Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A year is too long!

A year has come and gone and yet the same arguments continue.

This is a ranting blog and will remain as such, but I prefer that we quit ranting about each other. The equine community is way too small for that shit. (I know, I cussed, professionalism out the window. So sue me Toomey!)

It is time we bury the hatchet and forget where we put it.

I can speak for no one, nor can I ask anyone to apologize for what we all say to each other on the Internet. I can say this though, if I have offended anyone, I do apologize, but I do not apologize for expressing how I feel on any given subject. That being said I am a forgive and forget kind of guy, until someone tries to pull the same crap on me twice.

I am sure there are some who remember the famous FHotD 3000 thread of 2008. It seems that Dena was the intended target of that thread, or at the very least she became the target. Some pretty colorful expressions came out of that thread. Yet we were able to overlook her shortcomings and see the real Dena, who I have to tell you is very intelligent and funny as hell. The reason it was so easy was that she is able to admit her mistakes. Hell, we all make them.

So as I said before, there will be no more time issued to SFTS or Dena, and they are both free to join us here and voice their opinions like everyone else.

The way I see it, we all need to learn to laugh at ourselves, not just every once in a while, but all of the time.

We would also like to invite everyone to join us on the Crescent Moon Cutting Horses website, where you can follow our training chronicle and post your questions and comments there. We also offer the Trading Post for all of your advertising needs.

To all a Merry Christmas!!!

Johnie Rotten


fernvalley01 said...

K I know it is imature, but...FIRSST!!!!!
Merry Christmas to all!
The 3000 post was a memorable one, and yes I got a great friend out of the fray. Here's to seeing through the dust to the diamond underneath

Dena said...

I don't know nothing about no dr. phil.
I do know that Oprah's people are trying to get in touch with my people.
I don't remember nothing about no 3000 and beyond either except that badhelpermonkey inferred that I might be a "douchebag.
That was

JR in the infamous words of toadstoolbob

Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena Dena get the idea.

And to quote another famous person who starred in the movie Beaches, "Well, enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think about me?"

No seriously, I am flattered. And you all should know by now that I think the world of you too.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Hey wait a minute! I have shortcomings? And I am dusty?
Oh my...

Can you all hear the sound of my head deflating???

PrairieFarmer said...

Wise words JR. I came along after the 3000 and have no desire to go back and review.
Have a great Xmas with your girls. Like that colt on your website!

SFTS said...

I too was a "latecomer" to the FHOTD fray, but I am also glad I did because I have made so many friends from my participation there.

For a brief shining moment I was going to make a joke about not remembering where I last saw my hatchet, but then decided against it. ;)

Merry Christmas ya'll. I am off to enjoy a beautiful sunny day from the back of a good horse. There's nowhere I would rather be!

CharlesCityCat said...

The 3000 post, good times! I was a drunkin, smarmy bitch, and someone tried to steal my mare's identity, LOL!!

SFTS, you lucky dog, we are still trying to get rid of the dang ice and snow from last Friday. The ground is like a sucking quagmire.

** Heaves, disgusted sigh**

Well, everyone have a very Merry time filled with family and lots of love and warmth.

rosesr4evr said...

Oh, Oh, Oh!!! Ahhhh HA HA HA HA!! SFTS tried to make a joke!!! She just MIGHT have a sense of humor??? Seriously, who knew?? LOL!

You have mudsucking quagmire too?? Ooh, Giggity! AwwweRiight! I had to let the Princess out even though it is STILL raining. At least she has on a really good, waterproof blanket. I am really starting to hate rain, I would definitely prefer snow at this point.

rosesr4evr said...

FCS!!! Just get over yourself. It's not ALWAYS all about YOU!!

*wanders off aimlessly muttering to self "Why can't it ever be about me??" sniffles and wipes a tear away*

Wait a minute...You have shortcomings Dena?? Wow! That's a new one on me. Will someone please dish about Dena's shortcomings?? Here I was thinking she was the second coming of Christ.

You're the one who mentioned it. Would you mind elaborating on that comment? I, for one, am very interested to know about these shortcomings you speak of. LOL!!

Oh and BTW??

JR, you're such an ass!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Dena said...

CCC I did steal your mares identity.
I have the credit card to prove it.
Madam X has a rather impressive spending limit.ROTFLMAO

Roses I am more of a Magdalene girl.
It can certainly be about you if you like.
And I have many a shortcoming. Too many to list.

GoLightly said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from the ditzy bitch.

It was a hoot, PF.

a danged hoot.

Thanks to Dena, the bestest hooter of them all!

I mean...

never mind.

Dena said...

On the night before Christmas..In a land filled with many possessed of a story to tell.
I can hardly take credit for being the only one to ring the bell.
Every last one of us has the power to change the world.
If only to change our own world.
My Christmas wish for all is that we will all learn to wield that power wisely..and well...

Merry Christmas

GoLightly said...

Well, shite like this POS with a capital P kept me awake, too. good grief.

To Training that doesn't ever even have to look or sound like that. I was/am so naive.
Man, what the F??

