Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The tale of the Transient trainer.


I wanted to share this story with you. I know this is a few threads late but you can post it on The Gloves if you would like.

A friend on mine that lives in the Reno area, was taking lessons from a trainer that was leasing 15 stalls in a local barn. She had met this trainer at a show and started talking to him and was initially very impressed. He really seemed to know what he was talking about and offered to give her one or two free lessons before she committed to signing a lesson contract with him. And at the same time she was in the market for a new horse and he offered to help her find it.

Everything started off fine, for the first few months the trainer really seemed to have my friends best interests at heart. He helped her find a new horse and gave her a small discount on the training fees if she let him train the horse for her. The horse that she bought, cost a reasonable $12,500.00.

Then after she signed the training contract with this guy, things started to change and not for the better. She would go to the barn to watch him ride her mare, and he was never there. She would call and make appointments to watch him ride and he would never show up for those either. My friend started to get a little concerned when she showed up at the bare and there was a lock on her mares stall door. Turns out, while she was paying the training fees which included the boarding fees as well, her trainer was not paying the fees to the owner of the facility. Turns out, he had not been paying them for several months and the owners had enough and locked all of the stalls.

She told the owner of the facility that she would pay her to take her mare out of the barn the next day and the owner was okay with that. She called the trainer and told him the same thing that turned out to be a big mistake.

The next day when she arrived at the facility, the sheriff was there as well as animal control.

The trainer had come in to the facility on foot and had a truck and trailer waiting for him sown the road, he cut the locks on my friends mares stall and as well as the stalls of four other horses and led them off of the facility to the waiting trailer, and then came back and broke into the tack room, and took his as well as his clients tack.

Upon doing some checking, the found out that this guy has done this before in a few other barns. Luckily, they did find my friends mare 18 months later. She was being shown by a woman that claimed she bought the horse from her old trainer. The 'trainer' that she bought this horse from, disappeared a few months after she purchased the mare. The woman offered to give my friend the mare back.

So I have to admit that I feel a lot safer if I my horse is in a barn that is owned by the trainer and not leased.


Reader M

I hear ya!

I prefer to think that this is the minority and that these incidents do not happen all that often. Unfortunately, it seems to be happening more and more.

I have seen one horse be sold to one person in one state and then the horse is moved across state lines and is sold to someone else. This has gone on for a while.

Luckily for your friend, she was able to get her horse back. Many times that is not the case.


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fernvalley01 said...

Never had any experience with something like that , but my SIL is having troubles with her trainer now and wants an intro to my guy. Apparently her trainer started out all sunshine and light , she was sending horses for a min of 60 days more often 90 , Joe* we will call him was great getting these horses backed and sending back great well started ready to go anywhere horses.This spring things changed had 3 there for 60 days none of them backed ,in fact one was only there for groundwork $600.00 a month for that ??? I told her I would do in for $400.00(lol) The others excuse after excuse . but realistically if after 60 days your trainer has not been on the horse, its either nuts or dead lame( these horses are not buck wild) I have halter broke 3 of them for her this spring for free (you know family ) . Sometimes I think these guys just get tired or take on too many .Its not near as bad as having your horse stolen , but it does speak to the fact you should follow up before you have paid 3 months or more , and if thinks look hinky ...
Gawd I am long winded today !

GoLightly said...

I remember an RCMP officer showing up at my new barn, as I was just starting a lesson with a beginner. I had just started working for the guy.
He wasn't very honest. All of his horses/assets were seized. He went away for awhile. He "owned" the property. Using other people's money.

Cautionary tale, indeed.
I think fraud is the most cowardly, sickening form of crime.

Thank goodness M's friend's mare was returned safely.

Just the other side of the coin.

CharlesCityCat said...

Wow, JR, I am first again. Chucle, chuckle.

This is such a distressing story even if it happens only one time. What the hell is the matter with people?

I have worked with trainers who leased space, who were employed by the barn and who owned their facility. I have been lucky, they were all totally above board.

I am beginning to think that my experience is in the minority.


CharlesCityCat said...

Oops, not first after all, that's what I get for having a great movie on at the same time. The Green Mile is on, what a great movie, it is difficult, but so very well done.

fernvalley01 said...

Actully CCC I am FIRST! ha.
Crap that was hugely imature of me , hangs head

CharlesCityCat said...

Chucle, I mean really, focus girl, focus.

CharlesCityCat said...


Apparently, GL is the only mature one here at the moment. LOL!

joanna said...

What an awful story. So glad it's a happy ending, sort of. I'm like CCC. I have nevern seen or heard anything like this before.

I'm beginning to think I was better off not being able to have my horse trained, but take weekly lessons and have homework for the week instead.

horspoor said...

Wow. I can't imagine. Well, yes I can. I have my place, and I rent stalls and pens in town. I've been at my leased barn and pasture for 20 years. But my owned home is just down the road.

There is a trainer in town that makes me wonder. She's pretty unscrupulous and not what she pretends to be. Supposedly upper level rider. Rode in Germany...you know the drill.

I watched her riding a horse one day explaining how to get the horse on the bit. You just give a few sharp tugs on either side, you know, to get his attention and then he'll go on the bit. I so wanted to say, "Actually, that would be knocking him off the bit." I didn't, I just walked away. It was a horse I'd trained. A sensitive, try too hard kind of guy. It ticked me off. I needed to leave.

TheTruth said...

When I first posted on this board I made a promise to only state what I know first hand. I will follow through on that. I am in the process of trying to get the bad taste out of my mouth of trusting a "trainer" with the most precious things in my life. So, rather then than just give it up, I figured I needed to educate myself about responsible horse ownership. That is mainly why I am here....to learn.

There have been horse thieves for as long as there has been a market for horses. Easier to steal and resell then cars. But business is business. People usually are worthy of trust. That has changed a boat load over the past 10-15 years. In every industry.

Stability tells the whole story. When a person jumps from location to location it is a clear indication that there is no stability. When there is an obvious problem with stability "Caveat Emptor!"

I am a firm believer in giving second chances. But, unfortunately in these more trying times, vigilance is more important if the financial hit for your generosity or trust could become a problem for your family.



horspoor said...

I knew one trainer...okay lets use the term loosely. He would tack up and tie all the horses he had in training. That way if an owner showed up he would say he was just getting to the horse, or sorry you just missed it, already worked him.

It's funny, people loved him. Swore by him. Talked about what a great job he did. Well, the horses all tied well, and stood quiet. Patience in a horse is a wonderful thing. lol

Cut-N-Jump said...

Ok so I'm sensing there's a giant elephant in the room. Anyone have a mouse to scare it away with? Just kidding...


HP- there's a guy here like that. I say people either swear by him or swear AT him. That tells ya a lot, doesn't it. I don't get it either. The followers are rabid if you point out the obvious too. What? Do they emit some sort of sparkly stupid dust?

I knew a guy for several years moved from barn to barn. He had actually been a trainer and farm manager on the east coast with race horses. Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusettes, yet he and his SO were out here, living in camper trailers or fifth wheels, many times on the property, and cleaning stalls to 'pay' the rent.

He would offer to fly spray, blanket, wrap legs, care for injuries, turn your horse out, etc. for extra money. You know- for groceries. Otherwise he would just outright ask people to buy them stuff.

But somehow they always managed to have money for beer and cigarettes. As well as a seemingly bottomless bag of weed! The drinking for him started when the sun came up. She smoked the weed like a chimney in an industrial factory.

In the 10+ years that I knew them, they went from farm to farm and leached off numerous people. Living with some of the boarders at some point, getting drunk and trashing their places, being incredibly disrespectful and verbally abusive of some and he was physically abusive to his wife.

Some of the places they stayed were with just as equally crazy barn or property owners. Birds of a feather? You bet. As they were getting kicked out of one place, they were effectively alienating themselves from anyone that had ever offered to help them.

As it ended up she moved in with another friend of mine at the time, (who it turned out was another real piece of work) while he moved in with their son. The son and his friend were renting a one bedroom apartment. Their neighbor... well if you guessed she was a crack whore- you win!

The last place they were at, was in fact the place, not even sure I can call it a facility, where I met JR. As it was all falling apart there, he came at me one night where I proceeded to take him down and leave his wiry, stinky ass in the dirt. JR didn't need to step in, neither did anyone else that was there. I took care of that.

The last I heard- she had taken up residence with another gal, taking care of the numerous dogs and few horses she had after her husband died. She complained that while she had a place to live, a phone, and all basic needs, she had no money and was treated like a slave. Yet she did nothing to improve her situation in life.

He ended up at a jumper barn in north Scottsdale. His job was again- cleaning stalls. Though he knew legs and how to rehab some injuries, his worth was valued only as that of a stall cleaner.

Sometimes you wonder how people let their lives sink to these levels? No self preservation? No sense of self worth?

Trying to help them is a lesson in futility. They are in a
mode of self destruct. The best you can hope for is that they take nobody else with them when they go.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Wow! I didn't exceed the blogger limit of 4096 characters or less.

I have been known to do that once or twice. :-(

nccatnip said...

What a timely post for me. I will be moving to an area that has much more equine to offer and am hoping to pursue some riding lessons. I know no one there, only driven by one facility. How am I going to find a reliable, reputable instructor that not only can work with me and help me thru my issues but one I can trust also? No show potential here, jus tlooking for a better seat and some small goals that are attainable.

hls said...

NCC: I just went through the whole "how do I find a trainer in a new area" question, as my husband and I moved 1,000 miles to a totally new area.

The very first thing I did was find my local chapter of the combined training/dressage association. I read their newsletter, and I made some phone calls.

I found my trainer through an ad in the newsletter, and I confirmed with several members of the organization that she was at least on the up and up.

Then I called and talked to her. We talked three times on the phone. Then when I was in this area to look for a place to live, we met and had lunch. She was as nice in person as she was on the phone.

I checked all of her credentials to make sure they were on the up and up, and I really listened hard to stuff she was telling me. Did her story change from conversation to conversation? What kinds of horse-related things was she involved in? Did she seem to know a lot of people?

Once I was sure I could trust her, then I asked her for recommendations for barns, vets, farriers, etc. It's not a foolproof method, but I'm extremely happy with my choice so far.

SFTS said...

This post has little to do with facility ownership, it has everything to do with choosing reputable and decent people to do business with in the first place. There are plenty of facility owners who are every bit as crooked as the trainer mentioned in the blog entry. Anyone who denies that is simply delusional.

* * *

Had you actually been honest with these people, Jack, that might have helped you actually do that "learning" you claim you want to do.

You have never been honest with these folks, from the day you arrived here to step in when your wife got herself in hot water for stalking and harassment.

There are actually forums out there for the purposes of "learning". A blog dedicated to fighting called "The Gloves Are Off" is NOT one of them. While there are a few knowledgeable, good people here from whom someone genuinely interested in learning could pick things up from, that you come here, to this blog with your sob story then claim you are here to "learn" is nothing short of incredible.

Btw, I've been meaning to ask this for a while now ~ why did you folks give Masquerrade away to people who had no idea how to care for or handle a horse, and who abused him to the point of starving him so that he needed to be rescued? That is simply sick.

toadstoolbob said...


You comming on here talking about learning and posting on professional forums is like a Brahma bull reading Play Heifer in a china shop with the doors closed.

You show up with a hard on, destroy everyone and everything in your way just so you can fuck something.

Unfortunately for you, the only one you have fucked is yourself. And you do it very well.

Maybe it is time for you to realize you need help that you will not find on any blog or forum.

Dena said...

I just gotta say the Ts have it.
So many possibilities and combinations.

NCC good luck with that. hls provided some very good tips.
I think it is important to continue to grow.
Horses are a lot like the internet it just isn't possible to reach a point where there is nothing left to learn.

horsndogluvr said...

Well, here we go again.

Wishing "certain people" would put on their grown-up panties,


onmyway said...

Stacy, what the hell is your problem?
Jack is a very honest person, to a fault.
Stepped in when I got into hot water for stalking and harassment? When did this happen? Because I have no clue.

And I have been meaning to ask you this.

Why do your horses go for days multiple times, this past winter especially, without any food?

How do you get away with having farrier work done once a year? Hm how do you do that? Because I'd buy that little magic formula in a bottle.

