Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The tale of the Transient trainer.


I wanted to share this story with you. I know this is a few threads late but you can post it on The Gloves if you would like.

A friend on mine that lives in the Reno area, was taking lessons from a trainer that was leasing 15 stalls in a local barn. She had met this trainer at a show and started talking to him and was initially very impressed. He really seemed to know what he was talking about and offered to give her one or two free lessons before she committed to signing a lesson contract with him. And at the same time she was in the market for a new horse and he offered to help her find it.

Everything started off fine, for the first few months the trainer really seemed to have my friends best interests at heart. He helped her find a new horse and gave her a small discount on the training fees if she let him train the horse for her. The horse that she bought, cost a reasonable $12,500.00.

Then after she signed the training contract with this guy, things started to change and not for the better. She would go to the barn to watch him ride her mare, and he was never there. She would call and make appointments to watch him ride and he would never show up for those either. My friend started to get a little concerned when she showed up at the bare and there was a lock on her mares stall door. Turns out, while she was paying the training fees which included the boarding fees as well, her trainer was not paying the fees to the owner of the facility. Turns out, he had not been paying them for several months and the owners had enough and locked all of the stalls.

She told the owner of the facility that she would pay her to take her mare out of the barn the next day and the owner was okay with that. She called the trainer and told him the same thing that turned out to be a big mistake.

The next day when she arrived at the facility, the sheriff was there as well as animal control.

The trainer had come in to the facility on foot and had a truck and trailer waiting for him sown the road, he cut the locks on my friends mares stall and as well as the stalls of four other horses and led them off of the facility to the waiting trailer, and then came back and broke into the tack room, and took his as well as his clients tack.

Upon doing some checking, the found out that this guy has done this before in a few other barns. Luckily, they did find my friends mare 18 months later. She was being shown by a woman that claimed she bought the horse from her old trainer. The 'trainer' that she bought this horse from, disappeared a few months after she purchased the mare. The woman offered to give my friend the mare back.

So I have to admit that I feel a lot safer if I my horse is in a barn that is owned by the trainer and not leased.


Reader M

I hear ya!

I prefer to think that this is the minority and that these incidents do not happen all that often. Unfortunately, it seems to be happening more and more.

I have seen one horse be sold to one person in one state and then the horse is moved across state lines and is sold to someone else. This has gone on for a while.

Luckily for your friend, she was able to get her horse back. Many times that is not the case.


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rosesr4evr said...

(looks around)*makes sure we're all alone here*

Is it safe???

Dena said...

<^> Looks around and brings out the IP sensor.
Yep...all clear.
We are good to go.
Have you seen it yet?

rosesr4evr said...

Have I seen what yet??

Dena said...


rosesr4evr said...

Hey that's only part of it where's the rest??

Dena said...

On the blog.

rosesr4evr said...

A new blog?? When, Where??? Details, I need details!!!

Dena said...

The grand unveiling you mean? Very very soon.
Where? Not that bullshit Malaysian link.
The details are the releases of all the alters and SNs that corrolate.
It is a hoot. And some cases a bitter disappointment.
There is a betting pool and everything.

And an interesting expose story for each.
I am thinking it will take weeks to get through that if we lead out with the one.

rosesr4evr said...

I really hope this blog is by invitation only and no, I'm not talking about the QH stallion.

rosesr4evr said...

Do you have to pay to get in??

flying fig said...

Wouldn't it be easier for you two to just phone or IM or email each other to play this little game of Nudge Nudge Wink Wink??

Dena said...

Yep. You do have to pay to get in.
And it is invitation only.
No crashers allowed.

Remember those Dean Martin Roasts?
Well the only difference is that the guest of honor will never be invited.

This is more of a protection program.
But the surprise was how many people were posting sunshine and light under one SN and coming in for the kill under another.

So a poster is under the impression that they are friends with another poster and then they come underattack by another poster.
And it is the same person.

We are having a vote on who we will lead out with.

Cathy Atkinson

As they were the 3 with the most SNs. And broadest reaching forum/blog impact.

I will never know how they have a life that includes anything more than a bathroom break.

I was asked to join this group and found I could not resist.
The amount of information is stunning.

It is called something like do you know who your friends are?

SFTS said...

Dena wrote:
Cathy Atkinson

As they were the 3 with the most SNs. And broadest reaching forum/blog impact

- - - - - - - -

LMAO...here I thought you nutjobs were saying *I* was horsecrazy2!


And you need a sooper seekrit blog for all this nonsense?


Carry on. We've got a forest fire and horse evacuations to deal with. TTFN.

GoLightly said...

214th, to send good luck towards the left coast.
RainDancing away...

Kaede said...

The kitty's name is Enigma. Or, at least it is the current name of the kitty. Having lots of teens running around is like being a full time member of an anarchy whether you want to be in that anarchy or not.
I chose Enigma because we know nothing about the kitty, not even its gender.

Dena said...

Oh my goodness the ass of the internet thinks we are nutjobs roses.

Sure hope that forest fire doesn't singe the hair off of her elephantine butt.

You were right that charging admission would keep the undesirable out.ROFLMAO

Next I suupose she will be claiming to be coordinating the efforts of the Coast Guard with regard to the evacuations.
Cuz she haz connectshuns.

FF it isn't Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.
It is promotion.
There are some very interesting offerings.
All factually derived.

Kaede Enigma is good. Sexing a kitty. If the package is closer to the tail it is most likely a girl.
If you gently hold back the fur in that area it should all become clear.

GoLightly said...

Hmmm, Kaede, a little tough to short-form that.
here, Eniggy, Eniggy, Eniggy.
Doesn't quite have a ring to it, really, does it?

If the kitty has (oh what's the rule?)
two teeny slits, it's a boy?
One slit is a girl?

Take a picture and post it.
I'll sex it for ya!

rosesr4evr said...

Well, then Dena, Are you going to keep everyone waiting or unviel this new blog??? I'm kinda wondering what information it will hold. I'm sure it will be interesting and a GREAT read!

Dena said...

roses there is a bit of a wait because it is a more complex setup than an unmoderated public blog.

And I promised not to release any of the factual data off the site anywhere else.
Gawd it is killing me.
Because there are a few that I would like to completely blow out of the water.

Isn't it amazing though? I am in the middle of dealing with a forest fire and evacuations.
But I just wanted to check in and see what was up.
Uh huh...sure.
Because what happens in bloggerland is so crucial to everyday life.

Can you say ground control to Major Tom?

horspoor said...

Wow...now if I was evacuating horses, and worried about a fire would I be on a blog? Hmmm.....things that make you go hmmm????? lol

rosesr4evr said...

Let me state this first: I am NOT wishing any harm come to anyone or anyone's animals out there. But I have been wondering...

Just how do you move multiple horses, yours, clients, etc. if you don't have a rig?? And if you're renting the property on which they reside, just where do you take them? Also I wonder if she's going to use this wildfire as a reason for why she's not in court again tomorrow morning for her contempt hearing on the RO.

She's been absent in court at least 3 times previously on this matter, all times when the attorney for the plaintiff was in attendance. We know that one of her excuses in the past was that she had an emergency with a horse that needed vet attention and that was more important than going to court. So now that there are wildfires near her area, I wonder if she will use this to not show up to court.

To make this clear, I have been told that the wildfires are not near enough to their area as to require evac at this time. If they are to get closer and evac IS required, then I would most certainly understand that everyone's safety and that of their livestock come first. I was just wondering is all.

flying fig said...

>>FF it isn't Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.
It is promotion.
There are some very interesting offerings.
All factually derived.<<

Dena... you are very much presenting it as a Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Neener Neener I Know Something You Don't Know Snicker Snicker kind of thing. As promotion goes - it fails. I am not sure why anyone wants to waste any of their precious time investigating such unimportant things or hinting at dark secrets they will expose IF you are one of those allowed to share these awesome secrets.... but maybe that's just me.

