Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Good the Bad and........

Hey all of you Fugly readers that can not seem to get along....

Here it is

This Blog is for you, Drsgjunky, Dena ,Flying Fig, hell why not everybody.

Have a beer or your favorite beverage and let the fur fly.

Have a blast and leave that arguing off of FHOTD!


PrairieFarmer said...

Ah...but JR, that's half the fun of reading FHOTD! I swear, I was BLOWN AWAY when I first started following and by the of amount of venom, vile and TIME spent on some of the more involved ongoing feuds. When they get really bad it kinda cracks me up. Like insulting somebody you don't know across the anonymity of the internet makes any bit of difference. Although, I did think it was kinda sweet the way SFTS and Dena finally sorta, kinda made up (I was proud of you both!).
But boy, the horse slaughter thing really does get everybody on their "high horse," so to speak? Almost as bad as the dreaded big "A" debate....

Dena said...

PF I ammmm slow. I was like asshole...oh "A"! That one.

I think people have missed my point. I do not have difficulty with Figs expressed opinions and beliefs.
Thay are hers. And she defends them well.

drsgjunky just isn't worth my time. Too too negative for me to even want to try to with any real interest understand.

And JR I didn't start the pissing match this time so quit putting my name first.
Give someone else top billing for a change.
I am not an attention whore of such magnitude that I cannot share the spotlight of shame.

JohnieRotten said...

you no longer have top billing Dena, I changed it for you.

GoLightly said...

PF, I applaud your comments. I've been saying that stuff for some time, didn't get me very far.

Snaffles said it right, too.
I don't see why the high-horse set can't get it..

I think I better go to bed. Started enough trouble for one day;)

It isn't going to help horses to have horse owners squabbling with each other..
Find a reasonable, viable, not overtly ridiculously costly solution!
Is that so hard??
Yeah, I know it is:(

SFTS said...

So what are you sayin? It be okay if I refer to drsgjunky as one of those elitist dressidge queens?

She hasn't proven herself worth the fight in my book. And I know you know what I mean by that.

- - - - - - - -

Pssst...Dena...I'm thinking that maybe Drsgjunky might not appreciate being called a "queen". Just sayin'. ;) Carry on!

Dena said...

SFTS you are priceless. Seriously laughing out loud!
Thank you.

PrairieFarmer said...

GoLightly - Thanks. That means something coming from you! I've lurked on your blog a few times, there are a few out there - like yourself, and JR, and Horspor, and SFTS and yes, you too Dena - that I wish I had the time, money and energy to really spend quality horse time with learning more. But the farming thing takes over all my energy at the moment! Perhaps another lifetime! I do feel like I have some credence to speak on the slaughter issue a bit, at least from an more all-encompassing point of view being both a horse owner (albeit 3 old, somewhat fugly, equines...), and a butcher of assorted animals on occasion!
And yeah, Dena, I think some folks on FHOTD did miss your point.

Dena said...

PF I think that would be cool too. I want to learn more about farming and non-inflammatory repartee`.

JR I'd take a match with sassysmom. She used to be funny.
Now she is just another princess bitch wanting to wave at the crowd from her throne on the HSUS float.

horspoor said...

Drsgjunky is a queen? WTF did I miss?

PrairieFarmer said...

Dena - You crack me up! As far as learning about "non-inflammatory repartee" you might start by NOT typing what you did right after the statement "non-inflammatory repartee..." Hee! Hee!
But on the other hand, this is JR's "Gloves are Off" blog, so nevermind me!

horspoor said...

PF, I just read your last post of FHOTD. Very well said. I'd like to think that we could solve the problem without slaughter, or at least slaughter as it is now. Euthanisia, sure. Slaughter that was geared to horses...maybe. It's a really tough solution for me to get behind. I'd put my horse down before I risked letting it go to slaughter.