Why do you let your daughter ride a horse who's shoes are falling off? dayum!

Also this, shouldn't you be packing? Shouldn't you be seeking out your next victim? Met any new vulnerable people lately?


Best get busy.

BTW Mazzy is none of your business, you have no idea what really happened. Why would you care anyway? You ruined him! You ruined him and brushed it off. You suck!

No go start packing, Bitch!

GoLightly said...

Um, anybody hear an elephant?

NCC, I'm thinkin' hard on your question.
How do you know? Is a toughie.
hls did it right.
Back-checking isn't an insult, when you're looking out for your own back. History does matter.
AS FAR AS HORSE-Keeping!!!!!
sorry, I yelled.

I think the barn condition, whether rustic or not, is key. Is it tidy? Are the horses healthy/happy/feet good? Stalls clean enough, no stench of urea in the air? Water buckets? Flies?
Uh, oh, I'm starting to blather. Depends on how busy the barn is, too.

You'd probably want a quieter place, for the elderly.
Wicked Duck.
(innocent duck.)
I'm kidding, sort of, NCC.
The more bustling barns are no fun.

My ladies classes were a hoot.
But I had the "luxury" of a small school.

The school horses should look happy.
Yes, they can. I've done it, it isn't impossible. You just have to work the students harder than the horses. The good students keep coming back.

Clean, well-groomed, well-fed, with minimal tack required.

stinkin' cesspools...

Oh, did I type that out loud?

Lovely avatars, btw, everybody.

I keep hearing adverts on the radio for drugs, for kids, for depression.
Gee, what a surprise!
George Orwell is laughing his ass off.

To Horses.

Kallista said...

Oh, for God's sake. Can the two elephants in the room please shut up? PLEASE?????
We suffered thru 1,000+ posts. Take it somewhere else, please.


fernvalley01 said...

Wanders in looking around, Oh shit she is at it again!!! runs out screaming! Save yourselves !!! throws in a bottle of Tequila for those who are tough enough to stay!

CharlesCityCat said...


As usual, GL is right on track with her advice and hls has good advice as well.

Sometimes you have to try them on as well, even with all of the above advice, you might just not click with a trainer. Sometimes, as with many other relationships in life, it just doesn't work through no fault of either party. If you work for a bit with a trainer and it doesn't work out, well, IMO, you really haven't lost anything, because you have gained some knowledge from the encounter, you have learned what doesn't work for you, which sometimes is just as important as learning what does.

Do your research and go with it, but don't let anyone you work with talk you into something that makes you uncomfortable. There is a difference between pushing you to try something different and pushing you to a point of discomfort/fear.

Aw, SFTS, thanks.

WiltedZebra said...

How about this for lovely things to do to a horse...

Very nice lady from the barn is moving her family to Ca, including a cute little morgan. She does some research, finds a hauler who appears to have experience and seems trustworthy and sets everything up.

Hauler shows up this morning to load cute little morgan and pulls out. Staff notices nothing peculiar and wishes cute morgan well through the window screen.

Barn owner gets a call this evening, a full 9.5 hrs later, advising that the haulers truck and trailer are parked in a pub parking lot about 15 minutes from the farm. Now the pub shares a lot with a busy shopping center, but I'm not sure I can believe any man can shop for 9 hours. Cute little morgan still standing there waiting to get on with her adventure.

It was 85 degrees here today. That trailer sat in full sun on a blacktop parking lot with someone's horse in it for 9 hours. The staff member that called the farm to contact the owner said she could not see a source of water and that the cute little morgan was still tied in her slot in the trailer.

Barn owner promptly called the morgan's owner to advise. I do not know what happened after that, I had to leave. I hope morgan horse is back at the barn when I get there tomorrow.

This sort of stuff seems to be happening in every aspect of horse care and training. It is becoming really hard to trust anyone anymore.

SFTS said...

Finally, a little "Truth"

What was that you said to me at the courthouse back on July 27th, Christine (or should I call you "Moiety"?)? That you had not even BEEN online in "months"?? Remember that lie? Just like all the millions of lies you've told everyone, including your own fucking children and your husband.

Your former best friend thinks you are a loon and is dreadfully sorry they ever bought land next to your land and built their home there, everyone we talk to thinks you are so far off your rocker it's not funny. You are more fucking insane than Dena Rodacker, and that really IS saying something.

Destroying our property.

Stealing our property.

Destroying your childrens' lives and friendships on a daily basis.

Packing? LMAO...yes, we are well aware you have stalked and harassed our landlady and lied to her, too, about us. She told us. She LOVES us. Just like you harassed my mother and even GAVE AWAY HER PHONE NUMBER to others, so that T HEY could harass her too.

You GAVE MAZZY AWAY to someone that had NO business even having a horse, that knew NOTHING about horses and damn near STARVED him. That horse was fine for me. Had your daughter ever bothered to actually want to ride or work with him, they could have been a great pair. Did you ever realize any of that? Hell no, you were too busy being strung out and passed out most of the time, which of course is why your husband asked ME to help him deal with your children FOR you.

You are a sick, twisted, demented piece of shit.

Now give me back my fucking paperwork you worthless bitch, and pay me for all the other things of mine you and your ill mannered little darlings destroyed.

TheTruth said...

Stacy, I will continue to make an attempt to be a hair more honorable. You have made numerous references to myself not being honest. As a matter of fact you have stated that I have never been honest with the people on this board. In your words "Had you actually been honest with these people, Jack, that might have helped you actual do that "learning" you claim you want to do."

Over the past three weeks the listening and learning part has actually been happening. I do disagree with you that there are only "a few knowledgeable, good people here from whom someone genuinely interested in learning could pick things up from." I have been lucky enough to find a place where 99% of the people on the board are genuine, down to earth, don't take themselves too seriously and have far more talent and experience then I do. Especially in the area of horse ownership. Something that does not happen overnight. Everything that I have become pretty good at has taken years of sacrifice, discipline and effort. I will continue to do so with this new endeavour.

Stacy, I have stated before that I have never questioned your sacrifice, knowledge, talent or effort. Since you have been so gracious to point out your observations I will take the liberty to do the same. These are only my observations based off of knowing you personally for the past 20 months.

Your teaching and people skills need to be polished up a bit. Teachers MUST adjust their curriculum to the level of the student. Talking down to, demeaning and embarrassing a student will not get the desired results. As a matter of fact they will recoil and strike back.

Since I don't have the experience to know when I will run out of fonts, I will continue on another post.



SFTS said...

You have lied and lied and lied, Jack. Repeatedly. You have no honor. You are the most whipped excuse for a man that I have ever met in my life.

Where is our paperwork?

When are you going to "find" the rest of our belongings that the court ordered you to give back to us after you tried to extort money?

When are you going to pay us for all our things that your lovely family has stolen, damaged or destroyed?

When are you going to get your lunatic wife some mental help and prohibit her from harassing and stalking people online, via text messages and in the community?

Until you cough up these answers, there is no dialogue.

By the way? Your wife and daughter are the ONLY students in 30 years of teaching who have EVER "recoiled" from my "teaching style". I have NEVER "talked down" to a student, EVER. I have NEVER "embarrassed" a student, EVER. I have NEVER "demeaned" a student, EVER.

So let's stop with the lies, Jack.

The buck stops HERE.

flying fig said...

Ummmm... Jack and Stacy? Could you like... pick up the phone and talk to each other? Text each pther? IM each other? Something other than screeching at each other here in front of complete strangers??!!!???

Just a thought.

fernvalley01 said...

Flying Fig , zactly!!!! I was sitting here trying to think of what to say to make it all go away!

SFTS said...

FF, these people do not want dialogue. They want to steal from me then defame me to the point where I leave the community. They chose to come here, to this blog (after Jack's wife has stalked me across numerous forums and blogs), and call ME out, among other heinous things. I will not silently sit back and allow that to happen.

I understand that some of you are very tired of this mess. I can assure you I am as well. I only want my property back, and to be compensated for everything they have stolen, damaged and destroyed. Then I would be more than happy to forget I ever knew these people. This has been a living nightmare. The lies. The threats. The harassment. All of it is insane.

When they stop their campaign of lies and harassment, I will stop. But not a moment before.

Dena said...

FF why don't we take this opportunity to make this thread about you?
I would love to hear some more of the truly wonderful stories that you have such a plethora of.
Did I use that word in proper context?
Fern take away the bottle of tequila you just don't know what happens when you mix tequila with Dena.
Felonious conduct is not outside of the realm of possibility.

fernvalley01 said...

Easy Dena, I didn't want to get anyone in trouble ...much.Takes Tequila and scuttles out (hehehe)

TheTruth said...

Stacy, hang on....I will catch up. I actually have far less free time then you. So I will continue and then address your post. "Chomping on the bit are you!".

I did not come here to present a "sob story". The only "sob story" that I have heard was yours when you asked for our help. Which I gave freely. Call me a sucker but I will do it again. Not for you, but I will do it again. Call it "to a fault."

I will ask you to not refer to my children in the manner that you just did. I have more patience then most. But it does have an end.

They only reason your horses did not starve last winter was due to me buying them feed. Our daughter would of been more willing to learn from you if you had actually been a teacher that understood that your demeaning personality is not conducive to a learning atmosphere.

Most importantly, I am a person that has tried to bring people together as a team to achieve a goal. Even when it was clear that the disruptive nature of your behavior was destructive I attempted to bring you into the solution. At NO time did I ever ask you to help me deal with the children as a replacement for my wife. Since your family including your wonderful daughter was part of the problem, obviously in an attempt to come up with a solution I asked for EVERYBODY'S assistance in the solution. Once the solution was not your way only, you became even more unbearable.

Stacy two more things. First off, I do pray that somehow, someway you will achieve your lifelong goal and dream. I just pray it is not at the expense of your family.

Secondly, on the close of your first post today, about the topic of "That is simply sick." Sick was the betrayal of your husband. Sick is your blind eye to the welfare of your family to achieve your personal goals and sick is the filth that you left on my property.

Once again, you will be a blip on the screen of my life. But you, not so young lady anymore, are about to experience your next nightmare of your own making.

For those that are able to keep their eyes away from train wrecks, I apologize for taking your time.



TheTruth said...

FF, unfortunately this is the only venue that she will address me on. I have called, texted and made numerous attempts at contact. She chooses to avoid real life. I will meet her anywhere in a civil manner.


Kaede said...

Lot's of folks with drug addiction problems have an underlying, undiagnosed medical problem. They are using the drugs/alcohol to self medicate.
This is one reason I never paid much attention to AA. (Though after reading the 12 steps, I think lots of folks could use 12 to find a better life) Drug Addiction problems are not just "will power" problems.
If you have someone who has a biochemical depression (or Aspergers syndrome or schizophrenia or or or) and don't treat it, you will have people self medicating.
If they have never had a stable life, you have to teach them how to have a stable life. If you have always lived in chaos then chaos is what you know and you will try to repeat the pattern in you own life because it is what you know how to do.
Often as a foster parent we would have to "teach" some of the parents we worked with how to parent. Go read the book "what ever it takes" to see how hard it is to change lifestyles that have been handed down for generations.

SFTS said...

TheTruth wrote:
FF, unfortunately this is the only venue that she will address me on. I have called, texted and made numerous attempts at contact. She chooses to avoid real life. I will meet her anywhere in a civil manner.
- - - - - - - -

This is yet ANOTHER lie.

That would be why you and your wife called the sheriff's department on me when my husband and I went to your property to begin retrieving our belongings per the court's order? Because *I* avoid contact?

You have always been the one to avoid contact. Ever since we first moved to your property.

You need to begin to be honest, Jack. This would be a good night to start.

SFTS said...

I want answers, Jack. Not more lies from you.

What is so incredibly difficult about answering a few simple questions?

You avoid answering questions like the plague.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Hey there Truth, let me help you out there.

I have become an expert at this.

Blogger allows you 4096 characters per post.

Go ahead. See if I am wrong.

Push the envelope once. You may enjoy it. If not, blame me. Others do. One in particular. Not that I care about that one though...

Dena said...

SFTS, Jack and Christy were invited here.
How many times have you been asked and or instructed to leave?
By the blog owners and many of the posters.
We have all been forced to watch your downward spiral.