If something is presented "hidden away" from objective eyes then it strongly suggests a lack of facts and a surfeit of mere speculation or opinion. If there are facts, people usually present them out in the open. With the sources handy via links etc. to back them up. And if, as you suggest, a "group" is conducting this Super Secret Investigation... then I would have to wonder who - as only board/forum owners can see IPs/ISPs...

I'm sorry - I know my opinion counts for SFA... but
I am 99% sure that all of us have better ways to make use of our time and talents...

Me? I could care less what people might or might not be doing hundreds and hundreds of miles away. I have feed to unload and horses to clip and the damn cobwebs are making the barn look like Halloween again...

Back to horses...

GoLightly said...

What's facts got to do, got to do with it?
What's facts, but a second hand opinion...
Sorry, I was channeling Tina Turner...
ReallY. Please do not read anything other than nada into that.
Please? Nothing, zero, no interest.

Rains to whatever parts of CaliforniA are burning. I heard Sacramento and (drat) um. Can't remember. The MountWilson Observatory?
Two firefighters have died, trying to help people that wouldn't leave.
Fire ain't funny.


Did that help?

Dena said...

FF I am not going to make excuses for the fact that I don't like Old Elephant Ass.

I have as usual put up with rather a lot from her.

And the information is apparently interesting to quite a few.
But as, it does not pertain solely to her, I fail to see the connection you might be drawing.
And I am very good at keeping secrets and personal information private when asked to do so or subject to my own discretion.

So seriously, what is your point?

And of course, fires and evacuation, and people risking their lives, and losing so much is not funny.
I would not even imply otherwise.

SFTS said...

After nearly eight hours in Hell (Station fire), I'm here to address facts.

Fact #1-
No, we are not in need of evacuating our horses, the evacuations are ongoing in Acton and Littlerock. Littlerock is a mere 18 miles from us.

Fact #2-
We have our own rig, unlike the lie perpetuated by some on this blog who live hundred and thousands of miles away claim. In fact we have no fewer than four rigs available, most of which have been active in helping with evacuating horses in the fire zones. Two more rigs are in standby mode. As we are members of the local CERT team and Disaster Preparedness group, we are involved in planning and have taken the lead in equine evacuations and the communications in that regard. We also have our evacuation plans for our own horses in place, which have been in place since October of 2008.

Interesting, isn't it FF, that these two busybodies with obviously nothing better to do than create sooper seekrit blogs and claim to be doing all sorts of "investigations" from so many miles away create such a fuss, fawning over each other's every word? *eyeroll* Particularly when every last bit of this information they think they have is entirely wrong. LOL!! Ah well. No accounting for the brain power (or lack thereof) in some people.

I'm headed back out to the front lines.

horspoor said...

Isn't it interesting that you always have to respond? That you always have to have the last word, and a pat answer for all your actions or inactions? What's that about?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Had to fix a typo!


The fire was in Auburn, which is located in the foothills above Sacramento, about 35 miles east. There were a lot of evacuations there as well. It was a much smaller fire (around 275 acres), but it spread REALLY fast and burned a lot of homes. The wind has picked up a lot this afternoon, so hopefully the hot spots were out.

The Station fire in LA doubled in size overnight from about 42,000 acres to 84,000 acres as of this morning, and has now burned 105,000acres. I think Acton is under evacuation orders now. There are a lot of horses in this area. The LA Times had some sad photos of a horse being evacuated, and another running around loose.

Dena said...

Yep. And she did all of that and posted on this blog within 1 minute of my post.

Damn she is superwoman!!!

SFTS I do not believe for one minute you shook your ass out of that trailer to help someone else.
You surely have not proven able to do it for yourself!

And roses she has 4 rigs and 2 more on standby and another certification.
Geeze keep up will ya!?!

I wish everyone experiencing this nightmare in CA the best of fortune and safety in these trying times.

flying fig said...

Dena - my point is that all this espionage and intrigue is pointless. Life is too short to invest any time whatsoever in thinking about/investigating/plotting against people you do not care for - let alone inserting yourself into their affairs and using others to that end. Why give them any of your attention?

There is no need for Supah Sekrit clubs that smack of fifth grade intrigue - but if that is the path you wish to take....

IMO devoting that kind of attention to something/someone you profess to hate... is simply contradictory, counterproductive and, as I said, completely pointless.

Maybe I have an extra low tolerance for this kind of affected drama today... as I spent Saturday night in the ER and felt and saw enough there to feel very strongly that we do not need to waste our time on shit that does not matter...

The little grandma that was in there... barely 5' tall... lost and frightened... whimpering over and over again - please take me home... why does no one love me... tore my heart out. I wanted to give her a hug, stroke her silver curls and tell her everything was going to be alright...

Which would likely have been a lie.

And seeing as it feels like another trip to ER may be in the offing... which terrifies me more for the financial horrors than the medical ones... you'll have to forgive me if I am less than enamored of these antics. Don't like SFTS? Fine - IGNORE HER. That is the best "weapon" at your disposal.

FYI... ibuprofen sucks - and makes no difference whatsoever...

Kaede said...

Dear god FF, what is wrong? Are you ok? Were you with the grandma?
Considering I'm probably 2000 miles away can I do anything for you? I will pray. Kidney stones?
For me the doc have me drink a "sandwich" of 2 oz olive oil and 2 oz lemon juice once a day. It is nasty but it has kept me out of the hospital.

Kaede said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot, follow the cocktail with 8 oz of water.

flying fig said...

Thanks for the concern, Kaede..

"They" are not sure whether it is kidneys or *looks around for JR* ovaries. Nothing conclusive showed up on the U/S. All I know is that the OTC painkillers do nothing... and demmit - I hurt. And I am usually the stoic type. And 23 frigging horses at this barn depend on me. And my insurance likely will not cover all of this. Thousands, I expect. :-(

*feels worse*

No - I was not with the little grandma. She was there for breathing difficulties. The staff was great with her - but she was so scared. So lost. She kept asking one male nurse if he was "her Duncan" .... husband? Son? Who knows...

I tell myself that somewhere she had a Loved One who cared...

While I was there doubled over feeling like death... a trauma case came in that made me ashamed of my so-called pain, bad as it was.
A young guy in a biking outfit... head trauma. I encountered him in the hall as I was being wheeled back from the U/S.

That image will haunt me forever.

That cocktail sandwich of yours sounds nasssssty...

Kaede said...

A question Dena and Roses: Are you going to try and find everybody's alters or just certain people's? How are you going to tell? If someone has access to more than one computer, couldn't they have accounts on those computer's? At my university in the Information Science lab we have a room full of computers, maybe 60 or 70 of them. And that is only the IS lab. LS has it's own lab as do all the social sciences and the hard sciences. I have no idea if English or history has it's own computer lab.
So isn't it theoretically possible for me to have an account on each computer through out the university and a different email address for each computer and then I could have as many alters with different IP addresses as there are computers? Multiply this by adding in public libraries and work stations at big corporations, we could be looking at 1000's of different IP addresses.
This is one reason terrorists are hard to catch unless they are stupid.

Kaede said...

When I was caring for my MIL we had to go to the hospital. I had a hard time convincing the ER docs that she had Alzheimers. She could sound lucid for a few minutes.
Anyhow I got pulled into the payments office and she started wandering. She had been a rose parade princess and kept looking for her float. For her it was the last big thing she remembers where lots of strangers were swarming around and she was trying to fit her reality to what she remembered.
"Can you tell me where the float for the rose princesses is? I need to get on it" By the time I found her again she was in a swivet. I'm sure I made big points with the doc's for my answer "I know where your float is! Take my arm and I'll take you right there."
We also use to go play dress up at the deb shops. MIL kept wondering why none of the dresses looked right. I always told her it was a new boutique and were trying new designers. It made sense to her.

horsndogluvr said...

Kaede, take a close look under the kitty's tail. If you see a colon (:) it's a boy. If you see a semi-colon (;) it's a girl. (The top dot is the rectum.)