Not terribly long ago a girl asked me if I'd sell Top. I said, "He's not for sale." I really disliked the girl. Rude, ignorant know it all. She walked up to Top who was tied outside my tack room, and grabbed his gaskin, didn't even warn him she was coming. Went on about how much she loved him and his legs..yadda yadda. So, she kept pressuring me about selling. I'd had a long rough day and had dropped a couple levels. I said, "I'd shoot him with pink juice before I sold him to you." End of conversation. Yup, ever the diplomat. My students were embarrassed. One even said my name in a tone that had reprimand in it. Oh well, I needed to be called on my rudeness. Pretty gutsy 20 year old. lol I may have felt that, but I should have never said it out loud, or at least not in public.

littledog said...

LOL, SFTF! I was gonna go there with the "Queen" comment, but you beat me to it. People should really take a second to click on each others' profiles before entering the Pissing Match Arena, so they aren't mistaken for 1. an idiot 2. winner of the Reading Comprehension Fail Award 3. guilty of Attempted Bigotry.

PrairieFarmer, 100% with everything you said, both here and there!

GoLightly said...

Pssst. LittleGator. I do know DrSgJunky is a guy.

Guys ca nbe dressage queens, too!
They don't even have to be gay.
Jeeez. How discriminatory of you.

PF, thanks.
You give good comment.

GoLightly said...

can be.

It's early.

GoLightly said...

Okay, I am stoopid.


Are you guys gigglin' at how us barbarian Canadians say "eh?"
I think it's funnier how Yankees say "huh?"
well, I do.
<') < That's Mel's Duck.

Dena said...

littledog when someone has a proven history of acting like a bitch I have no difficulty saying, "Hey Girlfriend" or using she and her.
It is not bigotry. I have no issue with gay people.

My biggest fail is in my efforts to be non-inflammatory.

Dena said...

Okay, I have a confession. I had never looked beyond drsgjunkys avatar when I saw a horse that looked very much like mine and said, "put her back".

Based on the tone of drsgjunkys posts I did assume him to be a her.
A her with a neverending heat cyle and a raging case of PMS.

It has been my experience that most men do hate being called little girls.
And the referring of their undergarments as, "panties".

So, little dog I do deserve parts 1 and 2. But in my own defense I will say, if, he didn't come across as such a girl perhaps I would not confuse him with one.

GL second letter "b".

GoLightly said...

hmmm, abdomen?
OHHH, bing, bing, bing...
Am I right?

He is a dressage queen. Seems to have a nice horse, scads of money. Not a lot of knowledge about the drug industry. The Pharmaceutical industry, to anyone sneering that I must mean the other. Drugs for humans are made in the same place as animal drugs!

I think the funniest comment was from CanterProductive. Well, almost as funny as DrSgJunky saying "You remind me of my old trainer.."
he says that to everybody.
needs a new pickup line, he does.
A flying change is a TOTALLY different movement, with hours and hours and HOURS of prep needed, for dressage, as opposed to you goofy western/hunter/anybody else riders.
Flying Changes are SO hard. They take MONTHS & MONTHS of preparation.(snickerzzzz)
True, if you can't/don't ride much anyway. Or the horse is so bloody unbalanced from your riding him. Poor horse. Yes, the bigger, awkwarder horses take a bit longer. Not much, though. really. Horses can do changes, all by themselves!!
(falls over in shock)
I've seen it!

Honestly. Some Dressage Queens are hilarious.
Needed that.

Thank You, JR.

Dena said...

GL he is a bit dramatic isn't he?lol

You are back!

In your


inimitable witty

and extremely entertaining

and educational StYle...

JR margaret the longtime lurker may have referred to you the longtime and respected regular as a troll.

C'mon bring the chicken. I dares ya.

Naw...just kidding.

She did infer. But you are happily past all that.
Dennis Mr. Wilson says you need to give her her doll back right now or he will tell your father.
Well...that is just my take.

I seriously would go back and post an apology for thinking drsjunky was a girl.
Still say it is his fault for presenting like one.
But people would just accuse me of stirring shit.

Maybe PF would be willing to write my copy on that one?
Whaddaya say PF?

CharlesCityCat said...

Well, I have missed most of the fun on that topic and don't have the time nor the desire to play catch-up.