People do not have to pay you because you did not properly care for your own shit. Your property is YOUR responsibility.

What kind of world do we live in when people are sued for having compassion and decency!?!

They tried to help you to help yourself.
From everything YOU yourself have said they bent over backwards to preserve your dignity and not cause you to feel like the charity case you had in actuality become.

You needed to seriously shut up the minute it became known that they even provided Christmas presents for you and yours.

If you are that desperate take your ass to McDonald's and spill some hot coffee on yourself!
I am sure they would pay just to shut you the hell up!

And for the record you sick bitch roses is NOT my puppet.
She is my friend. Apparently, a foreign concept in your world.
And that you would dare to start your shit in reference to her son!!!
You are beyond whacked!!!
That little boy has parents that work overtime to provide him with a life that does not include the shame that you have forced on your daughter with your transient trainer I wanna be a star someday bullshit!!!
As, you so often say to me, YOU made your bed.
What a shame that you can't be caused to remake it and continue to try and force everyone to sleep in it with you!

So take your I crap in a coffee can but live in a palace brand of insanity somewhere the fuck else.

JR my offer is on the table and stands.
My sole purpose for wanting this blog is to prohibit SFTS.
And then, I shall regift it to your wife.

And sometimes it is just easier to ask forgiveness than permission.
I apologize for my outburst.
And I am genuinely sorry.
But this woman is a greater irritant than poison ivy used as toilet tissue.


TheTruth said...

I see how useless this is. I called you and Steve at least 20 times over the first 150 days you had left our property. I texted you two more than that. You did not answer.


fernvalley01 said...

Dena , the thread has been hijacked by "Ms Enough about me ,lets talk ABOUT ME"
Anyone here want to talk about horses?
How long is it appropriate to tie a colt outside while you are on the net?

Dena said...

Fern I do not know but it is not appropriate to leave the area the colt is tied in because the colt may get into trouble.

CnJ how does that go? Oh yeah...I am running around in circles, with my hands over my ears, LALALALALALALALA I CAN"T HEAR YOU! LALALALALALALALALA...

fernvalley01 said...

K all I am done ,I should know better than to let the inner B out this late at night . The stuff I am wanting to say... Suffice to say the game "whack a mole" comes to mind. Dena ,and CNJ have a good night.Taking my Tequila with me! Hmph!

JohnieRotten said...


step away from the Tequila. All we have to drink here is Scope. The only good thing about that is that you may puke but you will have minty fresh breath when you do.


that was classic. Good to see ya again.

Cut-N-Jump said...

FV, ya may wanna stick around for a bit...

Keep that tequila handy too.

Just sayin'

fernvalley01 said...

I will lurk, but I am trying to behave, kinda

SFTS said...

Let's dissect this one while we wait for you to answer my questions.

I will catch up. I actually have far less free time then you.
- - - - - - - -

Really now? And you would know this how? Are the two of you continuing to follow me everywhere I go and stalk everything I do?

I did not come here to present a "sob story". The only "sob story" that I have heard was yours when you asked for our help. Which I gave freely. Call me a sucker but I will do it again. Not for you, but I will do it again. Call it "to a fault."
- - - - - - - -

We never gave you a "sob story". Your wife offered to have us come stay with you, until we could get back on our feet after I confided in her, because I thought she was an honest, sane person and a friend. I was wrong. I believe I am the one who was suckered here.

I will ask you to not refer to my children in the manner that you just did. I have more patience then most. But it does have an end.
- - - - - - - -

I could care less if you like how I refer to your children or not. You have allowed them to damage and destroy hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of our belongings. A good parent you are not. That would be why your precious son decapitated his half sister's bird, and his mother laughed about it. THAT is sick.

They only reason your horses did not starve last winter was due to me buying them feed. Our daughter would of been more willing to learn from you if you had actually been a teacher that understood that your demeaning personality is not conducive to a learning atmosphere.
- - - - - - - -

I paid for every cent of my horses' feed last Winter, Jack. My husband and I both work, we both own our own businesses. We pay taxes, too.

Your step daughter had zero respect for me, which was a learned trait from her parents. You acknowledged MANY times that she had a problem with authority. You also acknowledged that she was belligerent, defiant and apologized countless times for her behavior.

When she was coming to me at the prior facility we had NO problems with her learning and she got great joy out of her lessons each and every time. What changed was her mother's attitude and allowance of her bad behavior.

SFTS said...

Most importantly, I am a person that has tried to bring people together as a team to achieve a goal. Even when it was clear that the disruptive nature of your behavior was destructive I attempted to bring you into the solution. At NO time did I ever ask you to help me deal with the children as a replacement for my wife. Since your family including your wonderful daughter was part of the problem, obviously in an attempt to come up with a solution I asked for EVERYBODY'S assistance in the solution. Once the solution was not your way only, you became even more unbearable.
- - - - - - - -

Oh, PLEASE. Disruptive nature of *MY* behavior?!?!?!? *I* became unbearable?!?!?!?! This is the FIRST I have ever heard of this nonsense. You need to lay off the booze and weed, Jack. Perhaps you were not sober when you asked me to help you deal with the kids? Maybe you listened to your delusional wife's rantings when she was on a binge?

Good God, Jack. Stop lying.

I do pray that somehow, someway you will achieve your lifelong goal and dream. I just pray it is not at the expense of your family.
- - - - - - - -

I achieved my lifelong goal and dream long ago. My husband and I achieve our new goals and dreams together.

Sick was the betrayal of your husband.
- - - - - - - -

I have NEVER betrayed my husband. What manner of bullshit is in that weed you smoke?

Sick is your blind eye to the welfare of your family to achieve your personal goals and sick is the filth that you left on my property.
- - - - - - - -

The welfare of my family is ALWAYS first and foremost ~ and YOU and YOUR SICK WIFE are the reasons that there was any "filth" left behind in any way, shape or form, because you, your wife and your collective lack of simple common decency.

Once again, you will be a blip on the screen of my life. But you, not so young lady anymore, are about to experience your next nightmare of your own making.
- - - - - - - -

Is that a threat, Jack? Would you like to add that to all the other counts piling up against you?

Kaede said...

I knew on parent we had to keep out of the bathroom because she would drink the mouthwash. It was very sad.
My sister used poison ivy as TP once when she was a little kid (she grabbed the closest big leaf to her to wipe her bottom with). It was BAD. She ended up in the hospital.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Ya might get yourself a snack and a drink. I got a bit long winded again...

Jack this is what I was refering to-

Since so many issues were previously aimed at my husband and I from a poster who many have come to know as an ignorant person, I will address those here. It may take a few posts. I told you to get a drink and some snacks...

sfts- which I have determined actually stands for Stop Fucking Talking!!! Shit! which many of us wish she would, seems to think that neither of us have a clue as to what is happening in the show ring where the Arabian horse is concerned.

While our presence at the Scottsdale show in February is not only permitted, unlike hers, it has also been specificly requested, just as it has been for the past few years. TJM as well as Cathy from FHOTD have both recieved cell phone video clips that I took and forwarded on, to use as they wish on their blogs, showing a few of the atrocities as they were occuring.

When I stated on my own blog that the Ammy Army seems to be an Arabian based group and then here, that the overall inflection of condescention that I perceived, was taken from the 'tone' as displayed on the website, I did not say it was from anything you had stated or posted. Actually I never even made it as far as the forums or message boards. When looking at the stallions as offered and pictured- Nothing caught my eye as having any worthy quality I would wish to reproduce. As a horse owner, I questioned why anyone would be inclined to join a group that started out by talking down to it's members? That would be 'empowering' to me how?

Your statement that the members have been awarded different acheivements, while I can accept and respect their efforts and work that went into it, there still leaves plenty of questions unanswered.

-Were these acheivements awarded in only the amateur division classes or were they attained by showing in the open classes?

-If they were in the open classes- how many horses and trainers were they competing against? Who did they beat out of the ribbons and what is their status in the ring?

-Were their horses moving properly and correctly, or were they merely following the trend and shuffle/fourbeating their overbridled way around the arena?

These things distinguish whether or not they are actually making a true difference or just following others along for the sake of the ribbons. Since your presence on the showgrounds is prohibited and results in the show facing fines, I cannot grant your words or opinions any form of validity.

When you stated that your current clients know of your suspension, yet choose to ignore it, does not reflect well or very highly of them, their character or the company they choose to keep. Perhaps they accept to have you work their horses, as they know they aren't paying much for the miniscule effort you may actually put forth. Then again, I expect nothing less from those who choose to associate with a well established liar, vagrant or otherwise theif, because you have proven to have stolen any amount of confidence people choose to grant in your abilities when hiring you.

You stated that you chose to move into a camper with no restroom, just to be near your horses. That tells me a couple of things. A) who wears the pants in your family and B) how selfish you truly are that you would place your daughters well being so far below your bizarre obsession of your horses. Horses you lack the money to properly care for. The fact of the matter, is not that it was a descision you reached as an opportunity to be near the horses, rather it was the only available option as you were yet again being evicted.

SFTS said...

Stacy, I see how useless this is. I called you and Steve at least 20 times over the first 150 days you had left our property. I texted you two more than that. You did not answer.
- - - - - - - -

Yet one more in the trail of lies.

Every single time you called or texted you were answered. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Why can't you simply answer the questions?

Where is our paperwork?

Why did your wife offer to (and follow through) scan and distribute personal information gleaned from our personal paperwork and tax records?

When are you going to return the rest of our property?

When are you going to pay for everything your family damaged and destroyed?

Cut-N-Jump said...

part 2-

How long until you are yet again evicted? Who knows. But your past gives us all a good indication, that it probably won't be long, let alone the last time it will happen. Yet you still concern yourself with retrieving fence panels and other such items while claiming you 'won' the battle in court to recover. The last time I checked, a judgement would determine the matter to be closed and result in a final ruling stating who 'won'. A continuance does not, nor does it express any decision by the court as having been made. And you claim to have expressed the desire to study law?

Claiming your knowledge of the property owner and tenant laws as they apply in your area, since you were supposedly once before a landlord, it would not be unreasonable to expect better behavior from your family as you have found yourselves to now be the tenants. You would know how paying your rent, on time, is expected. There are also a number of other things, that being a tenant brings forth as being reasonably expected from you. Having been a landlord, you should be aware of them and it is certainly not to much to expect from anyone that can behave as an adult, let alone the professional you proclaim yourself to be.

The subject of your third level dressage horse also raises a slew of questions and issues. While the USDF and Markel have hosted the Dressage Young Horse Competitions for 4, 5 and 6 year olds, it is clear they do not adhere to the idea or notion of rushing a young horse in their training. Likely that could be one of the reasons we also do not see many young horses in the international levels of competition. There are however, talented and gifted horses that occasionally come along, where they progress quickly through their training and in competition. However they are required as every other horse is, to show and achieve scores that allow them to progress through those levels. Seeing as how the USDF website offers a link to the USEF rulebook and advises that the updated rules and regulations are available there, as well as any of the 'A' rated Arabian horse shows requiring membership to both organizations as well as their own, it is relatively safe
to say that the horse has not and will not be shown by you at a recognized show until your fines have been paid and suspension issues with USEF resolved. Since those fines and your suspension have occurred nearly three years ago and you still haven't taken care of the matter, I doubt anyone will be holding their breath or losing sleep over it.

The statement about taking said horse from training level to third level in 8 months or less, expresses quite well the reasoning so many people who show their horses are considered to do whatever it takes to just win at all costs. It is why Americans on the whole, are often sneered at by many for skipping and compromising things that should be considered basics, when it comes to producing results in the show arena. Not all of us are like that, but your statements confirm it for those who believe we are.

It is apparent to anyone who has read your various posts on any of the forums, blogs and message boards you frequent, just how lost your cause really is. You choose to hang onto horses you cannot afford, profess to buy a new truck to replace the old one that is still impounded, have placed others at risk of being penalized by law for trying to offer you assistance and otherwise attacked anyone who may hold the best interest of your horses at heart. Something you surely do not, as by your posts and your words, you fed hay purchased by others to your horses at their insistance, because you lacked the feed or money to provide for them.