Flying Fig, you came up with "5th grade intrigue" and it hits the mark. I remember that junk.

What with Dena & her rosy sidekick going “whisper whisper tee hee itsa seekrit” like pubescent girls, and SFTS being unable to let any insult pass, I feel like you and I are grownups in a wilderness of self-centered immaturity.

P.S. nanny nanny foo foo.

hls said...

FF: I hope you feel better soon. And I hear you on the financial panic that can consume you when something like this happens.

I've been reading "Tales from Your Sickbed" at Andrew Sullivan's blog, The Daily Dish, for three months now. There are some horrible stories of people being denied coverage or being stuck with thousands and thousands of dollars of bills that the insurance company refuses to pay.

Sigh. I know a lot of people hate Obama's healthcare initiative, but dang it, living, breathing people need a different option. These insurance companies don't care about the little people. They care about profit. I'll take a flawed package over the current system.

Oh, and that's the kind of thing *I* waste my brain space on, not what some crazy person I know online is doing in another state. I just can't spend my precious time on people who do not matter and who will not change. But that's me.

Maybe I'd be a happier person if I gave a flying dump about what SFTS was doing, because thinking about healthcare and the unfairness of the system makes me feel sad and crazy all at the same time. And yet...I'm just not willing to think about something so trivial. :-)

Kaede said...

I hear ya HLS. My Japanese house boy developed type 2 diabetes. We are wondering if he will ever be able to get insurance again.

About the IP addresses. I got curious about tracking individuals through their IP addresses, so I went and talked to the IT department.
I was wrong about every computer having it's own IP address. But this makes it more complicated not less.
A major research university can well have 20,000 UNDERGRADS. Just the undergrads. We are looking at maybe 40,000 folks using the SAME IP address if we count the professors, grad students, administration, custodial staff, etc. You MIGHT be able to figure out which building the IP address is attached to, but not the individual. Even figuring out which building the IP address is attached to would take the help of the local IT team.
So you might be able to figure out that a particular IP address is attached to Enormous State University, and you might be able find it is attached to Major Donor Chemistry building, but you won't be able to find out which person inside the building is posting. Could be the head of the department, could be a frosh, could be froshs back home honey visiting for the weekend.
I don't know, but I believe that most IT departments would think long and hard before handing out specific information about locations of users. I would fire any staff member who breached confidentiality that way. They would be handed they ass on the way out the door. Most university make staff sign "non compete" agreements so finding another job would be problematic.
I would be interested to know how you pulled your achievement off.

GoLightly said...

I am so glad I live in Canada, when I read about people going bankrupt because of health bills.

Our system sure isn't perfect, (far from it) but I do not worry about the bill when I leave the hospital, or the Doctor's office.

Healing thoughts, FF.
Ibuprofen is very hard on the liver.

Is it cramps?
heating pad maybe?

Dena said...

Oh My God like whatever! Because like everything about the blogs is so... like...ummm...mature.

The blogs are something of a living and interactive tabloid for lack of a better definition.

And anyone who wants to act above it all?
Give me a break.
I was not looking at the pictures in this here dirty magazine. I was reading the articles.
Yeah sure.

And Kaede what you presented was a bit simplistic.
Simplistic in that terrorists of the nature you are referring to aren't generally confining themselves to the use of a computer from the comfort of their own home.
Or, local library. Or, local school lab.
And while IP technology is aomewhat complex it is also somewhat simple in that it is a preliminary tool of identification.
But certainly not the only one.

As for the rest of it? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know everyone is only interested in the horsey information.

Well, as far, as horsey information goes, SFTS stated on another blog that the black dressage horse was not very highly trained.
2nd level was her claim.

I am not a complete hypocrite in that I know that floating can be cost prohibitive.
But standard farrier care?
C'mon already.

I am not going to be a big girl adult and indulge the fantasies/delusions of a supposed professional telling me how it is done.
When they don't even provide basic STANDARD care to their own horses.

I do not WANT to play nice with a f*cking fruitloop who does nothing so much as try to harm others.

I will not treat someone like that with consideration and courtesy.

Don't get me wrong I am willing to see my federal tax contribution go towards getting her a daily dose of thorazine and supervision in a appropriate setting.

It is a shame that STFU isn't a big name trainer.
If she were I wouldn't have to explain my intolerance.

FF Get Well Soon.

SFTS said...

Take care of yourself, FF. Good thoughts for your quick recovery coming from us in Pinon Hills, CA and high hopes that it's not something serious.

joanna said...

Flying Fig- how are you doing? Have you gotten any answers? I hope you get better soon and it's not to serious.

Kaede- how is the kitten doing? We just brought home 2 kittens that were in rough shape: starving, overload of fleas, worms, ear mites, upper respiratory infection, and conjunctivitis. I need 2 more cats like I need a hole in the head, but I couldn't leave them where they were. The girl who claims they are her cats thinks wormer from the store will cure everything.

For some reason a song from Sugarland's Enjoy the Ride CD keeps going through my head whenever I read the comments on this blog. "Mean Girls"

horspoor said...

Seventy-seven million people are forced into bankruptcy annually due to medical bills. Pretty frightening. That doesn't include those that had nothing to lose, so didn't bother to declare bankruptcy.

The system isn't working. I don't know if Obamas plan is going to make it better or worse. But something has to change.

SFTS said...

Oh poor kitties Joanna. :(

We have a friend in a nearby town that constantly takes in abandoned kittens and they seem to have a bad problem with upper respiratory problems and conjunctivitis.

I will keep your new kitties in our good thoughts.

Kaede said...

Dena, I did not mean to be simplistic. We do have "foreign" nationals working at our institution. The FBI and the NSA are curious about who they are talking to. I do battle to keep their information out of the idle curious. It is no one's business who they are contacting. When folks hand me real evidence of harm, I'll hand over ids.
Disliking someone isn't evidence of harm. Someone singing "We are going to bust the high school students because they have been smoking dope" isn't evidence of harm. Someone posting pics of questionable taste isn't harm, someone having multiple alters isn't harm, someone posting contradictory information on Facebook, a forum or on blogger isn't evidence of harm.
If you do have real evidence of harm report it to the appropriate local authority. Let them do their jobs and you focus on your job. I give this lecture to many students every year.
As for reading this blog for information, depends on the information you are talking about. Horsey info, nah. How flame wars are conducted and do they have consequences in real life, you bet.

Enigma is a girl. Full of worms but doing well. About 7 weeks old. Probably dumped on the farm at night. She is quite lively and is adjusting well to being an indoor cat. All folks in the house love her to death. She still has a few fleas, but those will resolve themselves when she is old enough to get Revolution.

Kaede said...

Joanna here is an interesting article about an kid with Autism (really I should say on the spectrum) and he is going to grad school in clinical exercise physiology.

flying fig said...

>>And anyone who wants to act above it all?
Give me a break. <<

Thanks. I really am "above" all this OTT stalkerish investigation stuff. Most of us take part in the discussions but have NO interest in going beyond that to the point of getting overinvested in it in Real Life. And no - I do not have alternate SNs. I am fig or tagalong - and that is it. Always have been - always will be. Not terribly imaginative, huh. ;-)

Sorry to be so blunt - I had a loooong, painful night and I think more are weary of the Fifth Grade Intrigue than they care to admit. Because admitting it - or disagreeing with a select few - can get you a heaping helping of condescending contempt from some of the "cool" kids...

I could care less who your investigation was directed at... because IMO focussing ANY of one's time in Real Life on someone they profess to hate on the interwebz is a waste of time.

Dena - you most assuredly WANT to "play"... you have repeatedly prided yourself on that fact. You want to track SFTS's every move and every word... you seek out people she has interacted with.... you want to engage - even though you have repeatedly said that you were done.

