Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tell truth for once...

It has been brought to my attention lately, that there are a few trainers in my community that for some reason can not tell the truth. They simply tell the owner what they want to hear, so they can keep a paycheck coming in. The horse was in training for over a year, and when the owner wanted to see the horse work on cattle, it was a disaster. The horse was ringing his tail and mouthing the bit constantly. Definitely unhappy.

What has happened, is short while ago, I got an email from a potential client, that is interested in my training services. The problem that they had was that, the trainer they were with, was telling them that they have the greatest potential working cow horse and that he was going to show him and take them all the way to the Congress. Yet, the horse shows no interest in being a working cow horse, he is lazy and has since been moved to another trainer that specializes in western pleasure horses and is now doing very well.

I know another trainer that is telling everyone that they are so busy and making a lot of money when I know for a fact that they are not. As I have had the pleasure of talking to some of that trainers clients, and I know for a fact that this particular trainer has only one or two horses in the barn.

So what is my beef on this post.......I can not stand people that lie all of the time, they can not tell the truth even when it is looking them in the face. The fact that you have only a few horses in the barn is not a problem, but when you lie about what you are doing, that pisses me off. And when you lie to a client to keep their check coming in, that is just as bad. Not only does the client lose money, but the horse suffers as well.


Dena said...

Tell the truth for "once?" Whatever happened to telling the truth whenever possible?
I know JR people have funny ideas about that.

fernvalley01 said...

The thing that these people fail to realise is the lies only go so far , somewhere someone will see through it . And no excuse out there will fix it or your credibility . I will work more quickly with someone who is straight with me ,even if the can't get the job done than a bs artist

GoLightly said...

Hey, you're back!

Rant on, rant on.

The truth should always out.

Hard to do, with everyone more interested in "reality" on TV&theNet.


Cut-N-Jump said...

Hmmmm, let me think here...

Yep, know trainer #1, yep know of trainer #2 and yep, know of a few others who fit into these and a few other categories as well.

And the horse world, being such a small one, the truth always comes out. Every trainer, every lie. And then the backpedaling, side stepping and real bullshitting begins.

And as usual, the guiltier they are, the louder and longer they scream when they get caught.

SFTS said...

Yes, the world would be a better place if folks would tell the truth..all the time. I won't hold my breath. ;)

hayley said...

hey great topic.
had a girl out here the other day. i had ran an ad specifically looking for someone who would clean stalls and all the other shit work, pun intended, that gets in the way of riding. I got so many people that claimed oh im an expert rider/trainer/will work in exchange for riding,have been riding 10 months, ect. to me, there is a huge difference between getting on a horse and riding, and getting on a horse and progressing its education. (god, i think ive been teaching HS too long if im writing like this).

on a funny side note, a law suit went through the court system awhile ago. a bronc rider sued the rodeo company for giving him a dangerous horse that he was bucked off of.

ps....... ive been out of this for many months. whats the secret behind fugly not posting anymore?

SFTS said...

Hayley, there is still a FHOTD blog, it's just on WordPress instead of Blogger now.

Come on over, there is a comments section.


GoLightly said...
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