Cut-N-Jump said...

part 3-

It is apparent to anyone who has read your various posts on any of the forums, blogs and message boards you frequent, just how lost your cause really is. You choose to hang onto horses you cannot afford, profess to buy a new truck to replace the old one that is still impounded, have placed others at risk of being penalized by law for trying to offer you assistance and otherwise attacked anyone who may hold the best interest of your horses at heart. Something you surely do not, as by your posts and your words, you fed hay purchased by others to your horses, at their insistance, because you lacked the necessities to feed or provide for them.
It is apparent to anyone who has read your various posts on any of the forums, blogs and message boards you frequent, just how lost your cause really is. You choose to hang onto horses you cannot afford, profess to buy a new truck to replace the old one that is still impounded, have placed others at risk of being penalized by law for trying to offer you assistance and otherwise attacked anyone who may hold the best interest of your horses at heart. Something you surely do not, as by your posts and your words, you fed hay purchased by others to your horses, at their insistance, because you lacked the necessities to feed or provide for them.

We have been known to offer to take in horses for people who find themselves in similar situations. We have taken them in so that their owners may get their life in order and back on track. We know what the horses mean to them and do not wish to see them have to give up even one. There are currently 9 horses under two owners, out in our pastures and barn at the moment. All of them have been on our property for nearly a year. That number is down from the 17 that it was.

I would offer to take your horses in too. I would, but unlike the owner of 15 of them that were here, I doubt you would do anything to reduce the number that you own. I also doubt that you would pay for feed as their owner has done. I doubt you would or could even offer to do so.

We also do not extend the offer to you, as surely you have determined that we would only do so to acquire your horses in an attempt to ride or show them. Yet there would be absolutely no solid reason to support that, since we have 10 of our own plus client horses to work or show.

The only good that I can forsee coming from any or all of this and what you have let your life become, is that your daughter may learn how to treat people fairly in her dealings with others, despite the things she has seen you do to others. That she may become a strong willed and powerfully determined person who aspires to better things in life than you have shown her. That she realizes your success in life comes from how you treat others, as they are or can be your clients and determine the amount of money you make. I truly hope the best for her, as I feel all hope for you has been lost.

With the horses, when all hope is lost, it's time to put them down. Too bad the same does not apply for people. Sometimes it would be benificial.

SFTS said...

CnJ, your ignorance is astonishing. But I won't bother to even debate this rambling mantra of bullshit you spewed, because in most of it, you have no clue.

I did have to laugh about the "lack of quality" the stallions offered by Ammy Army members have. *eyeroll* I have seen what you keep as an "Arabian stallion".

Cut-N-Jump said...

Oh, and Stop Fucking Talking!!! Shit!- Don't bother copy and pasting my words. We all know what I said. Do yourself a favor and live up to your screen name.

SFTS said...

How many beers have you had tonight, CnJ? Maybe step away from the bottle?

JohnieRotten said...


why don't you just go get the property and move on?

Kaede said...

You poked a sore spot on me CnJ, I know you didn't mean too. But way too often I will hear people wishing that "the handicapped" could be euthanized "for their own good". After all, their parents life is hard and they aren't (the CP, MR, Autistic, etc) are only going to be a burden on society. Why don't we off them as soon as they are diagnosed?
One reason I'm unchurched is I'm tired of people praying for a "cure" for my son. Shouldn't people be praying to be better people and strive treat all folks with respect, tolerance and kindness regardless of their abilities? I believe that God made my son just the way he wanted too, and it is up to me to be the best mother to him I can be. I believe that society will be better when people with differing gifts are valued for their gifts and not "regretted" for the gifts they lack.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Yes, stop fucking talking!!! shit!

We do have an Arabian stallion. What of it?

Cut-N-Jump said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SFTS said...


I would "go get the property" if it were that simple.

When we finally were able to get the court to order them to allow us to do so, we had to make plans with them ~ that was done between Jack and my husband ~ so that it was convenient for both. They could be home, we could come over without work and business schedules interfering.

All agreed upon the moving property to commence on August 1st.

When we showed up, first we were harassed by them, and second they called the sheriff's department on us to further harass us. Of course, then they spread this tale with many facts skewed and left out here on this blog.

Now, if I show up to get my own property, I have the cops called on me for no reason whatsoever, except that I was peacefully trying to recover my own property?

Does that sound reasonable to you?

Then there was what we saw when we arrived that day.

There were NO WORDS for how devastating, how sickening, it all was.

NO words.

In the five days since the court ordered them to return our belongings to us, they had proceeded to trash our things. My computer was smashed, my microwave oven was smashed, my filing cabinets (which contained most of my business records from the past eight years, which was GONE) were cleaned out and smashed.

So much destruction.

Then we silently began to pick up the broken pieces of our things.

Every single container, trunk, tote box or other place we had things neatly stored in had been rifled through, things were put in entirely different containers and nothing was where we'd had it, and 99% of our things were (are) missing.

There is SO much more.

We want our property back as ordered by the court. ALL of it. We want restitution for all the missing, damaged and destroyed property, which is being cataloged still. We want restitution for what they have done.

In our shoes, at this juncture, what would you do?

SFTS said...

Seriously CnJ. Put the freaking bottle down.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Kaede- In some cases if humans were allowed to escape the pain and suffering that their life has become, it would truly be a relief for them and everyone involved.

I have watched a few people being strung along and kept alive, when they clearly should not have been. With animals it is considered an act of kindness to let them go, why can't it be the same for people at times like that?

I am not refering to things as you describe, rather illnesses that have run their course and provide no more for their hosts than daily pain and countless medications.

SFTS said...

Dena wrote:
Jack and Christy were invited here. Blah Blah Blah

I don't doubt they were, Crazy Dena.

As for the rest of your drug induced, incoherent rambling? Blow it out your ass and buy yourself a clue.

Perhaps you need to commit yourself again, because you're sounding like you need it.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Stop fucking talking!!! shit!

I have to ask, and this is just an observation- If the papers you are seeking are so important- why did you not take them with you when you left? You know, they were important, so why leave them behind?

JohnieRotten said...


if I were in your shoes I wouldake an appointment to go get my property and call the sheriffs dept to be there to keep the peace.

Then there are no worries.

SFTS said...

What part of WE DID NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND WILLINGLY WHATSOEVER did you miss the first time, Cunt-N-Jump?

JohnieRotten said...

But I can also tell you this, I would not go on the Internet a lay my life out there. I have said that before.

JohnieRotten said...


one more thing. We do not sit around the house drinking and posting. Keep those insinuations to yourself.

SFTS said...

That is exactly what I intend to do, Dave. Though my husband and Jack had worked on getting things straightened out on their own and doing a halfway decent job of it.

I have tried bending over backwards to NOT make any of this an issue (my presence on their property) and allow the husbands to work this out. But I do have the right to retrieve my OWN property. Without harassment.

This also leaves the issue of the missing property and paperwork, and the damaged and destroyed property.

What about that?

SFTS said...

"My life" was brought to the internet by others. I have only defended myself against the unfounded accusations and attacks, including those by your own wife.

Perhaps if your wife did not wish anyone to think she was imbibing, maybe she could be both more coherent and would refrain from simply passing on egregious lies she has been told by certain people.

SFTS said...

Dena wrote:
Jack and Christy were invited here. Blah Blah Blah

I don't doubt they were, Crazy Dena.

As for the rest of your drug induced, incoherent rambling? Blow it out your ass and buy yourself a clue.

Perhaps you need to commit yourself again, because you're sounding like you need it.

Kaede said...

I figure as much CnJ, you are way to compassionate to think or do such despicable things.
I took care of my inlaws for the last few years of their life, MIL had Alzheimer's and FIL had a series of strokes that left him mentally incapacitated. It took me a long time to grow to appreciate the lessons they had to teach me about caring. At first I just wished they would hurry up and die, but their bodies were in good shape even if their brains were mostly gone.
I'm talking to my mom (91!and living on her own) right now about her end of life decisions. It looks like she might have leukemia. She wants to treat it, even if I have nightmarish visions of her ending her days throwing up attached to a chemo bad. I have to respect and support her decision, even when I disagree with it.
But I've made damn sure my family knows to pull the plug early.

Kaede said...

Chemo Bag.

Kaede said...

Can't type today
I've made damn sure to let my family know to pull my plug early.

JohnieRotten said...


you have been warned about using the c word here. There will be absolutely no more of that.

those 'egregious' lies that you have accused her of passing on came straight from the 'horse trainers' mouth.

As far as the property that you say Jack and his family took. The burden of proof is on you, and ranting like a lunatic does not help your cause. If you want people to believe you, then for once, handle yourself rationally.

Cut-N-Jump said...

sfts- so we are back to that are we? You have been told before about using that word, not by me, but by others.

I am telling the folks on the wench you are stealing their idea and their thunder. Yes, I know how well received you are over there too.

As you claim the papers are important, seems to me you would take better care of things like that. But then I guess I should put down the bottle of soda. Something in that stuff! Sheesh. Oughta be illegal...

SFTS said...

Bullshit JR. I could go through her multitudinous ranting posts point by point and deconstruct them, but I am weary and not going to do so at this moment.

As far as the "burden of proof", there are admissions from them that there is much property missing, which came direct from Jack's mouth. The destruction is well documented.

That "c" word? I will refrain from using it in her name as long as your wife refrains from her absurd twisted take on my screen name.

Oh, and cnj? I believe it was your friends dena and rosie who used that lovely term on me long before I got your hubby's 'warning' about it.

Take better care of our paperwork and belongings...well gosh, it's hard to "take care of" anything when you have been threatened with being arrested if you attempt to retrieve your property. Hence of course that we had to finally drag them into court to gain access to our things.

Reading comprehension fail. Again.

flying fig said...

>> SFTS, Jack and Christy were invited here.<<

Why? Just to poke and prod and incite? NONE of this is our business. None of it. So I fail to see why we must be immersed in it - especially on purpose. If anyone wants to have a blog devoted to hacking at SFTS, how about making one specifically designed for that purpose? There are some of us here who are weary of this drama... and after watching yet another round of it play out today... it strikes me as a bit sad how people deliberately seek to meddle in the affairs of others. All of you need to let it go. As horspoor said a while back, none of you actually know anything about each other - you just think you do. You believe what others tell you without knowing if it is all fact or just someone's slant on things. Or seeming to care. And maybe that is the saddest part. It is worse than FHOTD at its worst - because the venom goes on and on and on and on. Even to the FSH board. Complete with toxic twat comments and threats and condescension and contempt - the same old song sung off key in 3 part disharmony.

It has gotten beyond sad IMO.

I was going to exceed Blogger's character limit here - but decided WTF... why bother? I deleted all of it. Nothing I can say will make any of you realize how pointless this all is... and how stalkerish it is. From all sides.

No point in hijacking the thread. No matter what we are talking about, it always ends up going back to the same topic and tonight I am just weary of it and need to push away. I have no tales... I have no legal issues, no long distance battles, no crusades, no investigations... nothing.

Boring as hell. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. ;-)

Jack The Truth.. why continue to hack away at things here? I doubt that is wise legally - I cannot imagine any lawyer thinking it was a good idea and that would not reflect well on your end of things... let the court handle it...

Nor, my Head Case Pasture Art, is not well tonight. And the sad fact is, trying to help him only stresses him out more. I have moved him and his pasture buddy into the arena tonight even though he hates it in there - but at least I will be able to monitor him better there than out in his dark cedar grove sanctuary. If some could step back from their neverending war and give him a thought, it would be appreciated...

Cut-N-Jump said...

Kaede- I hear ya on the pull the plug issue. That is no life for anyone. I know a guy whose father had testicular
cancer, treated, in remission, the next place it goes- the brain. Watching him go steadily downhill was tough.

He could no longer drive, which was sad as he couldn't control his feet. Worse still as he supported his family by driving semi's. A proud million mile club member.

Cut-N-Jump said...

sfts- the things I posted were taken from the various posts you have put up in numerous places. Struck a few nerves have I?

If it were me, the papers you call important would not have been left behind nor anywhere they would be unprotected to begin with. But then seeing as I am not the one having been evicted, being dragged into court or hanging onto horses I cannot afford, I guess that's where everything differs between you and I.

Kaede said...