You do not know if a lot of the second hand stuff you have been told is true (and not just opinions, annoyance or inaccurate) , and yet you accept it as fact. Isn't that what Cathy does on the FHOTD blog at times - that you hate? That happened to you? Jumping to conclusions, pointing fingers, "knowing" she is right, making accusations, condemning... often based on second hand info...

Is that a good modus operandi to follow?

Kaede - excellent post. Excellent.

Meh. Ignore me. I know my opinion ain't worth a hill of beans in this here crazy world... and I am definitely not one of the "cool kids". I never wanted be one of them as a kid - and I am not one all these years later...

horspoor - I am one of those who has nothing to lose - because now I have nothing. Yep - another of those suspect, shifty, non-property owning horse people types. ;-) My nest egg was cleaned out a few years ago by another medical concern that came up. So this ER visit may cost thousands and I will be in the hole for it. Thus I am loathe to go back.

GL - I miss that imperfect system I left behind. It worked a helluva lot better for me than this one has...

Thanks for all the concern, guys. I'll be okay.
But please take a minute today to hug someone you love extra tight... I mentioned that cyclist who was brought in to ER while I was there... he had no ID on him. He was critical. And his loved ones had no way of knowing that.

Life is too fleeting to waste on inconsequential things....

SFTS said...

flying fig wrote:
Thanks for all the concern, guys. I'll be okay.

But please take a minute today to hug someone you love extra tight... I mentioned that cyclist who was brought in to ER while I was there... he had no ID on him. He was critical.

And his loved ones had no way of knowing that.

That is so sad. :(

Really, if you think about it, this is a very important issue. I mean, how many of us who regularly ride out on the trail take our ID with us? I always take my cell...but never my ID. How about those who don't bother to ride with a cell phone? That is pretty scary to even contemplate.

Take care of yourself FF.

Dena said...

Yes again. The Pinion Hills reference.

Gee I guess the court system, law enforcement, and The United States Postal service are all in correct in serving you and delivering your mail to **** Sacramento Rd.
Phelan, CA 92371

And Kaede feed her some more. She isn't doing anything wrong.
Or, illegal.
She isn't harming anyone.
The courts just hand out restraining orders to anyone who asks and pays the filing fees.
And the court just schedules violation hearings for lack of harm.

Poor little SFTS she is just misunderstood. And harmless.
Tell that to the people whose children she has stalked.
Because it is more than one.

How would you feel if it were your child?
Would you still want to cozen her into the fold then?

To be honest Kaede in my opinion you are just stirring the shit from a different angle when it comes to SFTS.

I don't care but at least call it what it is.

I believe it is called playing the devils advocate.

If anyone here thinks that SFTS makes valid contributions?
Rock on!

But do not think I am going to be governed by your admonishments in reference to me.
Because I won't.

I think SFTS is downright creepy.
I think she is a real bitch.
I think she is one of the most truth challenged individuals I have ever come across.
I don't think she knows shit about training.
And I think she is a deviant.

Those are just a few of my opinions with regard to SFTS.
And if that offends some?
Don't look. Don't read.

I am in a foul mood. Probably spoiling for a good fight.
But I have no intention of being nice to some sociopathic toxic disease just because some of you wish I would.

SFTS said...

Locally there was a major horse related accident about two weeks ago where one horse died and another was severely injured about and had to be airlifted to a safe area where it could be transported to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

When I read about it, it frightened the Hell out of me. These folks were riding along a particularly hazardous section of trail near Mt Baden-Powell in the Angeles National Forest (just East of where the Station Fire is now burning), two mounted horses and a pack horse. Thankfully they were found because the uninjured rider was able to ride up to the highway and flag down a passing motorist. Their cell phones had low batteries and they could not call out.

Really scary. Remember to completely charge your cell whenever you go ANYwhere!!

Dena said...

>>Dena - you most assuredly WANT to "play"... you have repeatedly prided yourself on that fact. You want to track SFTS's every move and every word... you seek out people she has interacted with.... you want to engage - even though you have repeatedly said that you were done.<<

FF I am sorry for your medical difficulty.
I hope it resolves with minimal expense to you.

But for fucks sake. Hug someone close, silver curls, etc., and in all your pain you still manage to post the copy ^^^^ above!?!

Never...not once. Have I solicited contact with anyone involved with SFTS.
Nor, do I want to know her every move.
That my dear is proof of your bias in your interpretations.
Because you can prove those allegations exactly how?
I know how I would disprove them.
Factual proof.
Got any?

And yet, you state it as a fact.
So, get real huh?

That is just irritating.

And it is just amazing to me that no matter where the smoke leads you are always hot on the trail.

WTF!?! You are not my appointed conscience.
I never stopped listening to the one I already have.
Doesn't mean I always abide by it.
But I already have one thanks.

Anonymous said...


Kaede said...

Dena, I never said if STFS was doing harm. I don't know, I have no way of knowing.

If you think you have solid evidence of her wrong doing, contact the appropriate local authorities. That is their job.

If it were my daughter, I would believe a local CPS, Sheriff, FBI whatever agent, before someone calling me up and saying "I think that Roe is stalking you daughter Doe. How do I know? Well, I got their info off the internet and through my contacts I met over the internet who went and watched her."

Let the local authorities take care of it. They are there, they know what they see. They can testify in court as a believable witness who doesn't have an axe to grind. Almost anyone else can be labeled a hostile witness.

Kaede said...

Now that my Japanese Houseboy has diabetes I pushing him to wear a medical ID tag.

I know of a student who collapsed at a debate meet and wasn't carrying ID. Several folk stepped around the kid and others made nasty comments about ODing. My advisee got involved and got the student medical help. The kid had no ID and no one knew which school she was attached to. Why did the kid collapse, insulin shock, epileptic seizures, OD on caffeine, alcohol poisoning, who knows? The kid had no ID.

A Now I wasn't there for all the drama, but freshmen do need hand holding, so I got an earful. But I want to tattoo ID on my people's forehead.

Anonymous said...

Greetings. Yes, an anonymous noob. I know exactly how many of you will take that, and I do understand, but I'm kinda compelled to do this anyhow.

My name is Lauren. I have no Blogger account. I have never posted here or on any of the horse forums or blogs (though I do read many). I have never communicated with any poster on any of the horse forums or blogs. I am not "friends" with anybody here or even tangentially associated with anyone here. In other words, I am entirely impartial in that sense. The ONLY things I know about anyone here (or on the other blogs/forums) are things that have been publicly posted.

I see a lot of "Dena, everyone knows that you...." from SFTS, and a lot of "Stacy, everyone knows that you..." from Dena. I see a lot of links to legal documents, and a lot of accusations. And as an outsider, I'm going to tell you what I see most:

Dena and SFTS are both completely, and equally, nuts.

Dena, I've seen you leap on people for perceived slights, for things that have nothing to do with you except for you declaring yourself someone else's protector. I've seen your martyr complex, your blink-of-an-eye crazy personality changes, and your hysterical threats to shut things down because you don't like them. You're a whack-job.

SFTS, I've seen you leap on people for perceived slights, too, for things that have nothing to do with you. I've seen you purposely bring back dead threads to stir trouble. I've seen you go batshit-crazy-stalker when someone didn't go the way you thought they should. And I've seen your martyr complex and freakazoid personality changes, too.

This is all BOTH your faults. Equally. You're both petty, snotty, superior, and mean. Neither of you is better than the other. You're both poison to every blog or forum I've seen you in.

It doesn't matter who started it, or any of that crap. You BOTH perpetuate it, and you're BOTH deeply in need of either extended vacations or psychiatric help. Hell, even trolling makes more sense than this, because trolls are just amusing themselves and aren't vested. You two actually CARE about all the shit you spew.

I dare you both - double-dog-dippity-doo dare you, in fact - to absolutely 100% disengage from one another for one week. Don't post anything even kind of directed at the other. Don't interpret a vague remark as being directed at you and retaliate. Don't mention one another. Don't make a vague remark intended to be directed at the other. Nothing. Zip. Zero.