DrSgJunky thinks it takes months to get flying changes?

Damn, I need to tell that to Whinnie, shame on her for getting it after about 15 minutes one afternoon.

Dena said...

Okay, I may want a shot at ZTIG too. I never make fun of people who do not know and ask questions.
That said, how in the fuck do you claim to have no idea why the bit is attached on one side with the line run over the poll and through the other?
I am not saying you have to agree with the reasons for doing it.
But shouldn't you at least know WHAT it is?
When you claim to be a professional trainer?

GoLightly said...

Yeah, that ZTIG's never seen that is interesting... Maybe it's old school. Like moi.

Dernit CCC,I was clear as mud. Canterproductive says you need MONTHS of schooling for a DressAhge Flying change, dahling..

JohnieRotten said...

I do not think anyone wanted to come over a play 'I am rubber and you are glue'.

Oh Well!

ZTIG said...

For the record I claimed to be a riding instructor, never a professional trainer. Big difference. I train my own and work with other trainers.

Dena said...

Whatever ZTIG you are a bitch. And I have seen enough of them on fhotd to recognize one.
So pick it up with someone else.
I am fresh out of finesse.
And I don't think I would waste it on you if I did have a reserve.

littledog said...

Hmmmm, "LittleGator?" Don't see how viewing people's profiles (that they choose to share) qualifies me for Gator Country, but...actually, that was kind of funny :)

ZTIG said...

Dena, if you think for one minute your opinion of me offends me in any way... well, you are sadly mistaken. I guess it is true, those that loose argument, and can't gracefully accept it, resort to name calling. LOL

Truly, I was just entertained that you thought riding instruction, barn management, and employee of a ranch, was the same as a professional trainer.

Still is very funny to me...

Even funnier, is that you think it so horrible that one would ask the opinion of another more experienced person... hmmm...

ZTIG said...

oops, 'those that loose AN argument'

GoLightly said...

actually ZTIG, the correct spelling is "lose an argument".

"Loose" the hounds of hell, Lose an argument.

spelling fail..

Little Dog, sorry. I haz reader called Little Gator..
It was early.

ZTIG said...

Well now, darn missed that typo. I am sure I have missed many more typos, and will continue to do so.

GoLightly said...

I never miss typos. It's a curse.

I miss my own, a lot.
I can't help it ZTIG!
I am spelling Gestapo.

Let loose the arguments!
My dogs often pretend to be alligators...

GoLightly said...

word verf is

Awwwww, off to look at FernV's filly again..

Drsgjunky said...


You can probably pull my name off this blog since this is my first and only post. Way more negativity than even I can handle.

And GL.. Thanks for the character Eval. Much appreciated. I believe it was ME who defended you and CCC with regards to who was posting as uenduphere. Check any of my posts, anywhere. I don't think you'll find any negative comments towards you or CCC. I appreciate the feedback.

Dena.. It's not personal, but after two days of harping, name calling and telling people to FO, it gets tiring. Feel free to check the number of comments I post in comparison (to anyone).

Carry on.

CharlesCityCat said...


Yes, you did defend me on the Uenduphere crap and I thank you.

Sorry if I came across badly, I guess I misunderstood GL and thought you had said it takes months to get a flying change. I was refuting that concept because it isn't true.

I will redirect my comment to Canterproductive.

GoLightly said...

Gee, DoctorJunky.
I don't remember that. I remember your negativity as being pretty deafening though.
LightHearted negativity.


charlienchico said...

Dena said...
JR I'd take a match with sassysmom. She used to be funny.
Now she is just another princess bitch wanting to wave at the crowd from her throne on the HSUS float.
Sorry for the C&P. I have stayed on the sidelines til I came across this gem. WTF Dena? Sassy has not changed her MO one bit, she is one of the most consistent people I've dealt with, horse welfare and anti-slaughter, that's been there from day 1. She may not have the time to deal with this kind of crap because I KNOW any extra time she possesses is spent voluteering at a legit rescue- not in front of a computer. She is one of the most walk the talk persons I know and has my full respect. Lighten up.

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