CnJ, how sad. He must have been a young man. The one man I knew (a French horn player)with testicular cancer was in his in his mid 20's. I think Lance Armstrong was in his 30's wasn't he?
I have yet to teach my son how to examine himself of testicular cancer. It is just an area that I don't want to get into. Looking at "Dirty hair brushes" was too much for me. My face is flaming even now. My girls tell my I'm pitiful.

flying fig said...

I just caught up on the last few posts before I made mine. SFTS - just because Dena and roses both merrily used the C word rather liberally in those vitriolic FHOTD comments - why do that here? It is all so completely pointless and neener neener....


Kaede - in the midst of all the angst and drama you strive to stay on a different path... (((HUGS))) for you and your mom.

SFTS said...

*applause* For FF. Standing ovation from here.

I would love more than anything to let this go.

That will require a great deal of strength and temperance on the part of many people, myself included.

Good thoughts for Nor to you, FF.

JohnieRotten said...


I agree with you and that is why I started the forum which is totally separate from blogger. It is dedicated to horses and this stuff will not be tolerated there. Feel free to join it instead of this. The link is in the upper right corner.

SFTS said...

Nonsense, cnj. On all counts.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Kaede- actually he was in his 60's? Early 60's. Old enough to retire, not old enough for social security or Medicare. An Honorable man by the measure of many.

You can't blame the hair brush thing entirely on me. I advised you to use your imagination, but nooooooo, that wasn't good enough for you... lol

Kaede said...

I don't blame it on you CnJ, my fingers did the walking, my eyes did the looking. I just couldn't imagine anything like what I saw. the worst I could imagine was head lice. I've dealt with a lot of that. The first time we had "head lights" my husband went from waist length hair to looking like Grasshopper on Kung Fu. I nit combed my kids hair for days. My mom did mine.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Fig- all my best to you and Nor. If he knows nothing but the kindness you have provided him, you have been gifted to have truly known him. In that, he is a lucky horse.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Kaede- I made the mistake of looking up hair ball. Need I say more?

'Nite all.

horspoor said...

What truly baffles me is why you continue to post SFTS.

You have nothing to defend here. You have made your bed here, if you choose to lie it here...by all means go for it. I'd opt for more comfortable surroundings. You have pretty much lost any credibility with most of the posters on this blog. Regardless of the reality...in this venue you are considered a blowhard, with delusions of grandeur, and viewed as dishonest.

Your attitude, poor attitude has pretty much lost you any sympathy or support you might have garnered.

There is an awful lot of smoke for there to be no fire. I don't believe you have always been as scrupulous as you pretend. Nor have you been very forthright with people regarding your skill, or abilities.

I did look at your website some months back. I've refrained from commenting on it. We are miles apart in our techniques, and what we consider acceptable. I will leave it at that.

Your focus should be real life. Not what goes on here. I use the internet as a happy place. A place I can converse and joke around with people that have the same interests.

You have pretty much blown that option here. There are plenty of other places on the internet. Make a fresh start somewhere else.

There is really no need to rush a response. I'm going to bed.


Dena said...

FF of course Nor can have thoughts and prayers.
As can you.
Because the worry and wonder suck too.
Hope everything looks brighter in the morning.

SFTS said...

Why should it baffle you HP that I would continue to refute lies and BS? To do anything else would be to acknowledge that whatever the bullshitter was saying was true, when indeed it is not.

I am unconcerned with what the few here who dislike me think. You can take that however you would like to, it won't affect my life or me whatsoever. There are many more who routinely give me kudos for not running away and hiding from all of this. They all are readers here and many posters as well.

>>> "Nor have you been very forthright with people regarding your skill, or abilities." <<<
- - - - - - - -

I have never lied, or misinterpreted anything whatsoever. I am unsure what you are alluding to, but you are off base. Let's leave it a that. :)

You are free to like or dislike my website, just as you are free to like or dislike my blog, anything I post or say, or me. I don't know what your techniques are, and unless you have been voraciously reading my posts and what I write with an open mind prone to learning, you would have no idea what my methods are. But I would never deny your ability to have your opinions, no matter what I may think of them.

My focus is very much on "real life". :) We have so much going on, with upcoming shows, and a clinic, and a demonstration plus so much more, it is sometimes hard to spend time reading the latest. I find time because as a business owner and reputable, upstanding citizen in my community and the area horse community, there is a need at times to clear up misconceptions spread by others. Hence my participation on this blog.

This internet can definitely be a happy place. I have several places I visit which bring me great joy. You should try it sometime. ;)

flying fig said...

SFTS - you are not helping yourself. You insist on trying to refute every point anyone makes.

You always have a comeback. You go on and on and on. You cannot stop.

You are not the only participant or one to blame in this weary, pathetic little game - but sometimes less is more. Less words. Less posts. Less comebacks.



I'll check it out, JR. But are you sure all this crap will not seep over there as well?? I'm not.

Nor is down. If he starts to get very uncomfortable I will have to walk him a bit. I did get some Banamine into him orally... but it wasn't easy... and now he is wary of me...


GoLightly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cut-N-Jump said...

Fig- I know you wish it would all go away. Many of us do too. Thing is- when sfts was asked to leave JR's other blog, she shot over here and blamed me. It's ok though, not my fault, not my problem.

It was in fact based on a decision that he made by himself. Something she has an issue with. When he did not post the reasoning behind his decision, that bothered her too. I guess she likes people who spill everything and 'kiss and tell' as it is, rather than hold back and keep it to themselves.

None of us owe any of us any explanations for things that we say or do. We might ask others to clarify and get an answer offered. Where it goes from there, people can take it or leave it.

sfts has claimed that she doesn't care what any of us say, as she will likely never meet, speak to or do business with any of us. Fair enough. None of us need to care what she has to say either. By her continuously posting away, I have presumed plenty of that comes as a realization that not many shall choose to venture any further in an effort to meet, speak to or do business with her, since we have gotten plenty of emails from other posters, shared pictures and funny things, had phone conversations with others and yes, met some of them and done business with a few.

This blog did in fact start out as a place for Dena and sfts to get it all out and hopefully be able to move on. However, every thread has eventually turned the focus on one poster. It is a place to vent, sure, but when it continues to turn back to one person as the heart of the matter, I think it's not the whole group with the problem. But then that's just my take on things.

How is Nor this morning? I hope he let you get some amount of sleep.

JohnieRotten said...


The forum is moderated. So there will be no more rolling bar room brawls over there.

onmyway said...

Stacy, you're full of shit.
Next week will be one year since you were evicted from our property.
At no time was your husband ever threatened with arrest for retrieving belongings left behind.
An entire year.
Your little family left your crap scattered over five acres.
An entire year. Rain, snow, dirt and heavy winds do a lot of damage over the span of a year.
If you were ever really concerned about your precious belongings you would have taken them with you.
We have no use for your shit, we don't want it here, we didn't want it here a year ago either.
Now, your husband needs to get off his greasy ass and get the rest of this shit off our property.

Why do you claim everyone must be on drugs or drunk when you don't like what they have to say?

You never mentioned your little problem regarding suspensions to me, never.
Misrepresentation, that's you.

Now I have a busy day planned. I'm going to have fun with my beautiful Clydesdale and sweet TWH.
I won't be sanding their hooves though.

SFTS said...

Christine, didn't you get the memo? That NO ONE here cares about your delusional, psychotic ranting and lies?

Where is my paperwork?

Where is the rest of our property?

When are you going to pay for everything you damaged and destroyed?

Cut-N-Jump said...

My so bad! HP & GL, was my 3 poster last night anywhere near what I used to be like? Cuz some here have no idea of that. Have I improved? At all? I did upgrade the foul language, well, to some degree anyways... Pfffft. You ladies proud of me?

GoLightly said...

CNJ, I have always looked for what you have to say.
I really do like seeing your avatar.
TJM is a genius, eh?

We've come a long way, baby.

I have to admit I scrolled through the last 70 or so comments, couldn't believe it went from 25 to 75 over night. Thought there was something wrong with my eyes.

I did catch JR's & yours very last main sentiments, which I totally agree with.

sfts and her friends should really fight it out amongst themselves. Maybe make their own blog.
It used to be plastered all over FHOTD. Too bad that's over, eh?

I've got zero interest, as several have already noted themselves, in other peoples wars.
Especially when they don't have anything funny to add.

I think this forum should be for differences of opinion, AS REGARDS TO HORSES.

But, hey, I am apparently bi-polar.

Must be me.

Cut-N-Jump said...

GL- so you have places both with polar bears And penguins? How cool is that? I jealous. lol

I am sitting in traffic. Woot! We aren't moving.

Thing is, there's plenty of room on sfts's blog for them to have it out. Lots of room in the comment section there. Might be the only traffic it sees.

Seems she boasts they recently picked up arena panels, why not pick up everything and be done with any and all contact? Then again, why not just take everything when you leave to begin with?

SFTS said...

>>> "I am sitting in traffic. Woot! We aren't moving." <<<

Is using a cell phone while behind the wheel on the road still legal in Arizona? O.o

>>> "Thing is, there's plenty of room on sfts's blog for them to have it out. Lots of room in the comment section there. Might be the only traffic it sees." <<<

LOL...considering there is constant traffic from your exact location, that's really damn funny. You and/or JR lurk on my blog all the time! ;)

But alas no, no room on my blog for bullshit, lies and fighting. That's what this blog is for, remember?

>>> "Seems she boasts they recently picked up arena panels, why not pick up everything and be done with any and all contact? Then again, why not just take everything when you leave to begin with?" <<<

Uh, that would be what we're in the middle of doing, picking up everything else that's still there. Court will be where the rest is decided. Btw, since reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, I'll repeat myself ~ hard to go somewhere to get your belongings when you are threatened with being arrested if you try to do so.

CharlesCityCat said...

"Christine, didn't you get the memo? That NO ONE here cares about your delusional, psychotic ranting and lies?"


DO NOT presume to speak for me. Whether I care about what someone says or not is my business, and my business alone.

horspoor said...

CNJ, far more restrained than in the past.

SFTS, you have entirely missed the point. No one cares about your delusional pyschotic ravings, and lies. After stepping back and just watching this for awhile all signs point to you being the problem. These are your issues you keep spouting back as accusations against others.

Hey JR

Can you put up one of those polls? One where people can only vote or post once? Let's see how this shakes out.

onmyway said...

I would not be posting this bullshit here if you would just shut up and leave my family out of your lies.

Where is your paperwork? I don't know. It was available to your husband to take, maybe he decided not to take it, I don't know. Maybe you used it all up as toilet paper whilst squatting over grocery bags and coffee cans. I don't know.

Since you refuse to speak in person, text or by phone I will ask you this here.

What exactly did we do to you?
We took you in, took your horses in, fed your family, fed your horses. Put gas in what was once your truck, many times when gas was up to and over $4.00 a gallon.
Gave your daughter clothing, gave your husband clothing, sorry no one had anything big enough for you except a very nice winter coat which was found here in the dirt, I guess that gift wasn't good enough for you.
You stole from us, your husband stole from us and yes believe it or not so did your daughter. I have an extensive collection of DVDs and books, many of my books are long out of print and are difficult to find.
I am missing many books and DVDs, gee thanks.
My husband is missing many tools.
Food was stolen out of my kitchen on many occasions, your husband was caught several times.
We fed you but you chose to steal as well.
I urged you to apply for government assistance and you did BUT you two decided their requirement of looking for jobs was not to your liking.

I'm sorry Stacy.
I'm sorry I ever met you.
I'm sorry I ever took you in.
I'm sorry for feeding you.
I'm sorry for feeding your horses.
I'm sorry for keeping you off the streets.
I'm sorry I enabled you to keep your horses.
I'm sorry you are such a coward the only way to communicate is on the internet where you have an audience because you can lie to an audience and get away with it, they don't know but in person you can't lie and accuse me of anything because we know it's not true.
Therefore you avoid private conversation with us.

Try to be on time to court next week.

Don't talk to me about starved or abused/neglected horses when you don't feed your own, when you don't provide farrier service, when your husband takes a lead rope and beats the shit out of your little gelding, you know, the one that's schizo, the one you are afraid to ride. Maybe if he wasn't beaten he wouldn't be so freaked out.

Next time your daughter breaks a tooth or gets her sandaled foot stepped on by a horse PLEASE take her to get medical attention!