I bet you can't do it. And it's because both of you get off on this.

Each of you is now going to leap in with "well, SHE bla bla and I just have to defend myself from the lies!" and all the other protestations and justifications. And I'll bet it's going to be six paragraphs long. Again.

Know what? I'll bet a billion imaginary dollars that every single person here has made up their mind which of you they believe (if either of you), and twenty straight pages of "defense" isn't going to change their minds. We all know all the accusations you've each thrown around. I assume most of us don't really care any more, and it's just trainwreck TV. I know that's why I'm here.

Okay. So there you have the uninvolved observer's opinion. THIS is what at least one lurker believes.

So, do either of you think you can just... stop? Just, not bring it up again? Hell, maybe even IGNORE the other one if they do bring something up, because of that whole "everyone probably knows the whole story, including defenses, by now" thing? Give it some thought! It might lower your stress levels considerably, and make your horse-related posts more informative.

joanna said...

Thanks Kaede. That was an interesting article. The more parents of Autistic kids I meet, the more articles I read, the more I realise my son isn't too bad. Maybe it's the meds he's on. It helps desensitize him to a lot of stimuli and keeps his tantrums down to a minimum. He has more control of himself.

He is starting to realise he is a gifted and talented boy with a lot to offer, because of his unique view of the world. He announced that on his list of things he wants to be he's adding Veterinarian. Actually, a vet that invents things to help animals. He love to invent things.

I wish I could get a straight answer about the healthcare reform they are talking about. I've asked my husband about his thoughts (he listens to NPR all the time) and he's clueless. We've both tried to understand what's going on, but everyone is biased, so I'm never sure what's the truth. What's the healthcare like in Canada?

joanna said...

Anonymous- nice post! Never going to happen with those two, but great try. Add narcissism in there and you have them pegged.

Some of us don't believe either of them.

Dena said...

Kaede I apologize. I am very angry right now.
And yes, all of the appropriate agencies have been contacted.
But you know what?
Hell SFTS already knows this so what does it matter if I just spill it.

The appropriate agencies unfortunately usually do not do shit until or UNLESS something really bad in a physical sense happens.

So I am a little tired of hearing about just report it and let the appropriate agencies handle it.

And I think it is only fair that the bitch suffer just a little of what she subjects her intended victims too.

She thrives on causing unease and unrest.
It makes her feel powerful.
As powerful as some psychotic piece of shit can while living in a fucking camp trailer!
She gets off on causeing others discomfort for daring to have a better life than she does!

She may just be another nut from the internet to some of you.
But she is something far worse to those she has targeted.

Kaede said...

I have often thought that if Autism were to be "cured" we would loose inventors and scientists. Folks who don't get bored by knowing everything about oh, say, the bacteria on a lobsters lip. Neurotypical would go find a SO and a beer after a few days. If they lasted that long.

Tony Attwood says that university are the sheltered workshop for the Autistic set.

Dena said...

Oh my didn't I miss being told while I was posting.

I could give a fuck less. Lauren better go back and reread because what you suggested has already been done.
Yes, by my whackjob self.
So thanks for all of the kind words.

And why do people read some of this shit?
With such diligence.
I guess because they get off on it too.

Oh no. I mean because they are just trying to educate themselves on horsey stuff.

Yeah because anybodies personal information has so much to do with that.


Kaede said...

Yes, I know that Dena, angry people lash out. It's ok.
I have always considered the refusal of the authorities to prosecute in the absents of physical harm to be a sword that cuts both ways.

Just like they won't arrest Roe on doing things that some folk don't like, they also won't arrest me for it either.

To be sure the stuff I do that people don't like (refusing to give folks personal information willy nilly) may seem more "noble" but in the end it is much the same thing. I'm doing things that folks don't like.

joanna said...

I researched people with autistic disorders, ADHD, dyslexia, etc. I was absolutley amazed that the majority of the famous people who contributed so much to society had one or more of these "disorders".

Dena said...

And who knew that standing up for what you believe to be right, or against what you believe to be wrong causes you to become a martyr?

The sad statement in that is that in being a martyr you are being sacrificed to the opposing opinions of the masses.
Which implies that people who believe in doing the right thing are in the minority!

And that is just sad. I knew ostriches have two legs I just didn't realize so many had mastered the use of the English language.
And the internet.

horspoor said...

Flying Fig...I wasn't slamming those that didn't have enough, or a reason to declare bankruptcy. It was just to make the point that there were many that were not taken into account that are devasted financially every year from medical bills.

My credit, and savings (what savings?) have been just thrashed due to medical bills. With insurance. A couple major surgeries, a few PET scans, ER visits, etc....I don't have an extra $30,000 a year for what insurance doesn't cover.

horspoor said...

Actually, I'd be better off if I made less money, and qualified for MediCal. I'd have more disposable income. How sad is that.

Anonymous said...

Dena: Six paragraphs! I was right on target.

Look. You don't have to reply, but ask yourself - honestly - "why am I posting all this?" Is it *really* any reason other than "I hate hate hate SFTS and want to punish her"? Because that's the only answer that makes sense. You're not accomplishing anything else, so really, that has to be it. Everyone on this blog KNOWS your and her version of what she's done and what you've done. By continuing to rehash, all wild-eyed and shrill, all sorts of things and the oooh, Secret IP Tracking Decoder Ring Club silliness, you're actually *accomplishing* nothing except dangerously risking the reputation you are trying to build and maintain.

From NOTHING but what YOU have posted - totally ignoring anything SFTS has alleged - I wouldn't trust you within two acres of my horse. Because you *appear* to be unhinged and prone to snap. The impression that YOU and ONLY YOU give of yourself is not that of a professional... or even a sane amateur. At this point, if you showed me a wall of ribbons and trophies, signed affidavits from your horses declaring their adoration, and a Nobel Prize in horse training, I STILL would fear for my horse's safety in your presence. Because of how YOU project YOURSELF in these groups. This isn't meant as an insult. It's just a fact that, as a person with a horse business, you really should keep in mind.

(BTW, yes, all of this goes for SFTS, too. Don't accuse me of picking on you. She just hasn't responded to my initial post).

I'm genuinely hoping you back off for your own benefit(s), before you do something that permanently affects your livelihood and family. I'm not saying it in a nicey-nice way, for sure, but the fact remains that you're each only damaging yourselves, and doing it more than you're damaging each other.

Anonymous said...

Dena: Also, there's a difference between "being a martyr" and having a "martyr complex". Might want to look it up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martyr_complex

And saying things like "who knew that doing what you believe is right is a bad thing" (paraphrased) with an implied big sigh is pretty much right on target with "martyr complex". FWIW

trailblazer said...

Dena, do you not see the irony of all of this? Nearly everything could be turned turned around and applied to you by a FHOTD "mob". This whole justification for outing personal information, exposing someone because it is your personal responsibility to do so, giving out alleged background information, making fun of others not up to your standards (not sure why the mobile home keeps coming up) etc - it is everything you accused them of doing to yourself and others. They too could try justifying everything they did by saying they were only standing up for what is right based on what they judge you (or others) to be - where does it end? It's like the bullied kid who becomes a bully. It perpetuates the vicious mindset that hurt you, but that you then declare is ok when it involves someone you personally don't care for. It doesn't make it any more right just because you say so and / or have it out for someone.

I do wander back here because of the train wreck mentality - but I also think it is in hopes of some resolution of all of this mindless hate.

flying fig said...

>>And it is just amazing to me that no matter where the smoke leads you are always hot on the trail.<<

What is amazing to me is how you manage to twist anything into how you have been wronged and how suspect someone else is. :-(

SFTS does the exact same thing.

How am I "on the trail"?? Because I am on a few blogs/forums that you have also decided to habituate?


And if late the other night I checked in here and watched you and roses snicker away about sekrit stuff and private clubs and wink and nudge ... I am not allowed to comment on that?
Guess not, huh.