WHY do people back up their horses so much??
Oh, trainers (spits) Do.

sorry, Hubby's asleep, I'm awake with a migraine.

Couldn't think of any other blog to post it on.

Merry Christmas, in 48 minutes my time!


JohnieRotten said...

A lot of people tend to back horses a lot as discipline, however, that tends to perpetuate other problems like rearing when the horse feels that he has no where else to go.

If I have to get after a horse, I prefer that they stand still when I am done and not keep backing.

Some trainers use backing as a way to get a horse to use their hind ends, I prefer to do rollbacks because that softens the horse laterally, and makes them push off with their hind ends.

I never like to use backing as a tool to soften a horse either, rather I prefer they are able to back because they are soft.

rosesr4evr said...


Nah, no thanks. I can handle it not being all about me, let's just leave it with it being all about you. LOL! You're waaay more interesting than me anyways.

I got pictures of the tree, I'll have to e-mail you one. It does look really pretty. It's nice to have great friends and I'm lucky to be able to include you on that list. I hope that you and yours have a very Merry Christmas. I need to send you a housewarming gift. Any thoughts???


Have you done a post regarding rollbacks? I would love to practice those on Rosie, but I don't want to miss a step before, during, or after. Here's wishing you, CNJ and the twins, a Merry Christmas.

Good night all and to all a Good Night. Merry Christmas!!

GoLightly said...

Merry Christmas to y'all!

(oh, and 14th)


phaedra96 said...

I swear, GL. This 14th stuff is becoming an obsession with you. The raging, name-calling, personal attacks made me crazzzzzzy. I hate that kind of stuff, and do not dish it out. I cannot take it either, sorry. Dena, I think we need a list of your shortcomings. Skip Dr. Phil and Oprah(cannot stand either one!). WE can fix whatever is wrong with you---cause WE certainly do not have any faults, you know. Aaaannnd forward on we go......

phaedra96 said...

It is snowing again, dammit. CNJ, JR--ya want some? Be glad to send it your way........

Dena said...

Well phaedra her is a starter list.

1. I am impatient.

2. I can to some extent be very unforgiving.

3. I am demanding.

4. I am far from the brightest bulb on the tree.

5. I have a hellacious temper.

6. I have proven something of an underachiever.

7. I have a really big mouth. Even in print.

These are just a few of my shortcomings. There are many many more.
I am not quite the bitch Martha has earned the reputation of being. But there are days I am a close

Anonymous said...

Well. I can tell you right now; dim bulb you are not. NUH, UH. I would say very interesting, articulate, humorous. I do not think you would be where you are now were you not an impatient, demanding, loud mouth. That is survival mode. Fighting to keep your head above water because, by God, drowning is not an option. Sometimes our life choices leave us with "What was I thinking" feeling but we learn from it. That is what makes us suvivors--we learn and do not do it again. I think I have said somewhere else that we all have things we are not proud of, and I bet not one person who reads this can say that ain't so. Only stupid people go back and do it again. No one that I have read commeting here or pretty much any of the blogs I read seem stupid. And you, dear Dena, are not stupid. I would prefer opinonated, passionate, you defend your perception of right and wrong valiently. There are many who do not. Okay, ya'll wanna dig out your flamethrowers???? Mine is frozen. Sounds like Dena's is also. Phaedra96 since Google is being an ass again.

GoLightly said...




I like that colt Mondo, too.


(that's my duck.)

phaedra96 said...

Isn't a bummer--soooo many pretty horses, so little money....How about a snowball, GL? It's doing that crap again....

kestrel said...

SFTS, I has to admit...that WAS funny! We've been waiting for that.

The 3000 posts locked everyone in the same room until humor came out. Along with tin foil hats, pie pan lickin', cussin', drinkin', smarmy, chicken drumsticks...and a carrot stick wand! And wound up great friends. Being able to admit that no one is perfect, but are perfectly lovable anyway. Honest. Life is good!

Here's to a tolerant, laughing, uproar of a New Year.

cattypex said...

OMG... the Weekend of FHD3K!

Hey whatever happened to Mel? She was a neat kid.

New Year's is coming up and I am going to try more peace & love in my life.

rosesr4evr said...

Sorry Cattypex...and everyone else, but sometimes Mel got very annoying, think a little along the lines of SFTS. She's done everything, trains everything, and sword fighting has taught her everything she ever needs to know about life. Okay, done.

She's fine in small doses.

cattypex said...

Well, I definitely took her age & lack of sophistication into account. I remember being 17 and "different."

She would've been a good project.... I bet she'd be a fun kid in person, with adults all around.

Rising Rainbow said...

I like to use backing occassionally because my horse anticipates so much. If I didn't through a back in now and then along with the roll backs, I could end up with my horse rolling back in a class.

I know if I was the perfect rider that probably wouldn't be the case. But I'm not, and sometimes I need to shift my weight in a class and the last thing I need is my horse deciding that means we're rolling back or backing, for that matter.

Happy New Year to you!