OK, so, your husband is going to get the rest of your garbage off our property and you are going to stay the hell out of my life.
Sounds fanfuckingtastic.
So tell him to come GET YOUR SHIT!
It's been a year!

SFTS said...

CCC and HP, most of the commenters aside from a few (and those are easily lumped into one category) have expressed a desire NOT to have to wade through this bullshit. From what I keep hearing, about 90% of the lurkers are sick of it, too. There are far more lurkers than posters here. Just saying. ;)

A poll would be a grand idea, if it's worded in a reasonable manner and folks have to identify themselves when they answer it. :)

horspoor said...

SFTS...you're the one bringing the bullshit. You're the one with the long diatribes and accusations. You're the one that is 'defending' herself. Ad nauseum.

Any comment, any opinion you are on it like stink on shit. I was being sincere when I said I'd make a fresh start. You have burned this bridge, and are now removing the pilings.

fernvalley01 said...

CNJ, Yup you held back big time , I was surprised!I tried to stay awake but then STFS replied and I lost consciousness.(Must have been the Scope ,after JR told me no Tequila)
So as I understand it STFS is always right,and nothing that has ever happened to her in her life is ever her own fault. Also If you disagree with her you are either drunk , on drugs or mentally ill.(that one really cranks me up , My sister is bi-polar and I have watched her family devastated by the illness when she had not 1 but 2 psychotic breaks over the last 10 years She is lucky in that her family has supported her and stuck with her . Not like many who wind up homeless and without any support structure . Mental illness is real and affects 1 in 5! PSA over)
DID I get the basics ? STFSSTFU!!!

horspoor said...

Why would people have to identify themselves when they answer it? To what purpose? If you only get to vote once...what is the point?

SFTS said...

Christine, you are one psycho bitch. I thought you were going to have a "busy day" with your lame horses? As usual, though, you'll hover inside your little room then pass out on the bed from whatever high you've been on. Your neighbor has seen the same thing...and she also says you NEVER do ANYTHING with those horses.

Btw, LOL, I heard about your new "arena".

You stole the paperwork. Your husband has admitted that he will do "whatever it takes" to find it. You have offered to numerous people to pass that paperwork around. I heard that first from Xena Vimercati.

I refuse to speak in person? You won't do anything other than rant, rave, stomp your feet and scream, then call the cops. The only times you have texted me was harassing, ranting bullshit. Not to communicate like an adult. You haven't called, at all.

What did you do to us? The list is endless.

You took us and our horses in, yes. Then the Hell started. You fed my family? A few times you invited us to have a meal with you. That's what friends do. You fed my horses? For a brief time you offered to help out with feed, at your insistence and I accepted your gracious offer. You put fuel in my truck ONCE, when we were moving there.

Giving away clothing you didn't want, thanks. Much of what was given to my daughter also fit me. Thank you all the same. :) That jacket found in the dirt? Would be because you and your out of control children ransacked our camper.

You are the one who stole. Not us. Maybe you could find those supposed "missing DVD's and books" wherever you are stowing away our paperwork?

LMAO...my little gelding...freaked out and beaten? Yeah, that's why he is such an in your face love of a horse. You're more insane than I thought.

Thanks for the advice about court. You would know all about court experience!

CharlesCityCat said...


Apparently, you didn't get the memo either.

GoLightly said...

Proud of ya both, CNJ.

Notice how I became invisible again?
Cool, huh?
Maybe we should all become bipolar.
Sorry, FV, I know it isn't a joke.
To some, with the IQ's of tweens, I guess it is.

Wow, stfu can detect lurkers on blogs other than her own!
wow! Psychic!

Shouldn't sfts direct these people to the FSH forum?
Or did "they" miss the link?

here, let me go find it..
thoughtfully provided by, you guessed it, STFU
I haven't bothered reading it.

Shoo, shoo!

(waving to all the lurkers)
Cowardly Lions, the lot of ya.

Hey, you lurked on mu blog, stfu.

onmyway said...

And she continues on and on and on.

You know what Stacy?

You could lie the balls off a rhinoceros.
Maybe that's what happened to your husband.

Return my books and DVDs.
Return the stolen tools to my husband.
Maybe your husband sold your paperwork for more crack or meth. I'm not sure what he has a problem with besides driving drunk. I'm thinking meth since his teeth are black and rotten.

You see? I can sit here and post nasty things about you all day as I have many, many true stories but I just returned home from dropping my beautiful daughters off at school, I'm going to eat then start my day.

BTW We didn't lose our house but I understand, you wouldn't have been able to move there if you told the truth.

TRUTH BE DAMNED! <- That's your motto Stacy, or should I call you "for the record" or do you prefer PintoGirl? Maybe it's Suzanne Moore this week?

flying fig said...


It never ends! Take all your crap elsewhere!! You are all whiny

Jack - why would you even want to be "invited" to an obscure blog by complete strangers? That does not put you in the best light...

A while back I suggested that Jack & Co. were sought out and invited here - and got my head bitten off for suggesting that. Dena said they just followed SFTS here to this blog, This smallish blog. In the rural interwebz. Uh huh. I knew that was impossible, but whatever. And sure enough... they were invited.

All the stalkerish intrigue and plots are so pointless.

This particular spider web just gets thicker and stickier and full of more BS and lies.

Nor is quiet this morning. It is not a colic per se... regular poop and all but he is not "right". Grinding his teeth a bit. Depressed. Back out in his cedar grove as the arena gets waaay too hot during the day.

SFTS... LESS. LESS. LESS. And you do not have to "identify" yourself in a poll - as long as you can only vote once, there is no need.

Sorry to yell - but damn... this has gotten beyond crazy.

onmyway said...

Oh and my court experience has been two times, two times to get your shit off my property.
Yes I have an arena and I even paid for it, wow, imagine that, paying for things.
I also have it set up on my own property. No landlord here to piss off. LOL

flying fig said...

For some reason part of my post went POOF.
It should have said... you are all whiny kids who need a time out.

fernvalley01 said...

Not mad GL, It is the "you don't agree with me so you must be crazy attitude " that get me going . That attitude did a lot of damage in years past .

horspoor said...

So, I'm wondering how many people there are like this? You know, walking around, in and out of our daily lives that in reality are batshit crazy? Are they good at appearing normal and put a good face on for the world? How many are timebombs ticking to blow up in our faces?

onmyway said...

Also, sorry everyone.
My horses are not lame. My Walker has bad feet from years of abuse before he came to me. Gaited people will understand this.
I have an excellent vet who has taken very good care of him, I have an excellent farrier who knows him well and does a great job with his feet.
My Clydesdale isn't lame. LOL for you to even come up with that.

I know you're jealous because I care for my horses, I feed them and provide shelter and clean water as well as lots of love and attention.

My neighbor, by the way, wasn't home all summer,they are relocating back up north due to the husband being offered a good job.
They haven't been back in town long so if you're going to lie about running into her in town maybe you should check and see if she's even in town.

Damn you're stoopid.

JohnieRotten said...

Jack was not invited here, but came over here to let his side of the story be known. As that is his right.

I would rather hear both sides of the story before I make a decision as to who I would believe.

horspoor said...

I agree JR.

However, how will we know what is true. My inclination at this point is not to believe a word SFTS posts. Her past record here hasn't been good. Her inability to see she is most of the problem. Her confrontational writing style is an issue for many and contributes to my opinion. Her attacks on people with differing opinions and the condescending attitude she delivers them. Even her little :) is irritating the hell out of me...it comes across as smug and an attempt to drive home her point. Like it is the final word, you have been dismissed by someone that is too obtuse to realize they have totally missed the point.

Setting herself up as then end all be all of anything horse related at times humors me, and other times just irritates the crap out of me.

The fact that these parties are involved in court cases and airing this on public blogs amazes. I'm thinking we are dealing with the lower end of the bell curve here. Or they are just nuts.

CharlesCityCat said...


I kicked your butt on this one, I am the first voter!!!

***Happy dances around my office***

Oops, maybe I should have shut my door first!

CharlesCityCat said...



JohnieRotten said...

Please feel free to join us in our new place: http://jrs-neighborhood-horse-training-forum.socialgo.com/home.html

NotAFollower said...

Hey, SFTS - in case you hadn't noticed, these blogs are very ADD. If you just stop responding, very soon people will forget.

I have no idea what the history behind all this is, nor do I care. And because I don't know the history, your posts make you look like a paranoid psychotic whack job who's off her meds.

Do yourself a favor and drop it.

flying fig said...

>>The fact that these parties are involved in court cases and airing this on public blogs amazes. I'm thinking we are dealing with the lower end of the bell curve here. Or they are just nuts.<<

All of the above. And I see no reason for anyone here to want to meddle in that.

JR - the fact that anyone was "invited" here to spew is beyond bizarre and IMO completely inappropriate.

I'm just tired of the lies, name-calling, accusations, threats and spin from all sides.

It is one big Do As I Say And Not As I Do clusterfuck of a hamster wheel.

Back to horses...

Darcy Jayne said...

Speaking of horses - JR, I know you have a training blog off somewhere. Can you point me to any help for a newbie (me!) with a barn-sour horse? He's a good guy - 15 years old, TWH gelding. Good natured, but hates leaving the property. I've been hand-leading him off the property the three days a week that he's mine (1/2 lease), but we haven't gotten very far. I'm not sure what to do next. He's fine under saddle in the arena.

Darcy Jayne said...

Oh, yeah - my goal with this horse is just to have a good trail horse for local trails. Local trails aren't challenging, but do feature a fair amount of foot and bicycle traffic, plus the occasional dog.

hls said...

My husband told me when we first started dating that when he was in his 20s he did a lot of moving around because he had some problems. He kept thinking those problems were caused by other people so he'd move to get away from them, but after a while, he realized that no matter where he went, the same problems kept happening.

"And that's when I realized my problems were caused by me," he said. "So, I sat down and started sorting them out."

I married him, of course. What else could I do? A man that wise and that honest must be snatched up and held onto for the duration.

fernvalley01 said...

hls . Sounds like a keeper!

JohnieRotten said...

Darcy Jayne

I have mrrottensneighborhood.blogspot.com
or you can go to :http://jrs-neighborhood-horse-training-forum.socialgo.com/home.html

Those are both for trainging questions.



I do agree with you for the most part. But you have to remember that 1) that SFTS and Dena were origianlly invited here to air their differences in the hopes of working them out. 2) The name of the blog is the Gloves are off and is unmoderated. 3) The mere fact that SFTS has turned this into a rolling brawl from thread to thread is by her own doing.She can stop at any time.

I do not agree with the way that they always handle their disputes, but it is what it is.

There have been many readers here that have tried to get along with her and have been unsuccessful. I get those emails all of the time.

SFTS said...

Just back in for lunch, and thought I'd drop in one more time. More good thoughts heading your way for Nor, FF.

horspoor wrote:
So, I'm wondering how many people there are like this? You know, walking around, in and out of our daily lives that in reality are batshit crazy? Are they good at appearing normal and put a good face on for the world? How many are timebombs ticking to blow up in our faces?
- - - - - - - -

I ask myself that question now daily, HP. After my recent experiences, I wonder all the time. I'm a very trusting person, and honest to a fault. I bend over backwards to help people ~ that is all I have ever wanted to do. Just like it says in my profile, giving back to my community.

But after these people I have encountered, it makes you leery and suspicious, which I hate. I detest having to wonder who is out to fuck me over. It eats at you wondering if each new person you meet is going to turn around at some point and try to ruin your life because you didn't clean up a bathroom just so...

Let me tell you from personal experience, it sucks.

flying fig wrote:
A while back I suggested that Jack & Co. were sought out and invited here - and got my head bitten off for suggesting that. Dena said they just followed SFTS here to this blog, This smallish blog. In the rural interwebz. Uh huh. I knew that was impossible, but whatever. And sure enough... they were invited.
- - - - - - - -

Exactly. And as you say, more BS and lies. I know, less. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to sit on your fingers and not say anything when people continue to lie about you and your life?

JR - the fact that anyone was "invited" here to spew is beyond bizarre and IMO completely inappropriate.
- - - - - - - -

Beyond inappropriate. But to be fair, I believe it was likely Dena who did the inviting, not JR.