The only BIAS I have is against all the excessive vitriolic drama that you and SFTS seem to thrive on. It does not make either one of you look good.

I am not on her side. I am not on your side. Because there are no "sides" to this neverending hamster wheel of venom. IMO so much conjecture and BS has become fact that there is not much truth to be had from either one of you at times. And any "truth" that may exist is always veiled in insults and threats and venom.

>>But I have no intention of being nice to some sociopathic toxic disease just because some of you wish I would.<<

Where did ANYONE say you had to make nice? No where. Not once. Yet again - you put words in the mouths of others and find fault. You (and roses) have befriended those who have been involved with SFTS - if there was no connection there you would not care about people who lived hundreds and hundreds of miles away... and that is all I am going to say about that. :-(

Kaede and others have raised some excellent points... but all of them will be swept aside with indignation from both of you... and the venom will continue...

SFTS said...

Anonymous wrote:
(BTW, yes, all of this goes for SFTS, too. Don't accuse me of picking on you. She just hasn't responded to my initial post)
- - - - - - - -

And I am not going to. :)

flying fig said...

>>Flying Fig...I wasn't slamming those that didn't have enough, or a reason to declare bankruptcy. It was just to make the point that there were many that were not taken into account that are devasted financially every year from medical bills. <<

I understood what you meant, horspoor. :-)

As for Canadian healthcare, it is not as screwed up as has been campaigned here... and it is also not perfect. One congressman (I will find the link later) yelled that you have to wait 10 weeks to get a hip replacement in Canada (my mom waited 4)... and yet you could just walk into an emergency room here and get one. He actually believed that. When you have politicians leading debates and discussions who do not even know what they are talking about, it boggles my mind...

But the Obama healthcare proposal would not even be based on the Canadian (or British) system... so I am not sure why they are going for those talking points...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where JR is?

Have not heard from him in a while

SFTS said...

Lauren, I believe JR is probably busy with the new forum. IIRC that link is on the main page of this blog. Sounded like the forum was taking the place of both blogs.

Dena said...

Lauren no one acknowledges wikipedia references as being factual.

As to my business reputation? Are you kidding me?
A body would have to be crazy to work with what I work with.
I do not solicit the general public.
I occasionally take on what no one else has been able to fix.
Job security? Yeah well, not something I worry about when it comes to horses in need of rehab.

And you know what? I could care less if I ever again have to fix what someone else has ruined.

Or work many jobs to pay for what others have neglected or abandoned.

Unbelievable how some spin their opinions as though they should somehow be important to me.

I hate most everything SFTS represents.
I cannot say that I have exactly made a secret of that.

Here is a thought. I do not care what random strangers think about me.
Never really have.
Can't imagine I will start at this late date.

This is a public blog and I will bitch if I want to about anything I want to just like everyone else here.

Your statement that you fear for your horses safety because of me?
Is beyond ridiculous.
Take care of it and pay your board bill on time if that applies and I am sure that your horse will be just fine.
I certainly have no interest.

I did not count the paragraphs but please feel free.

And I can be a snotty bitch. Who knew?
Besides anyone who has some experience of me.
Self-inflicted stupid doesn't get very far with me.

Anonymous said...

I am not Lauren. Just can't remember my screen name and log in here. I never use it. I already a member over there. He has not been there either. I hope everyting is ok.

SFTS said...

Sorry Anon #2! LOL I stand humbly corrected. :)

Anonymous said...

SFTS - I'm not the Anon looking for JR. Honest.

Dena - okay, fine, whatever you like. If you don't like to take constructive criticism (couched in bitch, yes, I know), that's your prerogative. All I'm saying is that at least 50% of the mud you're throwing is sticking to you... and that seems really pointless.

Dena said...

I am embracing my narcissism and my martyr for awhile.

I might even give them free rein.

Having a reasonable grasp of the points referenced does not seem to be a requirement to posting opinions.

FF meow. I put words in your mouth?
No I didn't.

I am not in a mood to be nice. I am not in the mood to entertain anyone other than myself.

God knows the humor has been harder and harder to come by while so many pontificate on everything that isn't fair.

Did anyone ever promise you fair?
What line were you standing in?
Not the shuttlebus to this lovely little land known as Earth populated by man.

Life sometimes sucks. So? Go ahead and bitch about.
You still have to suck it up at the end and do something different.

And someone who spends far more time looking for a life on the internet than I might benefit more from taking their own inventory rather than posting their insights about others.
And no FF. I am not talking about you or SFTS.

SFTS said...

Anonymous wrote:
SFTS - I'm not the Anon looking for JR. Honest.
- - - - - - - -

Okay then. I figured that one out. ;) It's just an odd coincidence that two people show up here on this blog in one day to post as Anonymous, when it hasn't happened at all before today (Folks posting on this blog as Anon). That's all! No harm. :)

JohnieRotten said...


I am here. Just playing Daddy Daycare today and have been busy. I have work to do and have a family to support. As much as it would be cooler inside by the computer. That is not what I have to do.


I not sure it is such a mystery about the Anons. Apparently somewhere along the line I opened it up to Anons. Oh well!

Dena said...

Don't feel bad JR. I am cleaning house.
I mean really cleaning house.
Geeze with all of my multitudinous personalities you would think we wouldn't agree on anything.
But the vote is in.
It is a lot of work.
And we are not enjoying ourselves.

Dena said...

Oh wait a minute. One of my other personalities reports that they have cleaned the barn, while yet another, mowed the lawn, 3 others did the chores, and one is giving a lesson, while many others are out working the training horses, so, I guess that just leaves me doing the laundry and the dishes.

JohnieRotten said...

Me thinks it is time for a new thread here. Seems I have some catching up to do

Darcy Jayne said...

On the topic of ID and riding, I wear a tag from these folks:
http://roadid.com/Common/default.aspx whenever I'm out on horseback or bicycle and might not have my regular ID on me.

fernvalley01 said...

Dena , great , can you send a few personalities ,my way ,I need someone to vacum , and cook my supper, oh and one will have to have the guts to ride one of my horses that I amy be afraid of(lol)

CharlesCityCat said...


Mow over any pigweed lately?

Giggle, Giggle!

Hey JR, how are the twins? Giving you a merry chase I bet.

JohnieRotten said...


it's not a good day if they are not climbing all over me!

Dena said...

I don't know Fern. The ones that are not already busy are the angry ones who keep mumbling f*uck off and I'll get you just you wait and see.

The one that cooks seems to be a little off tonight. Brown rice, hamburgers, and cornbread.

The ones that clean are getting a little grim too. Talking about if people want to live like pigs maybe they should move themselves to the barn.

CCC NO!!! Because the damn mower is broke.

And I am out of lightbulbs. Not really going to town over lightbulbs.
Because if I clean in the dark then the OCD alters will come along tomorrow and bitch.

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up Dena no one cares.

Anonymous said...

You shut up at least she is trying!

Dena said...

Dena just needs to recognize that everything that has ever happened in her life is her fault.
And then, she will be a shoe in for a social security disability check and the rest of us wouldn't have to work so hard.

She said what about my meal plan!?!
That bitch!

Dena said...

See what happens when I do not keep on top of everything?

Oh God and it looks like at least 12 of them are supposed to be on meds and nobody ever told me.

And there I go blaming others again.

fernvalley01 said...

Fire the one that serves health food and join me in the posicle diet . To stinkin hot to cook .(don't laugh at me you, JR and CNJ)90 IS HOT for Alberta!We don't have AC
Maybe the angry ones want to ride this horse?

fernvalley01 said...


fernvalley01 said...

Hey I can spell Beer , maybe I will do thaT, YUP I am aware this is nothing to do with the thread, Oh well , sue me!

flying fig said...

>>FF meow. I put words in your mouth?
No I didn't.<<

Well, yes you did. Show me where I said to make nice with SFTS as you suggested I did. I didn't. Never have. I have said IGNORE repeatedly. But whatever...

