree. LOL!

Dena said...

They always do disagree Ladies. That is the problem.

They get this idea that they should only do what they want, when they want, and only what was their own idea.

Well if they ever had a creative idea of their own that didn't involve me cleaning up after it AND made me go WOW!?!
That would be different.

However, after several years of picking up boxer shorts off the bath mat I am pretty sure we are going to do it my way.

I would be willing to consider a shift in the balance of power if,

(a) it was never again necessary to call a repair man.

(b) I did not have to pick up after the man.

Not holding my breath or placing a bet in favor of that actually happening.

horspoor said...

Hmmm...I did tell the Chef I wasn't there to pick up his dirty socks. If he wanted a maid he should just hire one.

SFTS said...

Dena wrote:
They always do disagree Ladies. That is the problem.

I would be willing to consider a shift in the balance of power if,

(a) it was never again necessary to call a repair man.

(b) I did not have to pick up after the man.

- - - - - - - -

I am lucky in that I haven't had to call a repair man for any problem, be it house related, car related or anything else, since I got married. :) Therefore, I will trade off the picking up after him...seems fair to me. :)

Dena said...

I agree with your logic SFTS.

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