NotAFollower wrote:
Hey, SFTS - in case you hadn't noticed, these blogs are very ADD. If you just stop responding, very soon people will forget.

Do yourself a favor and drop it.

- - - - - - - -

Thanks, NAF. You're right.

I am done with Christine Tally here and will let the courts decide on this. All of their libelous comments and harassment are being archived and will be presented to the judge. It will be decided in the proper place, not on an internet blog.

Thank you...I needed that. :)

SFTS said...

JohnieRotten wrote:
There have been many readers here that have tried to get along with her and have been unsuccessful. I get those emails all of the time.
- - - - - - - -

I call bullshit on this one.

Only because of the emails I get all the time saying the exact opposite.

It's easy to stand behind the "Oh I get emails ALL THE TIME blah blah blah about this than or the other". Unless those folks who are supposedly doing the emailing stand up and explain the hows and whys of their supposed lack of success in getting along with me, it's just smoke and mirrors.

I am easy to get along with, and you don't even have to agree with me, or with anything I say. Simply be civil and present a coherent argument for your point of view. My blog is a perfect example. We don't always agree, there are differing opinions. But people know they won't get torn apart for posting their opinions. People also know that they can come to my blog and that the bullshit you have tolerated will be deleted there, no fights, bashing, flaming or trolling is allowed and you know what? I get emails from people constantly thanking me for having that sort of environment. A number of them tell me they have been reading and love the blog, but they are afraid of being attacked because of what they see on your blogs, or what used to happen at FHOTD.

Now that FHOTD is moderated, the dialogue will be fabulous, of that I have no doubt. I am glad you will be moderating your new forum, I hope it is a very successful place to share knowledge about horses. You don't have to worry, I won't even try to register for an account. I simply wish you the very best of luck with it and will pass on the URL to folks who are really interested in learning more about horses and training them.

SFTS said...

Btw, I voted in the polls. Yes on each one. :)

fernvalley01 said...

"I am easy to get along with, and you don't even have to agree with me, or with anything I say. Simply be civil and present a coherent argument for your point of view."

I call BS sunshine. I have come on here politely asking you to back off , not being disagreeable , and voiced my opinion in a clear non inflammatory manner . Your reply was aggressive and included foul inappropriate language .Prompting me to ask you to be a lady, Or did you forget ? At one time I was willing to give you the benefit of doubt assumed it was just a simple personality conflict ,but now with the continuous defensive/offensive monologue am no longer in any doubt that you are not what you claim to be . What you are ,is at this point of no interest to me as I have grown tired of you and your childish behavior . Show some respect for yourself please and stop airing your personal baggage out this particular window.
Say it with me "Discretion is the better part of Valor”

SFTS said...

FV, you and I coexisted just fine until you took up Dena's "side" in this mess. I apologize for the manner in which I went back at you, it was wrong and there is no excuse. As I asked you on FHOTD when you directed a comment my way in relation to my posts in regard to another situation on the "Tough times and desperate measures" topic, how would you feel in my shoes? I've said I was done with this here. I am. If these people continue to harass me and lie here, it will simply be saved for the courtroom and not aired here.

flying fig said...

SFTS - you did it again.
One paragraph would have sufficed. When you are about to type - STOP. THINK.


And I never suggested that JR did any inviting.

>>I do agree with you for the most part. But you have to remember that 1) that SFTS and Dena were origianlly invited here to air their differences in the hopes of working them out. 2) The name of the blog is the Gloves are off and is unmoderated.<<

But this was not supposed to just be all about Them. It just winds up that way.

It is... the wonderfully snarky commentary on ALL THINGS horsie... ;-) not just the Let's Sneer At All Of Dena's Old Court Records or Let's Snicker About Someone Even Though Our Info Is Neither First Hand Or Impartial or Let's Air Everyone's Legal Matters For All To See... it has become worse than FHOTD at times.

>>3) The mere fact that SFTS has turned this into a rolling brawl from thread to thread is by her own doing.She can stop at any time.<<

Yep. As I have said... LESS. And the others can stop anytime as well. Conversation will be going along great and then one of the warring parties suddenly pours gasoline on the dying embers again. And on and on and on it goes...

And in the local soap opera... apparently the Owning dressage trainer down the road has seized two of her boarders' horses for overdue board. And they say that is not true and tried to get in there this AM to trailer them out... one even came up here to see if she could stash her horse for "a couple of nights". Even though she was staring at the only empty stall in the barn, we said sorry, there was no room. There is no need to get involved in the legal affairs and drama of others, not in real life and not on the interwebz. JMO. YMMV.

And now, LESS for me as well...

horspoor said...

Took sides? What are you talking about? If anyone made a statement that may have questioned you in anyway, or disagreed you blew a fuse. Ranted at them, told them they were addicts, rude, alcoholics etc...

People didn't side with Dena, they opted to disregard and disagree with you. You drove more people away from your cause than Dena ever could have.

hls said...

Sorry to derail the hate-fest here, but has anyone ever used EasyBoot Grips? I'm thinking ahead to winter, and they look like they might be a good option for winter tread in snow. I know they're expensive, so does anyone have a first-hand experience with EasyBoots? With the Grips style? Riding in snow?

SFTS said...

I misread the insinuation about inviting apparently, FF. And about the going more than one paragraph? I can do that (see response earlier to FV). Sometimes I obviously get long winded. Bad habit. I will try harder though I can make no promises on that one.

HP, what you say is not true. If I have been "questioned" in a reasonable way about something, I have tried very hard to be gracious and answer nicely.

Who is it that you're claiming I blew a fuse at? GL? CCC? You? I admit that I have not been nice on a number of occasions, and I am very sorry for that. I felt attacked, I lashed out. I really am sorry.

The rest...Dena? Yes, I admit it. Maybe roses? You bet. Jack ("TheTruth")? I admit it. Christine ("onmyway" and others)? I absolutely admit it. BittyBonnie? Who Said That? Dothehappydance? Guilty as charged. Have you read how these people have posted to me? Did you think that any of their posts directed at me were nice, or meant to be friendly?

I have always enjoyed posts by and conversations with PrairieFarmer, Buckdoff, Drsgjunky, ZTIG, joanna, littledog, Serendipity, Sally, endure_2_the_end, Kaede and so many others. A lot of them no longer post here, because of what's been done to me and some of them here (Buckdoff and Drsgjunky for instance).

I'm tired of this myself, so very tired. If you think you get weary of this, put yourself in my shoes for a while...

horspoor said...

When you post a vile response to someone...everybody sees it. It reflects on you. Do you truly believe they left or quit posting due to "what has been done to you",or they were just disgusted with the entire deal? Nothing has been 'done' to you that you didn't return full measure on, or instigate.

It may not feel like that now. But if you go back and re-read how you have responded and posted in a few months I think you'll be shocked.

horspoor said...

SFTS...you don't know anybody's history here. You have no idea of the shoes they have walked in. Bad shit happens to everybody. Nobody gets out free. It is what you do with it that counts.

rosesr4evr said...


Where is your sword and your shield?? Do you have a flame-retardant suit? All though just a plain retardant suit would probably suffice. What color is your knight's horse?

rosesr4evr said...

Ooops! *although* lol

Dena said...

"Nothing is easier than self-deceit.
For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true."


*It just seems to fit.

horspoor said...

I couldn't figure out how to get the sword and shield up Roses. lol

rosesr4evr said...

That's too bad, Horspoor.

I really need to be Merlin and then I could poof someone into a toad! Or toilet paper would probably be the best! At least then it could be flushed and we would all be well rid of it.

GoLightly said...

Okay, somebody cue the "Young & The Restless" theme.

I'm actually hearing "Gone with the Wind". No idea why.

Oh, Rhett, Rhett, whatever shahl I due??"

Frankly, I need to eat.

Good luck to us all.

nccatnip said...

SFTS- Good God Almighty!!!!!

It is a wonder people don't hang you up and beat you like a pinata.

You just never stop.

horsndogluvr said...

Johnie, I signed up for your forum under my other "call name," StPetersGal. Just so you know it's me.


CharlesCityCat said...


I would like to address a few things to you, if I may.

Rest assured, this will not be a snarky, combative rant. I would just like to try to explain what my real position is and has been in this whole thing. I hope you will take this in the spirit that I intend and really think about what I am trying to say.

First, I speak for myself and only myself. These are my opinions and my observations and only that.

Second, I do not know you and there is a 99.99% chance I never will. You may very well be telling the truth about yourself, your life and all that has gone on, but then again maybe not. That is the thing with the internet, anyone can create who they want to be, it is the nature of the beast. Since most of us will never actually know each other in real life, all each of us have to go on is what we get from being online.

For me, what I want from my internet interactions is to connect, learn, joke around, play and just have a good time. My job is full of stress, bickering and confrontations, I don't enjoy it.

I do want you to know that I understand your need to defend yourself against all comers. It is human nature and there is nothing wrong with that. I know I would try defend myself and have had to. I do disagree with how you have done so, but that is me. I would have made my points right off the bat, then moved on. I do think, by your continued defense that has degenerated to the point that it has, you have lost much credibilty. I think this is very unfortunate. I know I was on your side for quite awhile. It really is such a hard thing, as I understand the need, but sometimes, to win the war, you have to lose a battle or two. That of course is me, you have done what you feel you need to do, and that is your right no matter what I think.

I will do # 2 in case I am running over. Please bare with me.

CharlesCityCat said...


Another point I would like to bring up that I have brought up to you several times is how I feel you had changed (this was long before the shitstorm started)since you started posting on FHOTD. You have said on several occasions that you disagreed, you had reviewed your previous posts and saw no change whatsoever. I would like to address this one more time. Yes, you may have reviewed your previous posts, but therein lies the problem. You are reading you, you will see what you want to see. Most people would react the same way. I know I saw a change and so did many other posters. Maybe you could sit back and say hey, I don't see it, but since a number of others do, maybe there is something to it. You have routinely denied the observations of others in many things. This is my big problem with you.

You have been attacked by many (myself included) but much was deserved, but then again much wasn't. You have also attacked back in like fashion and then some. Like I said before, it is understandable to a point, but you crossed that point long ago and continued something that should have ended many weeks ago.

Anyway, I do not mean to offend with these comments. These are just my observations, I won't say that this will be my last comment to you as we know how far that goes.

Best wishes for your future life and happiness.

Dena said...

>>I will do # 2 in case I am running over. Please bare with me.<<

CCC I love you...

I am going to get railed for my inappropriate sense of humor again aren't I?

CharlesCityCat said...


You are very naughty. Shame on you!


CharlesCityCat said...

I am off to bed.

Everyone have a great night!

rosesr4evr said...

Seems like she cut tail and run. But then again, do I dare hope????

SFTS said...

That's right, HP, I don't know anybody else's history. Just like no one here knows my history. Yet a few have taken it upon themselves to pontificate all about me, my life, my business and assorted other things.

I get it about the "vile" responses but see, here's the thing ~ I have a low tolerance for what's been done to me and these attacks. Sometimes, I snap. You are absolutely right, I've given as much as I've gotten. You may not agree, however I have felt justified. But you may also be right in hindsight...though looking back on posts from months ago on other forums and blogs, I And actually, I have gotten dozens of emails from people saying they were sorry, but they were not going to post (or post anymore) on this blog because they knew if they defended me, they would get torn to shreds by some. I can't blame them one bit.

No roses, sorry to disappoint you, I have not left.

SFTS said...

Thanks, CCC. I am going to take some time and think about what you wrote. Then I'll probably get back to you, but I need to have a bit of time to process your post. You brought up some excellent points. Thank you.

SFTS said...

Dang...it ate part of my post, lol.

Meant to say:
You may not agree, however I have felt justified. You may also be right in hindsight...though looking back on posts from months ago on other forums and blogs, I don't see anything that shocks me about anything I've posted. Am I sometimes sorry after I snap? Hell yes. But I don't regret anything I have posted. I am who I am, and I am proud of who I am.

rosesr4evr said...

Oh hell! IT came back.

*Candyman, Candyman, Candy....

AHHHHHHH!!!! IT got me!

CharlesCityCat said...


I appreciate your effort to at least think about it.

horspoor said...

So, I just noticed the poll. I voted. No I'm not telling how I voted. lol

SFTS said...

Okay CCC, I'm going to reply to your thoughtful post now.