I'm just an ignorant ostrich who is not nearly as smart or honorable as you... ;-) .. as you imply those of us who may not agree with you 100% must be.

I would not still be sitting here - but this is the only comfortable position I have found... so far. That will not cost me $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, anyway... ;-)

The humour and such can be found anywhere... you could even create some instead of wielding insults. ;-) Many of us have tried to insert it - only to be flattened by the next wave of venom that you two delight in.

Dena - the only facts I have to go on when it comes to you and your interactions with SFTS & friends is what you yourself (or roses) have provided/hinted at... and so we have facts like BnB and her mom being your new friends... they did not find you ergo Someone contacted them... where SFTS should be... where she was... what she should be doing... etc. So if my facts are askew - as you suggest - all I can do is blame the source.

JR... sometimes Anons are not a bad thing. People who do not want to get jumped may actually post comments that way. Or... Anon just spontaneously happens at times... as when I posted a comment occasionally at the old FHOTD blog - and it would show up as Anon even though I was logged in. Then I had to comment again to say that the Anon at 3:42 was fig... :-/ ... hasn't happened here... yet.

Dena said...

The angry ones only seem to be good at talking shit Fern.

What is up with the horse?

fernvalley01 said...

long story Dena , go to my place if you want the dirt

flying fig said...

FV - how about a beer popsicle - or beer ice cream?

If anyone has a personality to spare, I could use some help cleaning this place up. The dust bunnies are fighting with the terriers for the squeaky toys...

And I take it back about Anons. Those who post in snotty one-liners are annoying...

Dena said...

>>Dena - the only facts I have to go on when it comes to you and your interactions with SFTS & friends is what you yourself (or roses) have provided/hinted at... and so we have facts like BnB and her mom being your new friends... they did not find you ergo Someone contacted them... where SFTS should be... where she was... what she should be doing... etc. So if my facts are askew - as you suggest - all I can do is blame the source.<<

This is what is wrong with your presumptive thinking.
Yes. They actually did FF. Find me that is.
I never once went looking for or inititated contact with anybody SFTS has done her shit to.
Ask them.
The Tally's post here from time to time. Ask them too.
Ask any of them.
And quit talkig shit. Unless, you specifically label it as shit.
Because otherwise it comes across as an accusation.
An unfounded by anything other than you imagination allegation.

fernvalley01 said...

Beer posicle I could do , but beer ice cream ... EWWWW!

Dena said...

Oh just great. Now she went and added a can of NOT organically grown vegetables to the brown rice for colour.
And made biscuits instead of cornbread.
We need a new host. This is just too much.

flying fig said...

>>And quit talkig shit. Unless, you specifically label it as shit.
Because otherwise it comes across as an accusation.
An unfounded by anything other than you imagination allegation.<<

Dena.. you often fall back on dismissing the concerns and opinions of others as "talking shit". If I am making an accusation, it will be labelled as such. Instead of merely discussing and disagreeing - you choose to insult. Not the best presentation... but that is your choice.

My imagination does not enter into any of your doings... it is reserved for my fantasy life. ;-)

MMMmmm - margarita popsicles!

And something to make you laugh to go along with them...
dogs that are smarter than mine

CharlesCityCat said...


I just got a very funny mental image of you walking around with two very cute redheaded chrubs hanging off of you as you walk around. I think I am pretty accurate with this picture, hhhmmmm!

CharlesCityCat said...


Your cooking personality is a bit scary, brown rice with hamburgers, that is so wrong.

Dena said...

brown rice for health and burgers for cholestral.
it is called balance.lol

CharlesCityCat said...

No, No, No:

If you are going to have burgers, you must go all the way. Then tomorrow, you do brown rice with grilled chicken breast. The mixy- matchy thingy is a crime.

Kaede said...

Dena, balanced is one burger in each hand.

Kaede said...

FF, my dog know how to open the oven. He know good things come out of the oven, he just hasn't been able to figure out when good things come out of the oven. One day he is going to burn his nose.

charlienchico said...

Flying Fig- I was the same place you were in the ER- abdominal pain- about 3 years ago now- never found the problem. It was severe! The third IV pain med they tried finally cut it. Then when that did wear off the pain was gone (?) They did an MRI and X-Ray. Had a follow up U/S later and think it might have been a burst ovarian cyst. Have had flare ups since but not like that time. (and since I was still paying off bill on ER trip I just tried to bear it out) And I gotta say I LIKE Vicodin, it makes everything Oooookayyyy plus it's relatively cheap.

joanna said...

There's an ice-cream shop around here that makes creamed corn ice cream. Though it sounds gross, it is supposed to be really good.

I still have vicodin from my last surgery. My hubby filled out the prescription even though I told him not to. It makes me really sick.

Kaede- if your offer of a house boy is still open, I could use some help canning. I don't do extra personalities. They just get me into to much trouble!

GoLightly said...

re: Canadian HealthCare
"it is not as screwed up as has been campaigned here..."

Huh, FF??
Jeesh. I'd rather live here, thank you. I'm campaigning for, not against!

Joanna, it is struggling under the burdens of under-paid staff, not enough personnel, etc. It is still a comforting place to go, in an emergency. My dad has been well-cared for, in this Canada country, at no cost to himself, except for missed work. Good thing his company kept paying him.

Yes, we have wait-times, for non-emergency procedures.
Watch Sicko, by Michael Moore. Says a lot about Healthcare.

There are also far too many people who want to feel well, without doing any of it themselves.
Witness ER's when there's a flu season on. No-one wants to stay in bed and get well.
Gimme a PILL. FIX me.
Oops, that's for another soap-box..

Go, Canada!

Scrolling, yes, I've been scrolling, and I'll keep scrolling....

Hope everyone stays well, and safe.

joanna said...

I had an insurance agent tell me once that the healthiest people are the self employed. We can't afford to be sick! That was when I paid for my own insurance, and boy did it hurt. I tried to never use it. However, I was young(er) then and things worked. A few years and 2 kids later, not so much. We're lucky my husband's company offers excellent coverage.

horspoor said...

I can tell you horror stories about people being denied coverage. Or getting coverage, and then the company turning back on them after the fact and demanding reimbursement.

Yes, some people abuse their health insurance, and that does drive costs up. But, when doctors prescribe treatments and meds that are unnecessary that too drives costs up.

I remember a few years back certain doctors were ordering CAT scans for just about everything here. They were getting a 'kickback' of $400 per. Of course it wasn't called a kickback. Made a big stink here locally. Oh..the insurance company will pay, like it is some bottomless pit of money.

There are corrupt people in all levels of the health care game. Not just companies, or insureds...it is system wide.

CharlesCityCat said...

As someone who has been in the healthcare world for about 25 years, I am not going to go there, other than to say there is alot of ignorance from all sides. I don't have the solution, but I also know what isn't going to work.


This really isn't my business, but I just wanted to ask if you have contacted your PCP? Repeated trips to the ER is not the answer, besides the long waits and added cost, the ER setting is not the way to solve alot of problems. Too many people use the ER for not what it is intended, this of course has helped with the problems that we all face in healthcare costs. Oops, off of that soapbox. FF, if your problem still exists, contact your PCP or GYN, they are better able to handle your situation than the ER MD's. They have much more specialized knowledge for what you are going through. No offense intended, just an educated suggestion.

CharlesCityCat said...

Okay, I just have to say a couple of things here. I do consider myself a very knowledgeable person on how certain parts of our healthcare system works.

HP, I don't know about what your experience in California is, but it doesn't work that way anywhere around here and hasn't for years. We don't just get to do whatever we want to do regardless, there are rules that we have to follow, if we don't, the practice pays, not the patient. We have contracts with all of the various Insurance companies, we agree to follow their protocol as well as their fee schedules and we can't bill patients for whatever. I have actually grown very tired of hearing the crap that is being spewed from everyone who doesn't have a clue of how it works, including President Obama, who I voted for.

Just my two cents that given my experience level is really worth way more.

flying fig said...

>>Huh, FF??
Jeesh. I'd rather live here, thank you. I'm campaigning for, not against! <<

Yep GL... I have heard tales about Canadian (actually it is provincial more than federal) healthcare here that no one I have ever known - from Newfoundland to Vancouver island - has ever experienced. Not even my mom who lives in Back Of Beyond, B.C. But c'est la vie. If all this had happened to me Up There as opposed to here... I would not be in a financial rut. OTOH if I had never lived here - think of all the wonderful friends and experiences I would have missed out on... everything will work out somehow. Anyone need barn help?? ;-)

joanna - I have to pay for my own... *sigh*

CCC - I was sent to the ER by the Clinic here...I did not just go there. I do not have a PCP as... *drumroll* ... it is not covered by my insurance. Bizarre, huh? So on the extremely rare occasion that I actually cave in and admit that I need help - I go to the clinic and that is all that is required.

Anyway... they examined me and were alarmed. They phoned around to get me an ultrasound but that was backed up for 6 hours at both hospitals nearby. So they told me to get to the ER PDQ. But I went home first and struggled through chores... masochist that I am.... but there was no one else here. At the end of feeding I was on the barn floor whimpering and knew I could not drive myself anywhere...

You are right - people misuse the ER - but that was not the case for me...
The triage nurse took one look at me and bounced me to the head of the line... and I got in fairly quickly. I guess it helps if you look like death warmed over. One guy said he was there for a "head cold". Gee mister... I feel like someone took a pitchfork out of the fire and stuck it in my left side and twisted it back and forth - and then plunged it down my left leg for good measure.

The ER doc - who looked amazingly like Dr. Greene from ER ;-) - said that if it flared up again to get over there ASAP. I'm thinking that he was thinking a rupture as well...

So no worries... I did not abuse the system. But I understand and appreciate your concerns about that... and yes - a lot of crap is being spread on both sides of the debate.

Crap. TMI. Sorry all.

horspoor said...

CCC, This was approx 7 years ago. It made a huge stink locally. Now all our local hospitals are owned by the same entity.

I see it from the end of the insured. What coverage they don't get, and what they have to pay for it.

I also get to see it from the insured's perspective. My son has had two major surgeries, three broken arms, assorted stitches, PET scans, EKG's etc...

Some doctors are good, some aren't. Some nurses are good, others aren't. Some professionals take their jobs as professionals...others act like you are an inconvenience to them.

I used to try and ask for nothing from one nurse for my son...and pray she wouldn't be the one taking a blood draw or 'treating' him for anything. I actually went to the store and got him ice chips as she couldn't be bothered. The other nurse showed me where they were. He couldn't eat for 4 or 5 days...give him the damn ice chips.

horspoor said...

Actually, I'm exagerrating....I went to the hospital cafeteria and got him ice chips....the store just sounded so much more dramatic. lol

JohnieRotten said...


you are right about the babies. And now that they stand up on their own. They think Daddie is the greatest jungle gym. They are non stop all day long for the most part. They are even starting to try to take their first steps.

Damn time flies

fernvalley01 said...

JR, time does get away!.The girls are nearly a year now aren't they? starting to walk . Careful Papa , you might have to run to keep up soon!Glad they are well and hqave such loving parents .Lucky little ladies.

rosesr4evr said...

Went for a ride yesterday! It was good to get away from all the work here for a little while. The crazy redhead was actually looking forward to some work. I think she's missed me as much as I've missed her.

I threatened my SO that I was going to put up a portable stall in the garage! You all should've seen the look on his face...LOL! I don't think he realized that I was just poking fun.

Isn't funny how the smell of a warm horse can relieve so much stress?? And the wuffle of steamy breath on your neck is just heaven?

We chased the dog for fun, he thinks it's a great game, silly dog. We're getting better at getting the left lead. She likes to crossfire at times, thanks JR for posting on that, it helps.

She's always my fall-back on, can always rely on horse, so I don't work on her like I should, as usually there are others to work that need more education than she. Now that she's the only one I have, I can finally concentrate on more fine tuning.

She's the one. She's not special to anyone but me. She's a rotten ass, snorty and high strung. A mustang that looks like an Arab. I couldn't give her away and no one could afford to pay me what she means to me. The one that no other horse will ever be able to replace or compare to. My special girl.

I really want to be able to bring her home now, but I won't compromise her health, safety or well-being just to ease this ache of missing her. Anyone want to build me a barn and fence?? We have to wait till spring to put ours up and the wait is killing me. I want her home now!!!

Maybe I will put up that stall in the garage after all.......

horspoor said...

Roses, if you do that I'll make a FHOTD-like post on my blog about you. lmao

flying fig said...

>>Isn't funny how the smell of a warm horse can relieve so much stress?? And the wuffle of steamy breath on your neck is just heaven?<<

Amen to that, roses... I just limped back from the cedar grove where my pasture art spends the night. Smells of warm horses... the sound of carrots being chewed... and wuffles... are heaven.

rosesr4evr said...

Dammit HP, stop pissin on my parade!! I can dream can't I? Even if it's crazy? Dreams are not always logical you know!! LOL! Seriously the look on his face about had me in tears. I had to go in the kitchen so he couldn't see me grinnin' like a fool.

FF-SHE is heaven. Not just any horse will do. It has always seemed that my mare has her own particular scent and that I can distinguish it from others. But I can just see you coming up out of that cedar grove.

The moon is out here. I was walking through all the trees in the moonlight, just imagining how black her cherry red coat would look in the moonlight and how bright her blaze would be. I envision that I can see her and hear her grazing, she sees me and raises her head, gazing at me intently, wondering if it's worth her while to wander over in search of goodies. Even though no goodies are in order, she ambles over for a good scritch. You know the ones, her chest, the sides of her neck, the back of her hindquarters. She leans in and sighs as I scratch and turns her head in question when I take a much needed break for my now stiff fingers. I wind them into her mane, loving the warmth of her coat beneath. I inhale deeply, taking in the warm, earthy smell of her and I can smell the tangy grass on her breath. I open my eyes...

And I find that I'm utterly alone in the moonlight under the trees. It was after all, just my imagination. I turn and walk back to the house with the cool moonlight glinting on the warm, salty tears of loneliness that course down my cheeks.

I miss my friend.

SFTS said...

Darcy Jayne wrote:
On the topic of ID and riding, I wear a tag from these folks:

http://roadid.com/Common/default.aspx whenever I'm out on horseback or bicycle and might not have my regular ID on me.

- - - - - - - -

Not bad for about twenty bucks! Those are great, thanks for the link!!

CharlesCityCat said...


Well that is just a real shame and another example of why healthcare needs to be reformed. Everyone should have access to a health plan that pays for all medically necessary treatment, and as far as I am concerned, that includes preventative care and appropriate screenings.

Medical insurance companies need to be regulated and standardized far more than they are. They have had free rein for far too long.


That whole kick back thing that you are describing must be why there are now so many rules about providers owning or having a share in testing facilites. I don't remember it being an issue around here, but I do know the amount of paperwork that I have had to fill out regarding that issue.

No doubt there are plenty of bad people in every aspect of the healthcare industry. Personally, I have never worked for anyone who was dishonest or treated patient's badly, and I am grateful for that.

GoLightly said...

(puts hand up for barn and fence)

yeah, me TOO!

I'll take two, and while you're at it, an arena would be nice.
Or two.


rosesr4evr said...


The said part is I would almost settle for just about anything right now, just to have her right outside the door.

But....I'm more responsible than that. And sometimes that sucks. But such is the way of things. I know that other things come first, priorities so to speak. She is very happy where she is, is well taken care of and healthy. And good things come to those who wait.

rosesr4evr said...

ooops * sad part* can't spell today.

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