First off, thank you for taking the time to address this in the way in which you did. I greatly appreciate hearing opinions and such when presented civilly. Not much here has been civil. :-/

Yesterday I requested that no fewer than four people go back and read over the comments to this blog over all of the topics, as well as JR's training blog in a few of the combative threads there early on. Only one of them thought I did get out of line for what was being posted, saying essentially the same as you that I should have made my point short and sweet then walked away gracefully. None of them however felt that I had lost any credibility with my postings, it was more a consensus of being obvious that I was getting hot under the collar at being constantly attacked. These are people I highly respect and value their opinion. No, I don't know any of them in person as they all live quite far from me. They are internet acquaintances and nothing more. I keep getting emails from people who tell me they entirely disagree with the premise that I have changed and that they disagree with what a few of you are saying about how I come across, that they like my method of presentation and do not see me as the argumentative type. However, I respect that you and a few others think I have changed and dislike the change you think you see.

Here is where I am coming from, and I hope you can be open minded enough to look at my point of view objectively. I'd like to think you can. :)

When I arrived on the FHOTD blog I came there with no agenda other than to communicate with like minded individuals who care deeply about horses, their care, training and so forth. Having been a veteran of a number of message boards over the years, and some mighty tough ones at that, it was easy to assimilate into the crowd. There were always seemingly small, inconsequential arguments going on there which were hashed out for maybe a day or two, then died down. It wasn't until Dena got her panties in a twist over the Dream Chasers in Nevada situation that things began to become off the wall, then downright vicious.

I am who I am. I have never tried to hide who I am, like so many online do. No alternative identities, no sock puppets created, nothing. Back when I got my first computer with internet access back in 1999, I was not prepared for what I found in the internet horse community. After ten years, I think I am pretty much an experienced user, LOL. I too like enjoying my online time. It's an escape from "real life" and the stresses associated with it, or sometimes just something to do while staying out of the 100+ degree heat in Summertime or nasty weather in the Wintertime. What I don't understand is why so many people online seem to thrive on the drama and constant fighting. Like it or not, Dena is one of those people. You may think I am as well, though you would be wrong.

(part 2 continued in next post)

SFTS said...

(continuation of part 1 above)

But you're right, we do not know each other and likely never will. I don't begrudge that you do not believe what I say is true. That's your right, and all I can do is tell you how wrong you are about that as well.

Yes, I have been unmercifully attacked, and indeed I have attacked back when put into a corner. I tend to do that and am unapologetic for that behavior overall. Am I sorry that I have said some things, to some people? In hindsight of course. There are a couple of people who now seem to hate me that I had a tremendous respect for some months ago. That hurts rather deeply. But life goes on, you know?

Last I wanted to address what's been going on at FiSH with Dena. Sigh. Way back in the middle of July when the original FHOTD comments section imploded (and we all know why), Dena was brought up there as being right in the middle of that debacle. Of course they were right...meanwhile Dena was busy running from blog to blog to blog cackling about how she was the "sole ruination of FHOTD" and singlehandedly got the comments shut down. Of course, that fails to explain why not only did FHOTD live on, but how there are open comments once more for interaction. Thankfully Cathy has chosen finally to moderate those comments, and Dena's 'microwave brand of crazy' is unwelcome there.

Dena arrived on the forum lashing out and threatening all sorts of lawsuits in an effort to get the board shut down. Her tone was snide, condescending and she jumped into a thread that was five days old, dead and buried. Was it any wonder she wasn't welcomed with open arms?? Should I have kept my fingers quiet and not posted? Maybe. I was feeling bitchy and argumentative at that point, so caution was thrown into the wind. What was Dena's retort? That I was "insane" and she continued to ramble on and on, as usual. Even after she [repeatedly] stated that she was refusing to engage anyone there, that she would not take the bait and so forth. It is still ongoing. You may ask, why have I continued to step into the pile that is a Dena thread there? Yeah, I've stated a couple of times that I intended to be *done* as well. When I received a text message from Christine Tally (onmyway Blogger ID here, as well as others) yesterday accusing me of being alter identities all over FiSH, because of 'forwarded PM's' from all sorts of people, while I was out riding horses and giving lessons, then I came back home last night to read that Dena had made the same accusations (gee, I wonder where Mrs Tally got the idea from) you bet I posted again, and not in a nice way. What does Dena expect? What do you all that are friends of hers expect? Indeed the same goes for roses. I am not going to into her with this post, just note that she tends to come off as even more unhinged and vitriolic than Dena is.

Now I've got to run, because we have a board or directors meeting for one of the horsemen's associations in the area I have to attend, then I've got horses to ride and lessons to give.

Thank you for the best wishes, I wish you and yours the best as well...and I too hope you will take my comments in the spirit they were intended.

Dena said...

In the spirit of toadstoolbob.


Try it this way D.E.N.A.. At least, it would be something of a change.

CharlesCityCat said...


I appreciate your thoughtful reply.

I do want you to realize, my comments that go way, way back and the ones now have nothing to do with you turning combative, at least as far as I am concerned. I know you got attacked big-time when you tried to explain your situation on FHOTD. I was not one of them. I believe I commented that I didn't think it was a good idea but that was it. As I said, you had every right to defend yourself and while I wouldn't have handled it that way, you are you and I am me.

I was one of the ones saying you C & P'd WAY too much (which you have modified quite a bit) and had turned from being knowledgeable but lighthearted to preachey and lecturey. Remember, I said reading your comments was like being in school and listening to a professor lecture and that is not what I want from the internet? To me, you lost the sense of humor you had once displayed, and there were a number of others that felt the same. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that one.

Just so that you know, I never said I don't believe you, I just said, that since I do not know you, I can't say one way or the other. That goes for the others posting against you, I can't say I believe them either. Of course, I know that doesn't make any difference to you at all, and that is okay.

You know, you keep playing the Dena card. I think it was wrong for you to bring what was going on at the other forum here. To me, if you have a problem with what she is doing at another forum, keep it there. Simple as that. By dragging it over here, well, made you look like you needed more attention.

As far as the whole Dena thing, yes, we are friends and that means off of the internet, but I will tell you, I don't always agree with what she does, I have expressed this to her, but she does what she does just as you do what you do. It isn't my call. I have been upset with you, as far as she is concerned because you have repeatedly posted links to her court issues which include her children. I dislike each and every person who has brought this up, Fugly being number one for being the originator, you being number two for repeated offenses. I notice you get your back up when someone talks about your daughter, the way I see it, don't dish it if you can't take it.

I will go to part 2, (not #2) as I don't know if I have gone over, is there a counter that I can't see?

CharlesCityCat said...

Part 2:

I do find it interesting that you have decided to drag Dena into your response to my comments to you. There was nothing in my post that involved Dena. I am someone who will defend my friends to the end, Dena is one and so is Golightly and many others, attack them and you attack me.

Well, I will wrap this up. I realize that as much as I want for things to be different with you, they never will.

I won't wish you Godspeed because I reserve that for those who deserve it, but I will hope for the best for you.

SFTS said...

CCC, I think it would just be better if we chose to ignore each other, and were adult enough to stick to it. No sniping, no snarking, no childish bullshit. We obviously don't like each other nor respect each other, and we disagree on about everything. This just isn't workin' out for us. ;)

Kaede said...

Changing the subject
I pulled a LITTLE (6 weeks maybe?) white with a few round black spots kitty out of the jaws of a dog yesterday. I need name suggestions, I 'm not going with "You are toast" or "Lucky"

fernvalley01 said...

Call your kitty Karma, Kaede,you earned the good stuff saving it

SFTS said...

Awww Kaede! We need a pic of the little darling!! :)

I think Serendipity would be a perfect name. If a female, you could always call her Sara. :) :)

GoLightly said...

How about

Kaede said...

I'm so glad you are alive Stacy, I've been afraid to email you for fear you would have gone up in smoke.
the kitty seems to be unharmed, very hungry and COVERED in fleas. Seiko washed the kitty twice yesterday and then pulled a pile of dead fleas off its coat with tweezers. I think the kitty is too little to be flea spotted. It will go to the vet as soon as I can get an appointment.
It wasn't the dog's fault, it found a dead looking thing and picked it up, brought over to were we riders were hanging out (Yesterday was lovely. Only in the low 90's's and 78% humidity. Wonderful)The dog flopped down and started gnawing, I got curious and took the "thing" out of the dogs jaws and found it was a very tiny and not very lively kitty. The gnawing didn't seem to do any harm, so I took the kitty home with me instead of to the emergency vet. I picked up some special kitten food and kitten shampoo.
Seiko wants to keep it (we can't tell if it a boy or a girl yet) and well, so do I.
My Japanese house boy wants to call it Eurydice because I pulled it from the jaws of death and I haven't looked back. I like Bubbles because of the kitty's round black spots. Seiko thought Toast or Lucky was good. I'll post some pics on my blog site in a day or two. I have to find the darn cables.

SFTS said...

No we haven't gone up in flames yet, but the smoke is so thick you can't see across the street. We are also getting ash rained on us. :( Thank you for thinking about us...much appreciated!! My poor horses are hoping the wind changes direction again, because breathing is awful. No riding or lessons today, at least until the smoke lifts.

Bubbles is cute. :) My husband would come up with something like Victim, LOL. He calls our cat (that my daughter rescued out of the jaws of a pit bull 3.5 years ago) Wretch. He has earned his nicknames... ;)

CharlesCityCat said...


How about Hope, I know it is a bit cheesy, but it seems to fit and a good one syllable name is always a good thing.

CharlesCityCat said...


I spoke at length with my brother last night, I have spoken of what he is going through previously. Speaking with him has reminded me that fighting with someone like you is stupid and a waste of my time and effort.

***Ignore SFTS Mode On***

rosesr4evr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dena said...

Cool save on the kitty Kaede. No thoughts on the name thing.
I have to admit I like your houseboys offering.

rosesr4evr said...

Hey Dena! How are you??
I know you're into rescuing animals...Have YOU ever rescued a kitty?

Dena said...

Hey roses I am good. Have I ever rescued a kitty?
On occasion.
How about you?

rosesr4evr said...

Cool save on the kitty Kaede! It sounds like you were Justin time. I hope the kitty is okay, when they're that young and already in bad shape sometimes it can be touch and go. But A lot of attention and TLC should do the trick. Fleas can be a real problem as they introduce internal parasites as well as make the host anemic. Good job getting rid of the fleas and for being careful as he/she sounds pretty young yet.

We rescued a kitten not too long ago that came shooting across the street, it was dripping wet, soaked to the skin. I guess the neighbors thought there were already too many strays around and decided to shoo it away by soaking it with a water hose. Well, he stayed and has been named Loki.
And the name fits!!

Good luck on the rehab of the kitty! And good job for saving it's life!

rosesr4evr said...

Hey Dena,

How's my pretty little filly doing?? UPDATE!!!

Dena said...

Which one?

rosesr4evr said...

Ha Ha! Nice try! My little fancy snow cap! THAT one!

Dena said...

She is good. Are you sure you want that one roses?
She is really fast...

rosesr4evr said...

I can take fast as long as there are other gears too.

Dena said...

Oh there are other gears. But you know me.
I am only really interested in the mach 1 or better.

rosesr4evr said...

Well, sometimes I like to take my time and just stop and smell the roses, so as long as she's good with that...

Dena said...

The only time I am smelling what is coming out of the ground when I am riding is when I have miscalculated and landed on the ground.lol

Dena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rosesr4evr said...

Well, I'm not interested in the shit the roses grow in, so I'd rather not get that close to the ground, plus I don't bounce as well as I used to regardless of what I have padding my hiney.

Dena said...

Not bouncing well is the motivation to be a much better rider later in life.

rosesr4evr said...

Yeah that can be a great motivator.

Dena said...

When you are a kid it usually gets charged to your pride.
When you are an adult the scariest thing about falls is the medical bills charged to you.

rosesr4evr said...

Been there, done that! Have the x-rays to prove it. Own the t-shirt company, would you like one as a souvenir?

Dena said...

Can my t-shirt say "Too Tough To Kill?"

rosesr4evr said...

Well sure it can! Do you have a picture you would like used??

Dena said...

Can it say, "Bitch Slayer?"

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